GRouPcoin is a blockchain-based currency that is very similar to Bitcoin save that it generates fifty coins per block forever.

It has been a favourite of small groups such as associations, clans, guilds, parties and societies, paradoxically due to its vulnerability. Somehow it managed to escape the attention of the huge powerful blockchain-processing institutions, resulting in extreme vulnerability to attack by more processing power than the groups using it could bring to bear to defend it but at the same resulting in the vast majority of the generated coins being distributed to small groups.

GRouPcoin was the predecessor of DeVCoin, and was initially used to prototype and test ideas that eventually led to the creation of DeVCoin, whereupon GRouPcoin reverted to being just a nice simple unobtrusive but unlimited in eventual number coin ideal for quiet, low-key use by small groups.

It is a mergeable chain, thus it is perfectly feasible to merged-mine it alongside BiTCoin, NaMeCoin, DeVCoin and other mergeable chains.

Since DeVCoin and GRouPcoin both generate new coins every block forever, with DeVCoin generating a thousand times as many coins per block as GRouPcoin, there has naturally been a general tendency to assume that in the long run one GRouPcoin will equal one thousand DeVCoins; however so far the fact that at least some large blockchain-processigj operations process DeVCoin whereas only small groups process the GRouPcoin blockchain, the extremely low difficulty of GRouPcoin mitigates against its natural role of representing one thousand DeVCoins at this time. Indeed the difference in diofficulty almost matches the difference in the number of coins being generated, permitting some to argue that the coins should be of approximately the same value until GRouPcoins finally come to the attention of large blockchain processing institutions and begins to aquire thereby a difficulty comparable to those of other widely used cryptocoins.

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