• Abbreviation: GRW
  • Type: PoW/PoS
  • Total Coins: 3.7368*107 or 37,368,000
  • Normal Block Reward: 100 Coins
  • Block Target Time: 45 Seconds (0.75 Minutes)
  • Premine?: None
  • Transaction comments?: Yes
  • Random Blocks?: Yes
  • Fork of:: Diamond (DMD)
  • RPC Port: 17178

Coin Summary

Growthcoin is a fork of Diamond, a semi-scarce cryptocurrency with a block reward of exactly one diamond. It uses PoW/PoS from Novacoin and PPCoin, as well as transaction comments from Florincoin and random blocks from Luckycoin. Growthcoin actually “grows”, as it has a 5.95% monthly interest rate for held coins, which is equivalent to an annual interest of 100%. Every 3 months, the block reward halves. 3 confirms for a transaction * 45 seconds per block = 2 minutes and 15 seconds per transaction. This coin is relatively new but its new concept makes its future look brighter than other newly released cryptos. Public interest has died down for this coin as others are copying its idea of “growth,” but this coin will be remembered as the first which actually promoted it (Other PoW/PoS coins did not emphasize growth as much as innovation).


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