Guide to Your Chakras

The thing most of us are looking for in life is balance. Holistic medicine has provided many methods of improving our wellness state and chakra healing is maybe the most effective of all. If you understand what the chakras are, you can benefit from these energy vortexes, if not, this method is probably very confusing. Nevertheless, you can always learn what they are, which domain of your being they rule over and how to stimulate them. If the eastern medical practices seem too complicated, the chakra system is actually quite simple to understand. And since all of our biological and psychological processes are governed by these energy whirlpools, it will be best to learn how they influence our wellbeing.

About the Chakra System

According to the Tantric tradition, the chakra system has 7 basic energy wheels or chakras. These wheels are constantly spinning, taking our vital energy and transferring trough the body. Every living being has an aura or a multidimensional field, which we call energy or Kundalini. This energy is collected from the universal energy field trough the chakras, which feed our bodies, every cell and organ. They are aligned in a column, starting from the base of the spine, where the tailbone ends and extend to the top of the head. These energy centers serve as junction points between the mind and the matter, or the consciousness and the body. Each chakra corresponds to different parts of the body’s anatomy and it is linked to a different color. They are not created at the same time.

The root chakra is created first, while we are in the womb and it’s not fully formed until we are around one year old. When we are around 6 months old, our sacral chakra starts to form, because we are slowly learning about our desires, needs and emotions. After 18 months of our birth and until four years, we start to feel our solar plexus chakra. Once we turn four years, we start to realize what love is, at the same time our heart chakra starts to develop. By the time we are 12 years old, we have the throat chakra fully open and ready to teach us how to communicate with the world. At the end of our teenage years and during our twenties, we learn to open our third eye and the crowd chakra is opened last. Their balance shows our vital energy free flow, while imbalanced chakras can result in different physical diseases or mental disorders.

The first few chakras are associated with our physical being, while the middle and last chakras represent our mental and spiritual wellness. If you visit a holistic healer, they might say that some of your chakras are open, while others are closed. When they are closed, that means your vital energy is not passing through the vortex as freely as it should, causing you some health difficulty. In several sessions the healer, usually a Reiki practitioner, can open your underactive chakras, but long term lifestyle changes might be required if you want your chakras to be balanced at all times. Everyone’s chakra system is uniquely balanced. Some people are more introvert, others are more self-assertive. With different stimulations, settings, exercise routines and nutrition, the chakra equilibrium may be disturbed and become uneven. Losses, conflicts, accidents, stress and other inner disturbances may also block the chakras and cause malfunctions. But once you learn how each chakra fuels your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual existence, you can bring the balance back.

Muladhara Chakra

The Muladhara chakra is where the Kundalini energy resides. It represents our physical existence and connection to the earth. The root chakra relates to our most basic needs, the sense of belonging to a group and connection to our family. If there is one chakra that is most important, the root chakra will be it, because it’s the base, the foundation from which the energy is built.

When this chakra is balanced and energy is flowing freely from it, you feel grounded, stable, secure and one with your surroundings. You feel at home, wherever you are and you don’t unreasonably mistrust people. You feel that the territory you occupy is sufficient, regardless of how inadequate it is. You do not look for support and help from others because you have trust in your abilities. When this chakra is blocked or closed, it affects the flow of energy to the rest of the chakras. You feel small and scarce, you tend to manipulate others, make them feel scared and you may become aggressive. Money issues may be a big problem for individuals with blocked root chakra, where they are either greedy and use others to make a living, or are completely incapable of providing the basic necessities. Not being able to stay in the present, overreacting and overindulging are all symptoms of an overactive root chakra. Egoism, greediness, judgmental, domineering and sadistic behaviors can also characterize an overactive root chakra. If this chakra is underactive, you will feel fear of change and powerless to take control you’re your life. You may feel like you need someone to push you and give you support at all times.

Circumstances that can traumatize the root chakra are fearful environments, disappointing bond with a mother figure, physical abuse and traumatic childbirth. Abandonment, constant rejection and very controlling and distorted religious beliefs may often play a role in unbalancing this energy portal. The root chakra blockage might affect the physical domain as well. The individual may suffer diseases connected to the bones, especially knees and legs, bladder, kidneys, experience constipation, gastrointestinal maladies and problems sustaining the perfect weight and circulation. Balancing of the root chakra is called grounding. Since the color of the root chakra is red, you can balance this energy vortex with red and black foods, like: berries, meat, tomatoes, and etc. Red and black stones also help this chakra unplug and release its natural flow, so you can use agates, rubies, garnets, bloodstones, red jaspers, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, onyx, emeralds or obsidian stones. Meditation is the best way to unblock any chakra, and any chakra meditation will not be successful and may actually harm the body, if the root chakra is not active. Exercising is the best way to make the Kundalini energy move from its status quo. Dancing, sex, walking barefoot in nature will give you a sense of grounding and connection to the world and within. If you use meditation to balance the chakras, the mantra for the root chakra is LAM.

Svadhisthana Chakra

The Svadhisthana is the second, sacral chakra. This chakra represents our productivity, it is located three or four fingers below the navel and it rules our reproductive parts. It energizes our creativity, sexuality, ideas and projects. Our basic emotions and feelings are created here, like the need for food, pleasure, desires, the will, sense of taste and appetite.

When this chakra is balanced we experience our emotions naturally, without feeling overwhelmed or losing our center. We are able to enjoy the pleasures of life without compromising our wellbeing and health. We experience our sexual needs without overindulging. We are stronger, more confident in our intuition, intimacy and resourcefulness. When the flow of energy in this vortex is imbalanced, we see sex as a shameful, revolting act. Or we might engage in sexual relationships that are perverted, addictive, secular and purely physical acts. Our sense of intimacy will be disturbed and we might become disconnected from our emotional bodies. We might lack a sense of purpose, crave strictly material things, food, alcohol and drugs, and see others as objects we can abuse. If this chakra is underactive, the individual may feel shy, oversensitive and unable to express himself freely. Sexuality may be seen as a taboo area, followed by feelings of guilt, adhesiveness or inflexibility.

Traumas that can cause the imbalance of the sacral chakra are sexual or emotional abuse, religious extremes, neglect and denial of feelings or addiction in close family members. Physical complications that can result from the imbalanced sacral chakra may include menstrual pains, frequent mood swings and depression, problems with the urinary tract or lower back pain. The color of this chakra is orange, so gemstones like: amber, carnelian, orange Kyanite and orange calcite might help you balance this sensitive energy vortex. Orange foods like carrots and oranges may empower this center and if you want to meditate to improve the flow of energy through this vortex, the syllables VAM will stir the fire below the belly. This chakra hides our deepest, most hallowed memories and emotions from our childhood, so meditation to release your fears and hinders will be extremely beneficial. Emotions from the past, the feelings you have denied or left to sink in, are best to be unleashed, because they are causing the discomfort in most cases.

Manipura Chakra

Right below our navel, behind the solar plexus is our third, or navel chakra. Self-esteem and personal power are triggered by a sufficient flow of energy through this chakra. Courage and confidence are governed by this chakra, as well as feelings of independence and uniqueness. We feel powerful when this chakra is fully open. We feel that we can get a hold on our emotions coming from our sacral chakra and we feel stable and strong enough to sustain our life desires anticipated by our root chakra. By now, we are already lined up and ready to build up the higher dimensions of our being.

When this chakra is not functioning properly, the individual has ego problems. They either feel too weak, indecisive and timid to withstand life’s burdens, or they feel like they possess a power which they really don’t. When this chakra is not letting the energy through, the person is easily manipulated, has no energy and is weak willed. They will often blame others for their shortcomings and play the victim in most situations. If the navel chakra is overactive, the human ego takes over every situation and person along the way, and turns them into matters that can satisfy the need for control. Because the person can’t tap into their inner personal power, they become enslaved and addicted to the aggressive energies created artificially, by domineering over others. They need to be always right, they are competitive, arrogant and attracted to stimulus, whether in the form of drugs or compliments. You will recognize a person with a balanced navel chakra. They are warm, friendly, playful, natural, charismatic and cheering. They are adaptive, responsible, responsive, and have strong self-control.

Other than emotional and physical abuse, traumas that can imbalance the navel chakra are: past domineering relationship, especially dictatorship present during childhood, unrealistic and excessive responsibilities and goals. Other than stress, hypertension and insomnia, this chakra imbalance can create: thirst, gasses, unhealthy food cravings, ulcers and digestive disorders. Most popular crystals known to purify the navel chakra are: amber, citrine, pyrite and Tiger’s Eye, but you can eat yellow foods to stimulate the flow through this energy wheel. Accumulation of frustrations is what makes this chakra overactive, so any sport that will let you cut loose and let the anger out will be very beneficial. If you feel like you are not in touch with the personal power projected from this chakra, you will have to find your fears and face them. Spending time out in the sun will also steer this energy wheel and breathing deeply will make the energy move more freely.

Anahata Chakra

Right behind and all around your heart is the heart chakra. Here, all feelings of love, kindness, compassion and affection are gathered. The bridge between our physical and emotional realm is found here and the state of this chakra characterizes our entire emotional wellbeing. As the center between the seven chakras, this one has a special significance. It is the place where our soul dwells, where we learn how to love, how to share and respect. It is the link between our lower, masculine chakras and our higher, feminine chakras. Here, we learn how to love ourselves, love others, feel the pain, get over it and recognize our limitations. Here we also learn how to be vulnerable, how to deal with our darkness, so that we can move on to our higher, and more spiritual self.

When this chakra is open, we feel comfortable giving and receiving love. We are not afraid of our own emotions and the emotions coming from outside. We feel connected to other human beings and everything else that shares its energy with us. Here, we are hugging the energy we receive from the sacral chakra, magnify it in the navel chakra and we let it out in the world. If energy is flowing easily through this chakra, we feel our inner body’s beauty and we feel the love towards it. We don’t care how we appear to others because we feel that every affirmation we need is in our heart. You will feel joyful, loving and trustful if this chakra functions properly and ready to make the world a place that will resemble your inner body. Your ego does not exist if this chakra is open, because you will know that your ego is just a big empty space. When this vortex radiates too much energy, you may feel overcritical, demanding and judgmental towards yourself and others. If on the other hand, the energy is not projecting adequately from the heart, you will feel codependent, separate and withdrawn from others. You will feel rebellious or indifferent and the love you send and receive will be conditional. Fear of rejection will be present most of the time and you will like to withdraw into solitude.

Betrayal, grief and death or divorce from a loved one can wound this chakra. Spending too much time alone and not having anyone to talk to also can cause imbalances of the work of this energy wheel. Physical manifestations of the malfunctioning of the heart chakra may include: colds as a result of a weak immune system, heart and circulatory dysfunctions, tension in the back between the shoulders and lung infections. When you feel like this chakra is not functioning normally, spending time in nature will bounce back the energy through your heart. Playing with babies, kids and pets will add an enormous amount of power over the heart chakra, because they know only of unconditional love. Hugs and lots of them will open your heart chakra immediately. People with close heart chakras are usually those who can’t forgive their own mistakes, so start loving yourself with all your qualities and flaws equally. The color of this chakra is green, with tints of pink and the meditating chant is YAM. Malachite, jade, rose quartz, Aventurine, malachite, green Aventurine, green Tourmaline and emerald will rouse the heart energy and green veggies and fruits will add nicely to the energy circulation. Watermelon as the fruit with both green and pink colors will be most favorable.

Vishuddha Chakra

The throat is not just a link that connects our bodies with our head, it’s also the link between ourselves and God. The position of this chakra indicates to our ability to communicate, with people and other living beings, but also with the higher power. Under communication we recognize listening, speaking and self-expression, as well as, clairaudience as another form of communicating without using our senses. The lower chakras get the opportunity to become fully voiced through the throat chakra, with all their feelings, energies, powers and sensations. Creativity and raw intelligence rule this chakra, followed by efforts to pass outside, what’s within.

Artists have this chakra fully open, some maybe even overactive. When the flow of energy streams naturally, we feel able to express all of our thoughts and emotions, without feeling restrained. We talk as much as we listen, we don’t talk nonsense and we don’t scatter words without meaning and purpose. We ask when we don’t understand and answer when we know more than others. All of our communications are balanced. Our voice is stable, loud and clear, we are not afraid of voicing out our thoughts and emotions. When we do voice out, the words that come out are vivid, creative and animated. People who have overcharged throat chakras tend to talk too much and listen too little. They might try to dominate others with loud voices, unnatural laughs and blatant speech. They might gossip too much, tell lies and deceive others to feel safer. The connection to God or another higher power might be cut off or they might use it to misguide others for their own benefit. If the energy flowing through this chakra is not sufficient, the individual may fear to speak up and stand for himself. They might feel difficulties putting their thoughts and emotions into words, become shy and quiet. Their intuition may be regarded as something bad, like a sin or an evil omen.

When the throat chakra is traumatized, that’s usually a sign of verbal abuse or authoritarian environments, where free speech is forbidden. Families where yelling and excessive disapproval are used as a parenting style may also make the individual too afraid to express himself or express himself to extremes. Throat, ear and nose infections may be the most common health problems connected to a dysfunctional throat chakra. Teeth and jaw complications, and thyroid dysfunctions might also be guarded as symptoms for blocked or overcharged throat chakra. Try humming the syllables HAM and you will feel your throat vibrating immediately. Other than chanting, you can try singing loudly, breathing meditations and color therapy. Blue crystals are most commonly used for healing the throat chakra, like: blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, blue topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, azurite and others. Drinking a lot of water will help you clear the breathing pathways, as well as stimulate the energy streem through this chakra.

Ajna Chakra

There is a third eye between everyone’s eyebrows and that is where the third eye chakra exudes energy. This is where our imagination is fashioned, where we see visions about our future, about the world and our life. Wisdom, insight and clairvoyance are the authentic traits for this chakra. Without this chakra, an empowered and multidimensional connection to the spiritual dimensions will not be possible. Here, our dreams are generated and we learn how to see pass the physical, materialistic and earthly aspects of ourselves. All other chakras are analyzed here and from them, the third eye chakra makes your reality. If other chakras are not functioning properly, this one will not create energy in its full power.

With an open third eye, you can see the true reality. Illusions do not exist and you see the world only as it is. This chakra collects all data gathered from the lower chakras and makes sense of what is. When this chakra is balanced, you see clearly. You know the source of every emotion, you become clear about your goals and you recognize your divinity. By balancing the third eye chakra you can find the root of every problem, because your intuitive, higher senses are highlighted. Your memory and retention capabilities will be at their highest point. When the third eye chakra is overactive, you might become delusional. Extremely active third eye chakra may even cause hallucinations and nightmares. Obsessive and compulsive behavior might become a normal functioning state, because you will only see the world in the three dimensions, feeling detached from your higher self. You will have problems concentrating and staying focused will be impossible. If this chakra is underactive, your imagination will be limited. You will have no ideas, no spirit and you will feel lifeless. You may feel confused, not knowing where you are, where you are headed and why. Your mental abilities will be clouded and you’ll have a hard time learning new skills.

Nowadays, many people have underactive or blocked third eye chakras. We live in a society where material possessions are blocking the full flow of energy to our third eye chakra. We have deluded values, we live under false principles and our morals fall way below zero. Our mindsets are not allowing the third eye to open, causing us headaches, fatigue, stress, loss of taste, sight, hearing and touch. Meditation and prayer is the best way to open the path for energy to the third eye. Chanting OM (pronounced AUM) will create a pulsation in your forehead that will clear your head and make room for the divine plane. Taking naps and sleeping might also help you open your third eye, and calming teas like chamomile, valerian root, Ashwaganda tea and lavender scents will soothe the chaos in your head. The color purple is dominant for this chakra, so gazing at the full moon night sky or placing amethyst on your forehead before sleeping might help you clear your mind of unnecessary distractions.

Sahaswara Chakra

Unlike the other chakras, which are spinning horizontally, the last chakra is said to face upwards, which is why it’s called a crown chakra. Facing upwards, it symbolizes the exit and entrance of the Holy Spirit, our highest self, our divine essence or God. If the heart chakra is the link between our masculine and feminine self, this chakra is the bridge that connects us to the cosmos. The channel from which God reaches us and we present ourselves to him. Through this chakra we ask God for wisdom and through there he passes his guidance and enlightenment.

When this chakra is well balanced, we feel highly spiritual. We and the universe are the same thing, we understand everything and judge nothing. Unification and synthesis of the human and the godly are achieved, we are the Jesus, the Buddha and the savior of ourselves. Here, we feel our soul and our physical body overlap, and we can see our soul in its purest form. We are fully aware, our intellectual mind is at its peak and our perception is clear as a sunny sky. Rarely anyone has this chakra balanced. If this energy portal is blocked or underactive, we may not believe that God exists. We are not curious to see if there is anything behind our physical realm, we are closed-minded and blind. We thoughtlessly obey to religious, political, social and monetary authorities. We become greedy, selfish, empty, materialistic and purely physical. Fear of death, avoiding problems and making decisions are common behaviors connected to a closed crowd chakra. Overactive crowd chakra is often associated with exceedingly intellectual individual, who has no connection to other beings in the world. Spiritual addictions and extremes characterize an overcharged crowd vortex, which frequently lead to confusion, disconnection from the bodies and the reality.

When this chakra is not balanced, headaches, depression and mental illnesses may result. Ringing in the ears, hearing voices, poor coordination and dimming eyesight may also become part of the imbalance. Most people with closed or imbalanced crown chakra will probably not even try to balance it, because they are not aware of this limitation. However, sitting in the dark, in complete silence and imagining the sun’s energy entering the top of your head will be considered a type of crown chakra meditation. The sunrays may be gold, white or even violet, as those are the colors associated with this chakra. Clear crystals will help this energy flow right into your imaginary crown, but helping others selflessly and without hidden agendas will steer the cosmic energy more easily and effortlessly. There is no chanting sound for this chakra, because all sounds, colors, vibrations and frequencies are gathered at the crown.

Final Arguments about the Chakra System

The majority of us were raised without the awareness of the energies around us. Those are the same energies that if used and channeled right can help us avoid experiencing pain, misfortune, shortages and traumas. We often confuse love with fear, sharing with weakness and we donate our potential to our friends, families, governments, churches, and doctors, instead of using it for our own enlightenment. We allow external figures and entities to figure out our lives and reality, without knowing that our own vital energy is sufficient for each of our endeavors. We all carry our own baggage, karma or soul lessons, but we carry them for a reason. We carry them because they are our stop signs which can catalyze all of our pain, dysfunctions and adversities from our past lives, as well as this one. We can use them as tackles that can push our limitations, break off all barriers and separations we create ourselves.

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