Experiencing The Flu From A Spiritual Perspective

I am delighted to have found my spiritual source in what I call the Jesus 2.0 writings in works like A Course In Miracles and Way of Mastery. In the absolute shortest terms what these teachings say is that

  • one can choose love or choose fear and listen to the holy spirit (one's inner divinity) or their ego
  • the world that we see around us is illusion, it was not created by God, God created us and we separated from God and created this mess
  • God (love) is all that is real and cannot be harmed and all the rest does not exist so don't worry, don't judge, be happy.

Ok, no exact quotes there but that is the basic idea.

This week I got the flu. Haven't had a fever since June of 2010 and I started my spiritual studies in August of 2010 and had never even heard the words “in the moment” until December of 2010. I started studying Course In Miracles in August of 2013. So it was an interesting experience for me to see how I would orient myself to such a situation from the new found spiritual perspective.

I am not saying that I did it right or wrong but I will say that I consider my perspective interesting.

The person who I got the flu from most likely, I will call her Jessica because her name is Barbara (ha ha), had her own way of dealing with it from her own spiritual perspective. She said “I am not going to let it slow me down. Mind over matter”. Thing is that she sounded stressed and aggressive, like she was fighting a war and the illness was an enemy and she didn't sound at peace. I told her that of course mind is senior to matter, spiritual trumps physical, but I don't have to fight every fight that comes along just to prove the point. I can honor what is going on with me as one would honor a bad weather day and treat it as an adventure of sorts, not judging the sensations in my body as good or bad but just experience them peacefully and learn from them as best I can. She (Barbara) responded “ok then mind over mattress for you”. I told her that I was sitting in a comfy chair watching 42 (the Jackie Robinson Story) on HBO and enjoying it.

Even though there was definitely some irritability and crankiness that went along with experiencing these flu symptoms, I recognized them as what they were, didn't get on myself for having these reactions and just let them pass through when they showed up. To me, the key is that, in my heart, I stayed peaceful and cheerful instead of engaging in antagonism with the condition. I think I did pretty good :)

Gary Konigsberg aka The Garko Factor

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