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There is nothing like being in the great outdoors, enjoying nature and the green earth. Good gardening goes hand and hand with making wise choices. It is important to choose gardening techniques with a green thought in mind. It will greatly benefit our earth and nature to be thoughtful about the world. In this way we can make the best choices to make a better planet and enjoy a beautiful garden.

We all know when it comes to all things garden related, natural is best. Artificial chemicals and methods are sometimes necessary. But the best answer to a great garden is to be as natural in all ways possible.

Working in the Garden

Gardening is labor we all love to do as garden type people. There is nothing like enjoying the trees, plants and flowers in an environment you helped create. Protecting and caring for our natural environment can be both rewarding and labor intensive. Extra thought and care are required to make the best decisions to accomplish the required tasks.

One chore we may not look forward to is weeding and picking up leaves. Yes it is easy to break out the weed eater and leaf blower, gas them up and go to work. But is it a wise choice to spend money on expensive gas and expose the environment to petrol exhaust? Maybe consider pulling weeds by hand and using a rake instead. Exercise is a benefit to manually doing some chores. A small hand shovel can work wonders, making it quick and easy to pry loose garden weeds so they can be effectively removed. A rake can be a very effective tool to pile leaves for picking up in piles. Well, certainly a rake is better than blowing dust and leaves all over the place from one place to another. It is also certain not burning Petrol fuel helps save the environment from harmful pollution. Consider these methods seriously, it can help save you money too.

When manually laboring in the garden you may notice things. Perhaps better removing weeds at the root. This can help prevent weeds from growing back faster and will keep an area clear longer than just pulling or cutting off weeds from the top. Using your hands you can feel how deep the roots are. Dig then up with a small shovel and remove them the best you can.

Using natural alternatives

It is easy to spray chemicals and kill weeds but consider natural methods. The chemicals sprayed on the weeds will eventually leak into the soil and poison it. Then the surrounding plants or trees will drink the polluted water. This is not good for the important things growing in the garden. Natural methods will yield happier and healthier plants. Also it’s better for you and me, and our environment.

Some fertilizers are chemical based. Any chemicals can have a possible unforeseen negative effect on the environment. Some chemicals like fertilizers mixed with water can actually get plants sick if over used. Fertilizer pellets can be good if used as directed but harmful to birds and other wildlife if they are eaten by them. Many forms of wildlife recognize natural fertilizers immediately and will not eat them, and leave them alone.

For example, animal manure is natural and can do a great job fertilizing a garden. If purchased, it is often not expensive and can be purchased in a convenient form like mixed in soil or a garden soil mix. This form of fertilizer will not be ingested by most wildlife because it is recognized as something they are familiar with in nature already, unlike chemical pellets that can be mistaken for food. Some have personal preference when using natural fertilizers, and a wide selection is available. Some use steer fertilizer and others swear by other types like chicken fertilizer as being the best. Try what you like and choose what works best for you.

Be careful with natural fertilizers like steer manure. If you use too much at once it will warm up and possibly burn the plants. Add a little at a time or mix with regular soil and water it down good. In this way you will release the fertilizer into the surrounding soil breaking it down to be used by the plant and diluting the pure properties of the fertilizer.

Some plants need extra nutrients or supplements. Roses and other flowers are an example of this. Supplements can help buds and flowers grow easier, yielding more flowers and fruits. If you are having issues getting a plant to flower consider a supplement to help it out.

Garden area tasks

Soil that is conducive to a plants best comfort is also to be considered very important. Sandy soil is good for some, and other plants may prefer a richer soil that is best purchased premixed. Another type of soil contains small pieces of a foam like pellet. These types of foam pellet soils can be great when concerned about keeping a soil moist because this type of soil will hold more water for a longer period of time.

When replacing soil or adding new soil be sure to pack it down firmly. In doing so this will prevent air bubbles and areas of unstable soil. The plants will be a lot happier when the soil is firm and properly packed down. When reusing older soil be sure to sort through it to a certain extent by removing old roots, rock or other small growth. Cleaner soil will make the plants happier and let them grow unobstructed.

Decorative rocks like lava rocks can help protect plants from weeds in a natural way. Some plants don’t like rocky soil so choose careful and don’t use rocks that are too small to maintain in a planting area. This is also very good to prevent weeds without chemicals. Choose a decorative rock that is a nice color but be careful. Rocks that are bright to see like white rocks can be a lot easier to maintain then natural color rocks that are hard to separate.

Remove old growth and leaves from planting areas. Often they will inhibit good growth or attract pests. For example some ants like leaves and will come out of the soil to congregate to the leaves. Leaves can also shade and cover grass too much and leave brown spots on the lawn because not enough sun light will be able to reach the lawn.

Pruning and trimming plants and trees is important in many ways. It can really make a much enhanced look in the garden area. Also some plants need attention like pruning to grow properly. Some flowers when they die need to be removed to help encourage new growth. Old branches, stems or twigs can confuse a plant and it will grow in an unusual way or shape. If too many old growths remain on a plant it can become unhealthy and die. Best carefully cut off old growth and do not over do it. If too much of a plant is cut off it will go into shock. It may recover from the shock eventually but many times the shock of loosing too much of the plant will kill the plant, so be careful.

Watering is important. Many plants need the roots regularly watered and some plants actually need their branches and leaves watered or misted with moisture. Again become familiar with the plants and do some basic research on how much and what type of watering a plant needs. Most flowers do not do well getting wet, and some leaves will get sick and grow mold if they get wet. Many plants have a limit on how much water they need so don’t give too much water to some plants or they will get sick.

Regular watering can also benefit breaking down debris in soil. This can promote mulch and compose. The decomposing natural elements can be food for plants and keep them happy. Be mindful to balance soil debris because too much decomposing natural elements will rot many types of plants.

Garden maintenance and planning

Care must be taken note of in the garden to notice fallen seeds and blooms. They can produce more plants in a soil area. This may be welcome but might introduce more plants than planned or expected for an area. Many plants need a certain amount of space between them. When planting seeds it can be easy to just scatter them everywhere but may not be in the best interests of the plants when they sprout. They may overcrowd each other and cause problems. Plan your garden and consider specific areas for specific plants to prevent overcrowding.

Trees may need special consideration. Trees often need much larger designated areas planned for the tree to grow and mature without obstructions. Planting a tree too close to a fence may eventually damage the fence when the tree roots grow and extend themselves. Strong tree roots are strong enough eventually to break through rock and pipes. Be sure to plan the tree area carefully and with thought about what that tree may require for proper growth in the future.

Dwarf trees are sometimes a good idea. Dwarf trees will not grow to a full size and can be more practical in some situations that planting a full size tree. For example a dwarf apple tree will take up less area and be easier to maintain then a full size apple tree.

Pests like bugs can eat leaves and growth on plants and possibly damage fruit on trees. Chemicals can be used effectively to control pests but consider natural methods. These natural pest deterrents can be effective and help protect the plant and environment. A simple way to deter some pests is with a mix of soap and water. Soap is diluted into a mixture of water and then applied or sprayed on plant growth. For many plants this is harmless but for pests like aphids they with not like this and leave.

Spiders can be good and bad. Spiders can help control pests like flies and mosquitoes. Some spiders can be dangerous like the poisonous Black Widow. Consider a balanced approach to removing spiders and their webs. When the webs are full and get large just use a simple broom to knock out the web. The spider will make a new one later.

Gardening tools are a matter of preference. Sometimes for light duty, an average low cost garden tool is ideal to do the job. Other times a quality tool is worth the investment. For example a shovel made of soft wood will eventually crack or break when used a lot so best to choose a shovel made with a quality hard wood so it will work reliably without being easily broken. Garden scissors or snips need to be made of a material that is a quality tempered metal so they don’t easily go dull. A heavy wood broom may last a very long time but may become a burden and tiring to use over a long day. Plastic or fiberglass brooms are often light and strong. They can save you energy because using a plastic or fiberglass handle broom will not get you tired out as easy because they are lighter in weight. Remember to choose carefully your ideal garden tools because it is important to consider expense and the life of the tool.

Attracting birds to a garden can have benefits because they have value with their songs and activities. Birds can be very beautiful and fun to watch in the garden. Attract them if you wish with amenities like bird baths. Humming birds can be attracted with humming bird feeders. Humming bird feeders are like tubes that often contain juices they like to sip. Liquid food for humming bird feeders must be of good quality not to get them sick and a flavor they like. Bird houses can be fun to collect and attract birds to the garden. Many creatively decorated style bird houses can add a nice effect to a garden. Also many bird houses can have a supply of bird food for certain types of birds. Old bread can be used to attract birds to the garden. Save old bread that is still eatable to be made into crumbs and place it in garden areas for the birds.

Maintaining a lawn in a green way can be very effective and nice by using a push mower. This helps prevent emissions from petrol fossil fuel and saves money. Many wonderful idea's can be easily dreamed up. Just use your imagination, and of course love and enjoy your beautiful garden.

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