List of five useful, productive applications and software that you probably didn’t know about


Retroshare is a new take on the “Web Of Trust” ideology. It takes the best from file-sharing, communication and privacy/security and bundles it up into one big application.

Retroshare, first off, is open sourced. Making it all that much more loveable. It uses a generated PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) key as its adding method. Meaning that, nobody that you don’t want added or to be in contact with, you don’t have to. The PGP key is your signature, it is what allows others to add you. This not only makes it super secure, but also gives you the peace of mind that a lot of other applications cannot.

The interface of this software is very nice. It is very modern and unlike many other WOT (web of trust) programs, it looks and feels like a new-age sharing and communication device.

Retroshare is available on all platforms, OSX, Windows and all flavours of linux. It features Chatrooms, Folder and file sharing of whatever you wish to share among your WOT, Forums, that are self moderated and only available to your Web of trust, News feed, a nice set of advanced settings and notifications for those that are more tech savvy. It does not take a rocket scientist to use it, which means that if you have a friend(s) that you wish to share files safely, and privately, but they are not the tech-type, they should not have any problems to get a grasp on how to set it up and use it.

Whether you are looking to share music and chat amongst your friends, or you want to do business safely and privately, then Retroshare is a must have.

Download link: - All Operating Systems

2. Raidcall - Windows, OSX (unofficial)

Many of us (especially miners) are avid gamers as well. If you are a hardcore gamer (like myself) you always have Voice Communications. A lot of people pay certain hosts to host a Teamspeak 3 server, Ventrilo or other voice communication platform. At one time, that was the only option that we had to use voice communication, we had to pay.

But now, technology is getting better, cheaper and more available. A little company (or big company) called Koram Games Limited, being a multimillion dollar business in the realm of gaming, decided that nobody should have to pay for quality gaming voice communications, and released Raidcall.

Now I know what you may be thinking. Ads everywhere, premium features, etc, etc. But, it is nothing like that. The only ads I have seen, are those promoting their gaming tournaments, and channels. There is no premium features, which means you are free to create your “Guild” or “Clans” chat room channel free of charge, and unlimited amounts of people can join.

If you tried to set up your own Ventrilo server, you can only have 8 people, and the voice quality is limited, unless you fork out a mound of cash for ownership rights. Teamspeak is almost the same. Mumble however is open source, and freely available to use for anyone. If you have the know-how to set up your own mumble server, then so be it. I did this for a long time until I found raidcall.

Raidcall features a leveling system. The more you use it, the higher level you go. I do not think that you gain any rewards by this, but hey, it looks cool to have a little diamond by your name with a number by it. You can also chat VIA typing in your own room as well, to share links or anything else you may want to share.

Your chat room, when you create it, has a designated number. You hare this number in-game on your clan/guilds MOTD (Message of the day) and they can join in to chat with you. You can set up a picture to represent your chat room as well.

The interface is very, very modern. It has the “Metro” look and feel to it. The voice quality is absolutely superb (if you have a decent connection) and it does not hog up much system resources.

If you are looking for a good, free solution for voice communication, then try out Raidcall.

Download link: - Windows

Download Link: - OSX (unofficial)

3. Apache OpenOffice - OSX, Windows, BSD, Linux

When you think of “Word processor” you automatically assume “Microsoft office”. Well, how about dropping that 120$ price tag and exchanging it for the price of free?

OpenOffice Productivity suite has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from an open source productivity suite. It comes bundled with over 170 languages, extensions and templates, its own version of powerpoint, excel, word, and many other very useful and productive features.

The code is completely open source, and is available to tweak (if you have the know-how) as you please.

So if you want to drop the evil corporate, money hungry Microsoft office for a 100% open source, and community driven office suite, then open office is perfect for you.

Download Link: - All Operating Systems

4. Keepass and KeepassX - Windows, OSX, Linux

Back when passwords and the internet first came about, we did not have to worry as much about viruses infiltrating our privacy and brute force attacks of massive proportions, as we do now. These days, a password is only as good as the site it is used on, and only as good as the security you make it.

Really, you need (should) have a different password for every application, website and email you have. Now, I know this may sound crazy. How would you remember them? Well, this is where keepass comes in.

It is an electronic password safe. It will generate passwords for you and tell you how secure they are. It will allow you to make entries for every new site you use. All you have to remember is 1 password, and that is the master password.

I know this may sound daunting at first, but once you get used to it, it just becomes a habit, and a very good habit.

You can save your password database and upload it to your favourite private cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc) and it will automatically save them for you there on each new entry. So, if your computer fries, your house burns down or someone stole your computer, they cant access anything without your master password and everything is safe in the cloud.

Keepass is open sourced and free of charge. It is available on most operating systems.

Download Link: - Windows

Download Link: - OSX

5. IprediaOS

IprediaOS is a Linux based fully anonymous distribution. It is most commonly placed on a USB drive and booted into for usage, although you can partition your hard drive for its use as well. All network traffic is automatically and transparently encrypted and anonymized. Many applications are available in IprediaOS, including mail, peer-peer, bit torrent, IRC chat and others.

It runs TOR (The Onion Router) and has an abundance of applications on it that you could use for chatting, browsing, etc.

If you are looking for a distribution that you can take on the run, and be secure, or just to have around at home for when you need to go on certain sites that are only accessible VIA TOR, then Ipredia has you covered.

Download link:

End Notes

I hope you have found this list useful, there is many many others out there, and here is a little tip.

If you ever need a program that you have to pay for, check out It hosts almost all of the open source projects. Many commercial software have an open source alternative that is just as good, if not better than the commercial. So keep that in mind.


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