Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Terminology U through Z

Below you’ll find the terminology for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn from the letters U through Z, at the bottom of the page you’ll only find a link back to the Glossary page. If you keep checking the bottom of the page it will provide you with a link to the next section of the terminologies for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn until we hit Z. Each page will also link back to the Glossary containing all the links for A through Z terms.



  • VIT
    • Vitality
        • Example Sentence: “No longer will I be one shot by Twintania’s Fireball, I have melded several pieces of VIT onto my rings, now I have nearly 4.6k HP!”


  • W
    • Warai
      • Shorthand, used to denote laughter. It is the Japanese equivalent of LOL, generally a lowercase w is used and often chained together just like lololol is to represent a more comical situation. Final Fantasy XIV - Helpful Japanese Phrases
        • Example Sentence: “See how whenever I sit then stand and emote I get stuck? www!”
  • WAR
    • Warrior
        • Example Sentence: “WAR is by far the best tank, with its massive HP pool, Inner Beast’s powerful 20% mitigation AND relatively high heal, often in the neighborhood of 500 or more heals and a constant, easily kept up 10% mitigation from Storm’s Path, there’s just no way Paladin can hold a candle to it!”
  • Wat
    • What
      • Shorthand, a comical way of asking what, usually in a nonplussed manner or when a person is saying something that makes no sense.
        • Example Sentence: “Let me get this straight, you want us to run around Garuda Clockwise so she’s always turning and that way you say she can never hit us? Wat.”
  • WC
    • Water Closet
      • Acronym, used to let people know they’re going to use the Water Closet, which is another way of saying bathroom or toilet, often accompanied by brb, or afk.
        • Example Sentence: “I’ll be a few minutes, need to hit the WC before we get started.”
  • WHM
    • White Mage
        • Example Sentence: “WHM is a lot different than SCH to play, you have to play things safe and predict when things are going to happen because of the longer but heavier hitting heals, unlike SCH which spams heals WHM needs to measure out their MP usage.”
  • Wipe
    • Term, used to denote when a group or alliance dies or will die.
      • Example Sentence: “My group kept wiping to Twintania for nearly ten hours, that fight is so ridiculously hard!”


  • X
    • Term, used to signal a person does not have the item or quest, or that they are not ready. This is used in response to something like a person asking if they have Ifrit’s Bow, an easy response can be a simple “x”.
      • Example Sentence: “I’ve cleared Turns 1 through 4 already but Turn 5 clear is still X.”
  • XP
    • Experience
      • Shorthand, see also EXP.
        • Example Sentence: “I need about 1200 PVP XP so I can finally hit 30 and quit this stupid PvP system!”


  • Yalm
    • Term, a measurement in Eorzea the main continent in which Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn takes place. A yalm is equivalent to a yard, 100 yalms is equivalent to a single block or grid on in game maps. Yalms are also used for casting and ranges on various skills and spells.
      • Example Sentence: “The casting range of Cover is only 8 yalms, it’s so small I have to almost be on top of the person to cover them, so it’s hardly useful for ranged classes that barely are close enough for me to see, let alone get close enough to cover!”


  • Zerg
    • Term, used to denote a rush without much skill behind it. Zerging is meant to put the full force of a team against an opposition and hope that the initial rush of damage and power overwhelms and destroys them. These tactics were made popular by RTS game Starcraft where the term comes from a race of creature called zerg who could create soldiers very fast, very early in the game and by ‘zerg rushing’ the opposition could kill them before they had defenses or the capacity to repel the attack. Often though if the zerg rush failed, the person who started the zerg is left wide open to attack and often fails. This was shortened to zerg to denote when a group goes all out for damage with little else thought of themselves. In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn zerging is not a very useful strategy since fights are heavily scripted and there is little abilities or classes that can be exploited to deal great amounts of damage such as was the case in Final Fantasy XI where Dark Knights and Bards together could deal incredibly high amounts of damage in a very short time. Though it’
      • Example Sentence: “Once the gates open we’ll zerg the healer, once the healer is down the rest of the team should be really easy to kill!”

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