Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office... Season 2 Episode 1

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Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office…is the 14th episode of the Sopranos and the 1st episode in the second season of the show. It is written by Jason Cahill and the director is Allen Coulter. The original episode was aired on 16th January 2000.

Episode Recap


Family resumes normalcy

Things in the Soprano family are sort of going back to normal after the execution of Mikey Palmice and hospitalization of Livia Soprano. Tony Soprano is no longer getting therapy from Dr. Melfi and he begins to self medicate himself. Dr. Melfi is now working from a motel after getting a warning that her office was no longer safe. Uncle Junior is in prison, while Christopher Moltisanti hires someone to do for him the stockbroker’s licensing exam. Livia starts getting physical therapy while Carmela Soprano continues with her role as a house wife. Ray Curto, Silvio Dante and Paulie Gualtieri continue bringing Tony money. Meanwhile, Tony continues sleeping with Irina, his Russian mistress and conceals that he was out all night by hiding his clothes in a mountain of laundry before sneaking to bed and falling asleep. Big Pussy makes a comeback after visiting Tony’s house in an old Buick Riviera. He explains to Tony that he had been in Puerto Rico receiving medical care and back therapy and he did not want his wife to know because he was sleeping with his acupuncturist. Big Pussy confessed that he was no longer feeling safe in New Jersey after the impression Tony and His crew created in the town. Tony doesn’t fully trust Big Pussy and gives him a non- personal hug.

The family tensions

Tony assigns Gigi Cestone, a former Junior Soprano crew soldier the role of taking out Philly Parisi, an active Junior Soprano crew soldier. This is after the revelation that Philly was spreading rumors that Tony wanted to see his mother dead, which was very true. Philly is dropped off at the airport by Paulie and later calls Philly to pick him up. He gets out all the necessary details from him before shooting him on the head. Tony calls Melfi on a pay phone and tells her to come back home as everything was over. Christopher becomes the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission compliance officer and he tries to pressure people to market Webistics, a new worthless stock. He puts Matt Bevilaqua in charge of this task and a scuffle ensues in the office when Matt discovers one stockbroker is not pushing customers to buy Webistics. Matt and his friend Sean pour hot coffee on this stockbroker and give him a thorough beating, which attracts the attention of the manager. Tony is informed by Silvio about this incident and he calls Christopher and advises him to be more careful and do his job.

Family reunion

Tony receives a call from Carmela informing him that Janice, his long gone sister was back and looking for a place to stay. He invites Janice to stay at his place and informs Carmela that he would like a family reunion with Barbra Giglione, his younger sister and her children. However, Tony emphasizes that Livia cannot be invited. Tony has a panic attack while driving causing his to veer off the road. He is not hurt and meets another psychiatric under the name of ‘Mr. Spear’ to discuss his mother and panic attacks. The psychiatrist recognizes him from Analyze This and informs him that he was not taking any new clients.

Tony makes it clear to Janice that no one should ever discuss Livia in the Soprano family. Janice understands and says she was going to stay in Livia’s house. Tony tells her she cannot because he had put up the house for sale. The realtor informs Tony that Livia’s house was vandalized and he is angered when he finds the ‘For Sale’ sign in Janice’s car. During the family reunion, everyone is having a good time except Tony who thinks that Janice is trying to prevent him from selling Livia’s house. Carmela asks him when he is going back to therapy and advises him to cool down and have a good time with the family. Tony jokes around with Pussy while Barbara and Janice talks about how Tony is handling the sale of Livia’s house. Next morning, Tony meets Dr. Melfi in a diner and tries to apologize to her. However, she is upset about not helping a patient who committed suicide and tells Tony to get out of her life as he tried to ask whether he can come back or for a referral. Tony leaves the diner and goes home where Carmela prepares for her leftover spaghetti.

Special occurrences

In this season, the Sopranos introduce Hugh De Angelis and Mary De Angelis as Carmela’s father and mother respectively. Also making first appearances are Sean Gismonte and Matthew Bevilaqua as stockbrokers in Christopher’s firm. Others are Philly spoons Parisi, Gigi Cestone both soldiers in the Junior Soprano crew and Neil Mink as Tony Sopranos attorney and confidante as well as Thomas Giglione, as Barbara’s husband.


The music played in this episode includes’ It Was A Very Good Year’ by Frank Sinatra, after the opening credit ‘Nod Off’ by the Skeleton Key, during the Godfather prank, ‘Con te Partiro’ by Andrea Bocelli during the family barbeque and ‘Smoke On The Water’ by Deep Purple is playing in Tony’s truck before it clashes. Also, ‘Guilty ‘by Alejandro Escovedo, plays when Christopher is in the bar with his friends, and ‘Time Is on My Side’ by Irma Thomas, during the end credits.


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