B y S i n g u l a r N e w m a n

Since ancient times Gold has been desired by most people. Gold has been manufactured by man for over 10,000 years, from King Solomon to Cesar Augustus, this precious yellow substance has been highly coveted. Today South Africa is the world’s top Gold producer. Gold is the substance dreams are made of, or more accurately purchased with. Gold historically has been used as a valued item, as soon as metal/gold smiths came up with an easily duplicated method to coin it into certain amounts; Gold coin became the standard with which goods were traded in. Eventually Goldsmiths that lent their gold coin ran out of room to store the gold bullion and couldn't afford the security and the very real threat of a major heist. Physical gold storage had the technical difficulties of having to be stored close to the client, yet guarded extremely well since everyone knew, that’s where the gold is. Unlike banks today guarding paper assets, gold holding facilities back in the day, really has to guard something valuable.

They realized that the patrons that also stored their gold in their vaults rarely ever came to check up on their stash. So the goldsmiths began issuing Gold Certificates instead of coins. Right around this time, the goldsmith profession branched out into full time lenders, and actual gold smiths that refined and processed the gold. These full time lenders started also being known as bankers.

The gold certificate was easy to carry and relatively simple to exchange. It was also backed by the full faith of the lender and the gold bullion holder. Soon there-after, the Goldsmiths realized yet again that they could simply write these Gold Certificates based on public ignorance and high secrecy, coupled with greed and deceit.

The thought must have easily occurred at one point, that even if they did not have all the gold to back it up, nobody would know the difference, unless all the clients would all come in and demand their deposits, an eventuality that rarely if ever occurred. This brings us to the modern epoch of industrialized, assembly line Banking cartels, where every single penny minted or printed is simply not backed by anything. It is simply backed by other printed fiat, paper moneys on reserve, with a Central Bank, and nobody will ever check the actual safe, all’s well so long as a sufficiently great number appears on a computer somewhere.

The Golden Era for the dollar ended with the Great Depression 1). Up until 1933 the USA dollar was backed by gold, redeemable in silver and gold coin at any Federal Reserve Bank branch. That all changed when the Government freaked out and recalled all gold bullion in existence to prop up the hyper inflating greenback. This happened under the jurisdiction and Executive Order 6102 2) of President Franklin D. Roosevelt 3). This was the scheme the government devised. They badly needed a strong infusion of capital, so they simply made a law that due to national security, all gold bullion had to no become the property of the state. That’s otherwise known as theft, because it was enforced at gun point. Well, it was not technically theft because the state offered gold certificates in exchange, of course the price per ounce was fixed in advance by the state. As soon as the state completed the transaction, a few months later as a matter of fact, it changed its mind and decided that the “redeemable in gold” certificates were no longer an option and rewrote the contract. If that isn't theft I don’t know what is.

The new rules just adopted by the state, stated that the gold certificates were no longer redeemable in actual metal, they were now only redeemable in federal debt notes, or basically monopoly money. As soon as the people traded in their gold and received paper certificates redeemable in paper, the set price of exchange, the price per gold ounce doubled. That pretty much made sure that the average Joe that just did business with the government lost out about 50% of his or her savings.

What this allowed the state to do however is to create more fiat currency backed by actual gold. So it started printing more paper money. This increased the buying power of the state but decreased the actual value of the currency. These days, gold prices fluctuate with the market economy. When the economy is stable, the price of gold is stable, and usually low. When the economy falters, the price of gold skyrockets. Carl Marx (as much as I hate to quote him) once said that, “Although gold and silver are not by nature money, money is by nature gold and silver”.

Due to the world-wide banking system failure, which is not based on the gold standard anymore, we are seeing historical, record braking prices for gold. The world’s economies are defaulting on their loan obligations and the currencies they are using to transact with, are basically worthless in absence of a backing by a precious metal. The demand for gold goes up and so the price goes up. More than half the world’s gold is stored by governments and banks. One kilogram of gold is worth about $48574.01 at the moment 4), although the price of gold varies from day to day, gold is still considered the main staple of wealth storage.

Gold unlike fiat paper certificates, is also a valuable metal used in the electronics industry. Gold has certain properties that enable it to tolerate great amounts of heat. It is used to coat the contact pins of microchips and other heat sensitive electronics. Being a very stable metal, gold can be physically stretched to great lengths. Gold is malleable and ductile - one ounce can be beaten into a see-through thin sheet of nine square meters or drawn out into a wire 80 kilometers long! It is the only yellow metal, and it is usually found in nature as a native metal, it is shiny and will not rust or stain. It conducts electricity and has a high melting point 1337.33 K (1064.18 °C, 1947.52 °F). It is about 19 times heavier than water which means it is nearly twice as dense as lead.

It is a soft metal that scratches easily. Although pure gold (24 carat gold) is rarely used as it is too soft, gold is often mixed (alloyed) with other metals such as copper, silver or nickel for jewelry (18 carat gold means 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals). As it conducts electricity and is ductile, gold is used for wiring in computers - from digital radios to microwaves, from telephone systems to rocket launchers! Gold is very useful for wiring that is difficult to repair, such as under water and in outer space, because it does not corrode or wear out quickly. Rays of light do not easily pass through gold so it is useful as a protective shield against heat and light. Buildings in tropical countries utilize a transparent film of gold on the windows. Jet engines, space suits and space craft are often coated in gold to reduce heat and glare. Some exotic cars have also used Gold as a shielding element.

Large pieces of gold are called nuggets, and tiny specs are known as gold dust. Sometimes, where weather has worn away rocks, gold is left exposed on the surface and can be washed into creeks and rivers to form ‘alluvial deposits’. In the past, many prospectors found gold by panning the gravel of river beds for the heavy gold which falls to the bottom; but it is much harder to find that way today. Mostly, gold is spread throughout the rocks and soil around us but in such low amounts that it’s not worthwhile trying to get it out.

However, there are still some places where there is enough gold to mine close to the surface, making it profitable. Australia (especially Western Australia) is the world’s third-biggest producer of gold, with both open-cut and underground gold mines. The gold-bearing rock is first blasted and dug out (about two hundred tons of ore has to be mined to produce just one kilogram of gold), then crushed, and the powder is mixed with water. The gold sinks and the other wastes are washed away. The gold is treated with chemicals, melted and further purified, in a process called ‘smelting’. It is then poured into molds where it cools and hardens as gold bars called ‘bullion’, which make the gold easy to stack and transport.

Cyanide and Mercury are chemicals used to extract gold from ore. Unfortunately because of their high toxicity they kill most life-forms on the planet. Gold jewelry can be an allergenic for some people, the reason being that it is mixed with nickel. Most people are allergic to nickel. Some jewelry is made with Palladium which is less of an allergen but is more expensive.

Gold comes from the Sanskrit word Jval 5) and the Anglo-Saxon word gold. Gold's chemical symbol Au comes from the Latin word for gold, aurum. Colloidal Gold can even be eaten, helping to boost some bodily functions such as immunity and also mobility. Gold is sometimes found free in nature but it is usually found in conjunction with silver, quartz (SiO2), calcite (CaCO3), lead, tellurium, zinc or copper. I found it interesting that there is roughly 1 milligram of gold dissolved in every ton of seawater, although extracting it currently costs more than the gold is worth.

Mining for this precious metal is never easy. For the past ten thousand years, the entire quantity of Gold produced by man, can be confined in an area of twenty meters square, basically a six story building the size of a city block made of pure gold.

Gold has become a symbol throughout the millennia. The Hebrew Tanach compares Gold with purity and perfection. The Temple of Solomon was made with vast quantities of pure Gold, including the religious instruments used in various ceremonies which were made of 24 carat Gold. Ancient Babylonians used Gold as a sign of power and status. In B.C. 580, King Nebuchadnezzar made a personal replica gold statue, 90 feet high and 9 feet wide. He set it up in a recessed area in a fortress wall, in the province of Babylon. He demanded that the people pray to it.

It is assumed that the precious metal signified that the statue was perfect and demanded your reverence, on your knees, therefore associating Gold with the highest spiritual ideal. Ancient Mayans adorned their bodies and religious temples with Gold. As a matter of fact that’s one major reason the Spanish conquistadores arrived to the new world, they were desperately looking for Gold, since Europe’s coffers were dangerously depleted and the monarchy was losing grip with prosperity.

In ancient Egypt, 6)gold was considered the skin of the gods, particularly the deity RA. During the earliest periods of Egyptian history, only kings were allowed to wear gold, however, later the privilege was extended to priests and some other members of the royal court. The chamber that held the king's sarcophagus was known as the 'house of gold'. Never tarnishing, it was used extensively in the statues of gods and even to adorn temples. Mixed with other metals, it coated the tops of the Pyramids and obelisks, until the empire crumbled and they got looted by thieves.

Gold in all its forms and throughout history has always held it head high. Gold, is the undisputed king of metals. Add some diamonds and shape it in a crown ad you’re a king as well! Wish to spend your golden years well? Make sure you have a nice sizable gold stash by your side.

We’ll we ever return to the usage of gold coins? I really do believe that we will. Gold has repeatedly shown and proved itself to be the most resilient for of currency there is. It’s ingrained and preprogramed in the human mind. It holds a built in value. Even if an entire planet made of gold were to be discovered, gold would still hold its value. Firstly, because it would cost trillions to reach this said planet, mine it and return it to earth, and secondly, because extra planetary gold would be even more valuable on earth thanks to its exotic nature.

As far the chemical manipulation of lead and using plasma fusion, creating artificial gold atoms, well this science so far escapes us mortals. However, in the case that some extremely blessed person discovers a way to fabricate gold for cheaper than 1000 an ounce, rest assured that he or she will still sell theirs at current market prices. Therefore no matter what, gold will always be expensive. Unless you’re in heaven that is, and that’s a far and away place, and I hear you have to die to get there. Therefore while on earth, gold will always be the stuff of legends, of hidden and much coveted treasures, the material of choice when it comes to representing the ultimate power and dominion. Perhaps it is because God chose it the material of choice, perhaps God chose it because it is a valuable and precious resource, I don’t know, all I know is that after writing this short article on gold, I really want to get me some!

Where is a good place to get gold these days? I would recommend the local pawn shop as they have reasonable prices but make sure you don’t get scammed by them as they will try to charge retail for their used items. Pawn shops get the best deal as they deal with desperate people. However, because of the astronomic price rise, eve pawn shops would rather sell their precious metal to a goldsmith at exorbitant market values.

Well, in case you don’t want to deal with scammers and pawn shops, there is one more place where you could search for gold. You could search for it in mountain streams. The best candidates are volcanic mountains since they bring diamond and gold encrusted veins to the surface from deep below the earth’s crust. I don’t want to part with any of my gold, so please make sure you pick a non-active volcano, as I am not liable for any lava stream incidents while you’re following my advice. Go camping for a few days, grab a tent, a gold panning kit and some tasty morsels, a barbecue grill, some warm clothes and a sleeping bag and get exploring! It’s the greater outdoors, it’s where gold is born, and you can adopt it if you find it. I’ve never found any but my friends did, they however still won’t tell me the location of those golden streams unfortunately. But rest assured gold is out there for the taking, an at these current prices, a tiny nugget that fits in the small of your palm is worth a small fortune!


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