Fluoride added to the water is good for you, isn’t it? Actually it depends upon the type of fluoride.

Naturally occurring calcium fluoride or sodium fluoride found in springs and aquifers is non reactive and safe to drink at normal levels. Th fluoride in drinking water is hydrofluorosilicic acid and is a waste product from the fertilizer industry, and also contains cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and lead. It is rated as one of the most toxic chemicals there is and will corrode glass or metal. It also accumulates in your body throughout your life. It is widely used in the USA and Australia. In the USA the Environmental Protection Agency has stated that there is no safe level of arsenic and it is linked to lung, bladder, liver, prostate, and skin cancer.


A Brief History of Fluoridation

Fluoride has been known to be harmful since 1855 when smelting companies had to pay compensation for fluoride contamination to the locals.

Dentists in 1901 observed that the teeth of people in some areas of the USA were dark brown and there was nothing to attribute this to. In 1909 Dr McKay went to Colorado Springs where he found that 90% of the children had brown teeth and their teeth didn’t have any cavities. It was observed that children were susceptible as their teeth were developing and imperfections were forming.

In 1923 Dr McKay journeyed to Oakley, Idaho where there were reports of brown teeth among children drinking from a spring. Once everyone ceased drinking form the spring the children who were getting their second teeth had white teeth. At this point it was known to be water related but the specific agent wasn’t identified.

A few years later the town of Bauxite, Arkansas had a similar problem with children with brown teeth but nearby towns had normal development. There still was no identification of the responsible agent.

The reports by Dr McKay were widely read but the link was not found until ALCOA’s Chief Chemist, H.V. Churchill, whose main job was to promote the safety of aluminum, tested and retested the water at Bauxite. Fluoride kept coming up in high concentrations. Collaboration between the two men led to water supplies being tested in suspect areas. In 1931 Mr Churchill made known to Dr McKay that fluoride was the cause of the problem and this condition was called fluorosis.

In the 1930’s fluoride was used as an insecticide.

In 1939 Dr Dean at the National Institute of Health had been conducting trials on the efficacy of fluoride to stop tooth decay compared to the levels at which it caused damage. He came to the conclusion that at 1.0 ppm (parts per million) there was no fluorosis.

During World War II the Russian and the Germans added it to the water of POW's to keep them docile and easy to control. The Nazi's experimentation found it a useful agent to control a population and their grand plan was to fluoridate every country they conquered.

In 1950 ALCOA was fined for spilling a ton of fluorides in the Columbia River. Water was tested and was found to be between 0.5 ppm and 4.5 ppm (parts per million) and caused a massive fish die off, ruined a trout farm, and what fish did hatch were deformed.

There have been numerous other lawsuits, damages, and incurable health consequences of contamination and poor handling. The main problem that fertilizer, steel, coal, welding, ceramics, and the aluminum industries have is how to dispose of their waste product.

Also in 1950 the US Public Health Service began promoting fluoridation and not one trial had been performed.

Since the 1950’s it has been promoted by Health Agencies, Dental Boards, and Water Authorities. However the fluoride being used is not naturally occurring calcium fluoride or sodium fluoride but hydrofluorosilicic acid, from fertilizer waste, added directly to the public water supplies.



Fluoridation is still carried on in most of the Western World and there has been no more testing on the safety of this. Fluorosis is common in children in Australia. A debate is ongoing between concerned parties who don’t wish to be fluoridated and the Health and Water Agencies that still promote it. Even your dentist has probably recommended it. The industries pumping it out are making a nice profit from selling a product that was expensive and hazardous to dispose of.

Where Does the Truth Lie?

The ongoing debate has merit based on the arguments that

  • The dose delivered by Water Agencies is not consistent and is not tailored to the development of different age groups. For example infants would require a lesser dose than an adult.
  • Consent is not obtained to be fluoridated. There is no opt out option.
  • There is no tracking of people’s responses to fluoridation.
  • It is systemic fluoridation, meaning that it is within your entire body. To be effective fluoride, if used, should be used topically.
  • In Countries that are not fluoridating, like South America and most of Europe, there is no increased incidence of cavities.
  • It is not naturally occurring fluoride but also contains traces of mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and lead. All of which accumulate in the body.
  • Fluoride accumulates in our bones and contributes to fractures.
  • Fluoride accumulates in our pineal gland which regulates our hormone levels governing most of our body’s functions. The pineal gland is referred to as the third eye in many cultures. The reduced functioning capacity of this gland could make it more difficult to sleep or reach spiritual planes.
  • Studies in animals show that even 1 ppm of fluoride in their water increases the amount of aluminum that accumulates in the brain.
  • Low income households do not have the means to afford a reverse osmosis filter to remove fluoride.
  • Most of the fluoride does not go into our bodies but is used in showers, dishwashers, and goes down the drain.
  • Fluoride is quite cheap as the Fertilizer (and other) Industries would rather not have to deal with disposal of it. Even so it still costs a Municipal Water Agency several hundred thousand dollars a year to add fluoride.
  • The debate about fluoride is ineffective as it has become entrenched in culture.
  • Even bottled water contains fluoride, unless it comes from a spring. But most water labelled spring water is actually tap water.

How Do You Spread Awareness?

Trying to raise awareness is extremely difficult. A normalcy bias is a situation where a person faced with something outside of their daily life and not wishing to confront it, will look the other way, scoff, or ridicule the source of this information.

You can present a person with pamphlets; show them websites, videos, etc, to no avail.

A Simple Demonstration That Raises Awareness

Buy a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Meter on eBay for $8 and you can measure the ppm (parts per million) in water. A simple test that people watch and respond to, is to place several glasses in a row. In one have rainwater or preferably reverse osmosis water. Rainwater from an urban area would probably have contaminants that render it undesirable for drinking, but it will still work for the test. In another glass have tap water. In the last glass have water that has gone through a fridge (or similar filter).

Dip the TDS Meter in each glass (don’t drop it in the water, most are not waterproof). Reverses osmosis water will read about 3 ppm. Tap water will be in the 80-180 ppm range depending upon the month and location you are in. Fridge filtered water will be about 10 ppm less than the tap water. Upon seeing this test most people want to purchase a new water filter for their fridge. Unfortunately it won’t affect the results much. A clean filter will remove about 10 ppm and a dirty one will not make any difference. Fridge filters might be effective for sediment but won't do much else.

How to Remove Fluoride

The best method is to use a reverse osmosis water filter. These can be mounted under your sink, or a portable unit can be purchased on eBay for less than $100 and attached to your tap so you can fill water containers. Remember when using a reverse osmosis water filter, you are removing all the trace elements including essential minerals. To avoid going into a trace element deficiency you need to practice awareness, and use salt such as Himalayan Sea Salt, which is very close to the chemical constituency of human blood. Also good are Schussler Salts (look online or at health stores) which contain trace minerals that are often missing from the modern diet.

Although fluoride is said to be tasteless, when one has been drinking reverse osmosis water for a period of time, tap water tastes bad. This can’t be attributed to the fluoride, but to an increased familiarity with pure water. You can’t get away from fluoride in the Western World. It’s in our drinks, our crops are watered with it, and we shower in it. There are fluoride shower filters but they are not efficient for long.

If this webpage has made you aware or you would like to find out more, please do invest in a TDS Meter and do your own research.


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