The Galactic Ruleset is a Freeciv ruleset created for the purpose of using Freeciv in the Galactic Milieu.

It can be obtained as an attachment to posts in its forum-thread located at

At time of writing its most recent version was for Freeciv 2.2; it has not yet been updated for 2.3.

It is also available for download in the Galactic Milieu's Sourceforge project's files section, in the directory as the file galactic-0.2.7.tar.gz

One major thing players will notice about this ruleset from the very start of play is the slowed down study of technologies. This was necessary primarily because the standard ruleset tends to result in extremely rapid advance of technology, making the planet known as Earth massively backward; in the normal ruleset players familiar with the game tend to attain modern technology a thousand years or more before the planet known as Earth did; using the Galactic Ruleset helps make Earth's rate of development look more normal or reasonable instead of looking like an extremely backward planet. Nonetheless even using the Galactic Ruleset some civilisations have managed to attain warp drive in the 1600's to late 1800's so clearly even though science is slowed in this ruleset it is not so slow as to make the planet known as Earth seem a particularly advanced planet.

When using this ruleset to develop planets to be considered for inclusion in the Galactic Milieu one should retain a savegame of every turn. These savegames provide a historical record which could be very important if time travel ever becomes a significant part of the game. Basically having these saved turns of all the worlds in the Milieu allows, in principle, the branching off or alternate timelines from any turn on any world, and thus enriches the tapestry of possible tales that can be told using the Galactic Milieu as backdrop.

An important aspect of this ruleset is the provision of starships, as it is by means of starships that travel between worlds takes place. Initially this can be technocally accomplished by moving units from one saved game to another, however it is hoped that some day the ability to fly units in starships from world to world can be built into the code. Since there will be little point in such code without something like the Galactic Milieu to motivate such world to world travel it is not expected that this will actually be implemented until such travel happens in enough qunatity to make manual implementation of it by hacking savegame files begin to be impractical or burdensome.

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