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Fox is a character in the Galactic Milieu, dating back to the []D'ydii]] tabletop era.


Fox is known to be at least 40,000 years old; it is not yet known how much older than that she is or might be. It does however seem certain that she was not on the starship that brought the Elves to D'ydii about 250,000 or so years ago.

It is not even really known for sure what race or species Fox is; one theory has her as one of the early results of the “improvements” the Elves brought about among the hominids of D'ydii. Other than Fox the only character known to survive from 40,000 years or more ago is Oceania, so if we are ever to learn the true story of Fox's nature and origin it seems we must ask Fox herself or Oceania, or someone to whom one of the two might have let slip such information at some point.

Fox is a trickster, and cohabitated with the Lord of Lies for at least long enough to learn from him his arts if illusion, seemingly sometime about 20,000 to 10,000 years ago (and likely in the midrange, closer to 15,000 years ago). She was in fact known as the Lady of Lies. So we perhaps should not be surprised to find that not all that has been said of her, or even that she has said of herself, is quite exactly literally true.


On the CrossCiv server, Fox was chosen for use as the gamemaster character, to reflect her great power, capabilities, cunning and so forth. She is, in short, not limited by the limitations that server places upon players. Because of her claims of having invented metallurgy, smithing, armoursmithing, weaponsmithing and gosh knows what else, she might to some extent correspond to the Crossfire Pantheon's Mostrai if we tried to modify that pantheon to reflect the history we inherit from D'ydii; though in some respects she also shares at least some of the trickster aspect of Crossfire's Lythander.

Battle for Wesnoth

So far, Fox has not been featured in any of the Battle for Wesnoth campaigns set in the Galactic Milieu. Unless, that is, one takes the position that where Crissy (Galactic Milieu) is found, Fox surely must be somewhere around… if only as a character in “Crissy tales”. However thus far the only tales we have seen Crissy (Galactic Milieu) tell in Battle for Wesnoth campaigns have been the campaigns themselves (possibly even including Between the Worlds itself though that has not yet been definitely determined) and the holobarrack dramas / exercises that Crissy puts the player through in Between the Worlds. It seems possible that at the times during which Crissy (Galactic Milieu) appears in Battle for Wesnoth campaigns Fox was still on the galactic diplomacy planet represented in the CrossCiv server, or even, possibly, on D'ydii.

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