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Full Leather Jacket is the 8th episode in the second season of HBO's “The Sopranos'. Originally airing on March 5th, 2000, the episode was the 21st of the series, that went on to produce 86 episodes over six seasons. In “Full Leather Jacket”, small time players and senior members of the organization attempt to move their roles in the growing crime family up the chain. Some are successful, while other's make grievous mistakes.

Episode Recap


Making a Mends and Grand Gestures

After giving Beansie Gaeta a beating that put him in a wheelchair, Richie is told to make a mends to the now paralyzed mobster by building a wheelchair accessible ramp. Richie, originally reluctant, is forced to do it, as he is the reason Beansie is confined to a wheelchair and the validate of the debt Richie was looking to collect from Beansie is still in question. Silvio and Paulie tell Richie it is not a suggestion and it must be done. Richie reluctantly agrees to do so. Richie, attempting to make a mends with Tony, gifts him a jacket formerly worn by Rocco DiMeo, one of the toughest mobsters around. Tony reluctantly accepts the gift, but hands it over to his housekeeper's husband. Richie finds out the jacket has been re-gifted, when he stops by the Soprano household to give Carmella food he has prepared. Infuriated by seeing Liliana's husband wearing the jacket, Richie leaves angry.

Moving Up in the Organization

Matt and Sean continue to work with Christopher on their safe cracking operation, although they remain small time players. Upon meeting Tony both Matt and Sean are starstruck and nervous. They win no points with Tony who calls both Matt and Sean out for not looking for listening devices when discussing their business. Back at home Matt and Sean are approached by Furio for Tony's 10% of the safe cracking operation. Furio also skims an additional $1,000 for his own troubles when he comes to pick up the money. Detested, Sean and Matt decide to move up in the organization by getting noticed for a big hit. Sean and Matt ambush Christopher outside of the Skyway's Diner. Christopher is in a coma from the attack, however, he managed to fight back, hitting Sean in the head and killing him. Matt flees the scene and goes to see Richie, who he considers his mentor. Knowing how important Christopher is to Tony, Richie becomes enraged, fearing he will be pinned for the attempt on Christopher's life. Matt disappears into the night to hide out.

Family Advancement

Meadow continues the college application process as Tony and Carmella worry about her heading too far from home. In the interest of making a close-to-home school more appealing, Carmella visits a neighbor Jeanine, who's sister happens to be a prestigious alumni of Georgetown University, a college Meadow is seriously considering. Carmella, without Tony's knowledge, attempts to ensure Meadow gets a recommendation from Jeanine's sister Joan via thinly veiled threats. It works and Joan caves by writing Meadow's letter of recommendation.

Christopher tends to his own familial problems as he tries to win back Adriana's heart. He visits her at her mothers house and apologizes for his behavior and abuse, before presenting her with an engagement ring. Adriana accepts the proposal, much to her mother's dismay. Upon leaving Adriana's mother informs her that the door to her family's home has now closed, as she's made her choice, effectively sealing Adriana's fate and the engagement between Adriana and Christopher begins.

Special Occurrences

During the episode “Full Leather Jacket” three characters are introduced. Liz La Cerva, Adriana's mother, is introduced for the first time, although he had been mentioned in previous episodes. Bryan Spatafore is introduced for the first time as well. Bryan, brother of Vito, is part of the crew that creates the wheelchair accessible ramp for Beansie. Finally, Donny K is introduced for the first time as Richie's right hand man. Donny K goes on to be regularly seen at the social club and other family gatherings throughout the show's run.


The opening song from the episode “Full Leather Jacket” is Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty. The song references London's famous “Baker Street”. The opening song is played while Tony feasts on Chinese food. When Richie is approached by Silvio and Paulie the song playing in the background is “Dancing in the Dark” by Tony Bennett. The song plays as Richie is told to build the ramp for Beansie.


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