The Hackers, or Hacker nation, is one of the civilisations included in the standard distribution of the free open source game Freeciv.

Like the Martians (in copies of Freeciv disseminated on the planet known as Earth) and (even in much of the Galactic Milieu) the Antarcticans, the Hackers are usually found in the “fictional civilisations” category of civilisations.

If one were to believe all the myths and legends about the Hackers, one would have to believe their powers and abilities and technologies are way up there alongside those of the equally mythical Ancients aka Antarcticans.

The Martians, however, not only promulgate the idea that the Hackers actually exist, but actually attribute to them the invention of the blockchain technology upon which the Martians' own currency, Martian Botcoin, is based. According to this claim, the Hackers have a blockchain currency themselves, known as Bitcoin, which they use as their own national currency.

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