General Mining Corp (GMC), also known as Galactic Mining Corp is, in the Galactic Milieu, both the name of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency and the name of a corp. The corp is the issuer of the currency, which, like bitcoin, consists of a maximum of approximately 21 million coins.

GMC was a key initial player in the setup of the Galaxies Online project, providing half the financing for most of the startups, with GRF (General Retirement Funds aka Galactic Retirement Funds providing the other half.

GMC is not a publicly traded corporation, or if it is, it is traded on an exchange on some unknown planet. It is not known who its shareholders are or, technically, whether it even has a shareholder structure at all. (Some speculate that it is owned and operated by non-human entities with thought processes entirely different from human thought processes.)

GMC is, in short, something of a mystery. Possibly all it ultimately is is the blockchain based currency itself, since in various jurisdictions various different local forms and conventions are forced upon it by local customs, mores, laws and so forth.

Although GMC scrip is traded on the Digitalis Open Transactions server, trade on that server's markets has not so far been a major part of the GMC scrip economy. Large scale trades between multigalactic corps, nations, clans and suchlike groups have typically been conducted by direct account to account transfer, so the markets do not see most GMC scrip activity. Like other multigalactics, clans and similar groups, GMC is believed to operate Tor, I2P and/or Freenet services whereby much of their business is conducted; in particular any interfaces with (Earth) fiat currencies would presumably be carried out by such means. or more likely by way of bitcoin since all parties have access to a wide array of existing third party services through which bitcoin can be exchanged into (Earth) fiat.

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