Finding Movies On Netflix

If you are like me and you use Netflix for the majority of your television, you may have problems from time to time while trying to figure out what you want to watch (and what is available through the service). Each device that can access Netflix is different in how it works and how the UI looks, which makes it difficult sometimes to get around. Luckily, there are some tricks to finding something awesome to watch that you may have not already seen! While this does not guarantee that you will find something that interests you, generally this is the best way to find new things.

The Normal UI

The first method is through whatever UI is in your device. It should allow you to see things like the latest releases, newest items and different genres. You can find, for example, horrors or comedy movies, and sometimes even go deeper in to more specific categories (like stand up comedy). This is kind of like going to the library, where you can find a category you want to view and the system will start giving you some examples of what you want. The problem with this system? It does not show every movie and it is often a little difficult to sift through. As a result, you will often miss out on a lot of movies and television shows.

If you already have an idea of something you want to search for, you can do that through your UI usually. You can search based on the name, or even partial names. If you are interested in Psych, for example, you can just start out with Psy and it will pop up, among anything else that is related to it. Easy enough, if you already have an idea of what you are looking for.

Use the Computer

If you go to the website on the computer, you may find it a lot easier and faster to find things. While you still have the same categories and everything, it is much quicker to load, allowing you to skip through things much, much faster. On top of this you can see more items on the screen at once, and you can read the reviews that others have posted for each item. This, to me, is much easier than using the UI, though it can be a hassle at some points, such as when you are not near the computer and have to run over to it just to see what you want to watch.

Use Instantwatcher

There is a website called Instantwatcher that is pretty interesting. It keeps up with the latest movies, what people are watching the most often, and even tells what is expiring (and being removed from Netflix), as well as the date. When I really have problems thinking of something to watch, I will usually hit up this site and see what others are watching. I will use their decisions to help shape mine, with the assumption that the most popular movie must be one worth seeing. Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not, but it is surely better than nothing at all!


There are multiple ways to see what all is available on Netflix. Some of them are through Netflix themselves and their own tools, and one of them is through an external tool. This allows you to see what all the site offers and what people are enjoying. Along with this, you can see how others feel about movies, as well as why (through their comments). Flexibility in choosing something to watch is awesome, and that is exactly what we get!


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