General Credit Corp (GCC) was formed for the purpose of exploring and implementing credit, also known as leverage, within the Galactic Milieu trading and commerce arena.

The initial idea came about when people started to notice that since different currencies tend to appreciate in value at different rates, and that some currencies even depreciate in value instead of appreciating in value at all, it can make sense to use your appreciating currencies as collateral against which to borrow depreciating or slow-appreciation currencies.

So far there is not automated platform implementing the kind of leverage accounts, also known as collateral accounts or margin accounts, the Corp hopes to make available. Thus currently their services will only be practical on scales at which manual administration of the accounts by clerks is a reasonable cost for an account to bear.

There is of course some question as to what kind of interest rates the Corp will be able to offer, which to some extent will necessarily depend upon the interests it is itself able to obtain. It is hoped too that some initial operating capital will be obtained by means of an IPO, since at this time the Corp is in early stages of research and setup: it has not yet “gone public” at time of writing.

Although these initial plans target mostly people seeking to “short” assets on the markets and people looking to grow their collateral by leverage, it is hoped that eventually this Corp will become a major player in all aspects of credit thoughout the Milieu, possibly serving as General Financial Corp's consumer credit arm (as it is expected / hoped that General Financial Corp will be a, and possibly even the, major shareholder of General Credit Corp).

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