GRouPcorp is a “corp” (that is a, Galactic Milieu entity), which is traded on the Digitalis Open Transactions server.

Its initial issue of stock consisted of 1,000,000 “shares”.

It is a GRouPcoin-centric “corp”, whose focus is on building the value of Groupcoin(s).

Although GRouPcorp shares (sGRP) were shown on the online valuation statistics at starting from Tue Jul 24 08:24:28 ADT 2012, those statistics are actually incorrect all the way through Fri Aug 17 2012 due to the process of setting up the Corp's assets having been derailed by a glitch in the issuer account used to issue dGRP (digiGRouPcoin) assets on the server. The fact that the Corp actually owned 978000 of its own shares did not get recorded until after the Fri Aug 17 15:10:15 ADT 2012 valuation run had been completed, resulting in a falsely low valuation of the Corp from the time the stats collection began up to and including the Fri Aug 17 15:10:15 ADT 2012 stats.

At time of writing the Corp is still somewhat hindered by the glitch in the dGRP issuing account; it is hoped that an updated resync script will be forthcoming soon so that this glitch can at last be cleared, allowing many more dGRP to be issued onto the server to people who have been patiently waiting for months for dGRP with which to purchase sGRP shares.

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