Get Ready For Surprise Raids On Your Home By SWAT Style Code Enforcement Officers


As if we needed more evidence that tyranny is closing in all around us, more cities are moving toward militarizing their code enforcement department. The latest example is a town in Long Island, New York that has announced, “zero tolerance,” on letting unauthorized people stay in the home.

It's a trend we can expect a lot more of unless citizens take a stand, before it's too late. Americans are already allowing strangers in uniforms to touch their private area, and/or take irradiated naked pictures of them whenever they want to fly somewhere.

Now, citizens can look forward to waking up with code enforcement officers in SWAT gear, already in their house at five in the morning. At gun point, the code officers will tell the homeowners to stay in bed while they search for evidence of housemates that are not registered, or within the specified number allotted.

It's sounds unbelievable, and only time will tell how draconian things become in Westbury, New York,1) but a home owner in a city with a similar program, reported that this is really what happened to him. These kinds of encroachments on liberty are very much in keeping with the United Nations Agenda 21 program,2) and the move toward a dictatorial hellish, one world government.

People all over the world are being trained to be slaves. The United States is leading the way. This is psychological warfare, where the line keeps getting pushed back, further and further, until people are allowing things to be done to them, they would never have dreamed they would have acquiesced to, just a few years prior.

It's not unlike how the Nazis treated the Jews. They first put travel and other restrictions. Then they had them visually identify their homes & businesses. They even identified themselves as Jewish by wearing yellow ribbons.

Each time, the Jewish people, by and large, agreed, because it didn't seem that bad, and the alternative could be quite unpleasant. However it wasn't long until the next line that was pushed was to go to the railroad station and wait for the trains.

Then it was moved to, “just,” getting in the cattle cars and going for a ride. Then it was, “just,” a matter of getting out and taking their clothes off. Then it was total enslavement and the long nightmare of epic proportions.

If you are reading this and thinking, well, that could never happen here, you better wake up. I bet you thought it would never happen that men would take their women and children to the airport to get molested and experience irradiated nude photography.

You might have thought that all your phone calls would never be recorded, and that the government wouldn't be looking at you through your TV, computer and phone, including using screens, and not just the camera (that you have black tape over) to be able to see you naked and having sex. You probably thought you'd never have to be scared that the next time you get pulled over by a cop, if you don't comply with an order fast enough, you may get tased or outright shot.

Don't kid yourself. It absolutely could happen here. The only way to stop the march to tyranny is to get real and wake the hell up.

Quit living in denial. Quit pretending that 911 was concocted by people living in a cave and carried out by 19 hijackers with razor blade box cutters.

Quit doing everything you're told to do. Get involved with local government when they are stepping on your liberties. Wake up your neighbors. Organize and get involved in non compliance.

Get real about gun control. The politicians trying to limit your right to bear arms are gun owners who have exceptions written for them in the laws they want you to live by. If they don't own guns, they have body guards who do. They aren't trying to protect you. They are trying to disarm you – and for a reason.

Do not keep allowing the line to keep being pushed further and further away from liberty and toward slavery. Whether or not you understand it, or believe it, you chose to be here at this time and place to be part of something incredibly special in human history.

Step into your power. For more information on what you can do to fulfill your destiny, listen to Alex Jones here.

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