Have you lost data recently?

When I restarted my mobile phone the other day my four gigabyte memory card went bonkers and I got a message which sent chills down my back: “memory card not formatted, format now” or something like that. I felt like I just lost a piece of me. All my photos, music, videos, messages etc. was all gone! I’m sure some of you out there have had that “sinking” feeling when you lose your pc or memory card data, especially when you were a bad boy or girl and didn’t make backups, like me. I desperately tried some other tactics like connecting my phone to the pc via the USB cable hoping it will detect the memory card and I’ll then be able to copy my precious data to the pc, but to no avail. I got that same dreaded message….memory card not formatted. I was on the brink of formatting when I thought to google the problem and see what solutions are available online. There were hundreds of data recovery softwares and even local businesses or computer shops that offered the service but at a price of course.

I searched and searched and was not going to give up on my little memory card and my precious data! Then I came across a review site where this guy was talking about “zero assumption” software and offered a free download. I thought I’d give it a try because desperation was drawing closer and closer with each click of the mouse. I installed it on my pc and hooked up my phone with the card inside via the USB cable. Now, for the moment of truth, can this small computer program save my data… save my life? I clicked the “recovery for windows” button and my 4gig memory card was on the list! I then clicked “next” to start the recovery process and the status screen popped-up to show the progress. I let it run its course and probably took about thirty minutes to scan everything and then it started to actually recover the data! I was over the moon, it looked like it was actually doing the job. Celebrations started when the recovery process was completed and I went into the recovered folder and saw all my photos, music, videos, messages etc. It worked!

I then formatted the card and copied all my recovered data to the card again. Mission accomplished! I can definitely say that this software did the job perfectly and they claim that it can even get your data back if the card was formatted. I haven’t tried it with other drives yet like hard drives etc. but I’m sure it will work. Another software that sounds great and who’s getting good reviews is “Recuva”. It’s for Windows only but it sounds great and people are raving about it. I think many shops that offer data recovery services use this software to get your data back safely. Both Recuva and zero assumption claim their software can get data from drives and memory devices even if they were formatted so it’s a good investment and a necessary tool to have. If your drive is physically damaged it’s another story. You can try software but I don’t think it will work, you’ll have to go to specialists for that and I’m not talking about you computer shop down the road. I had a hard drive years ago that got physically damaged (the pc fell from the stand while it was switched on) and obviously the read/write heads of the hard drive took a knock which caused it to stop working. I took it to the local shop to enquire. They informed me that it had to go to a specialist shop where they worked in lab conditions to be able to attempt to get your data back. This however cost an arm and a leg. I decided to take the loss like a man and purchase a new drive and start my collection from over! The lesson in the story is… always make backups!


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