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Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod is a first person, highly customizable physics sandbox game based off the Source Engine created by Valve. The game was created by Garry Newman, trying to give players the ability to create anything in a 3D workspace while playing an actual game. Originally created as just a modification for some Source Game, it came out independently (although, still relies on the player to have at least one source game to load the models) in November, 2006.


Because the game is built off the Source Engine, the player is required to own at least one game that fully utilizes the source engine (Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Source). As said, there are no goals but for the player to decide with himself/herself on what to do in the game itself. The basics of the actual game itself is a first person layout with a hud and a standard set of weapons (for the default gamemode at least). The player can spawn in props/furniture or any entity and can manipulate objects/entities with tools. The community has attracted a lot of modders because of its easy to understand API and superiority of the Source Engine, thus, this allowed modders to create a massive library of additional APIs, props, models, tools and etc. The most famous type of mods are the game modes which have actually created been by modders (and now includes a server browser that lists servers for a specific game mode). Here is a list of game modes created specifically for Garry’s Mod:

  • Trouble In Terrorist Town - Trouble In Terrorist Town revolves around two teams: The Terrorists and the Traitors. The Terrorists are casual players with the highest chance of being selected every individual round. The goal of a Traitor is to kill off every player except for themself and other possible Traitor teammate (denoted by a red “T” above their head). The Traitor’s main advantages include a personal weapon/item shop in which they can use if they have the required amount of points (which is gained from kills). While normal terrorists have to rely on proving that a player is a traitor by some difficult means (i.e. a terrorists witnessing a traitor killing one of their teammates and telling others before they are killed), certain player(s) can be chosen to become a Detective randomly throughout each round. A Detective also have their own personal weapons/item shop with an included DNA scanner to check who used a specific weapon/item or a hologram emitter to tell how a death happened around that specific area. Player’s of the game can purely create their own rules since there are built-in game punishments for “RDMing” (Random Death Match, an event where a player randomly injures/kills another player without reason).
  • Murder - Similar to Trouble in Terrorist Town, player(s) are spawned into a murder every round and carries a one-hit kill knife and the ability to sprint. Other players (bystanders) can sometimes spawn with a one bullet instant kill revolver (a player with bad aim may find him/herself losing in a deathmatch against the murder since there is only one bullet after every reload). The surviving team in the end wins.
  • DarkRP - DarkRP (Dark Role-Playing) revolves around a dystopian role playing scenario where the player can be involved in either petty crimes/murders or can take matters into their own hands. Usually, server’s include jobs that players can undergo with a method to make in-game money (i.e. a player as a drug dealer having to grow marijuana and try to sell it without having a raid). A majority of the gameplay is based on what other player’s do and get themselves involved in.
  • Prop Hunt - Prop Hunt revolves around two teams, the ‘Hunters’ and the ‘Props’. The ‘Props’ team has the ability to become any entity, or Prop in the map along with a 30 second head start to become a prop and hide. Depending on the size of the chosen prop, the health will also change of that player (i.e. a computer mouse has a health of one, but the benefit of being extremely hard to shoot at). The ‘Hunters’ have to find all of the props and kill them. Shooting a non-player prop will result in 5 inflicted damage towards the hunter. The gamemode is separated into different rounds and the maps chosen is typically a custom made one, or any map with a fair amount of props to turn into (CS Office).

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