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Early January. I was suddenly confined. Sudden, because I always thought I was in good health. I was hospitalized for hypercholesterolemia, a mild heart attack and had to stay for a week. My cardiologist advised me to slow down, which was against my grain. What intrigued me was when he said, “It all boils down to the power of the mind.”

As soon as I was out of hospital, I searched for a mind control technique and lost no time in enrolling it. Though I am a wide reader and have gone over a number of theories of mind techniques, learning a new method relaxation technique, changed my life. Everytime I practice the exercise on my own, I feel “something different” as I never felt before. It is now a routine for me to go into “Alpha” three times daily, 10 minutes each time.

Stress Control is definitely the first benefit I attained from the program.

I did use the technique to visualize the transfer of my company to a new office. I programmed for three days for a smooth clinching of deal with the seller, especially since there were many previous delays. On the day we were to close the negotiation, the seller simply signed the contract without a word, which was unusual. Eduardo G. Ong

Help! Help!

Here I am talking to you not merely to share my joy of being a lucky graduate to be, as I proudly consider myself, but I primarily wish to express the utmost needs of the Institution of Hospicio de San Jose which are my needs too, and undoubtedly, also the concern of every true Christian whose heart is near to the less privileged and abandoned people.

Most of the people (7 infants, 18 toddlers, 130 children, 150 adolescents and 68 elderly) who are sheltered in this Charity Institution are wanting to be cared with “special” compassion and love because of some traumatic experiences they have encountered in life. Professional helps (psychological and physical) are therefore badly needed in the healing process for their total recovery! Other forms of donations are very welcome.

My ardent desire for their balanced well-being will remain unrealized unless generous experts on these field would willingly offer their time and talents. I believe and I know that they will make it happen. Sr. Pat D. Pena, D.C.

Tale of two books

I was invited by the mind control seminar to be one of the workshop presenters in a convention. I gave a talk on the “Tao of the mind”, drawing a parallelism between the salient tenets of the Chinese philosophy of Taoism and the key concepts of the mind methods. It elicited an unusually warm response. I thought of expanding the outline of the talk into a book It didn't materialize as I was too involved in conducting many seminars.

The following year in the same venue, I thought of an idea of converting ancient tales into a set of children's stories. My friend, even sounded off a foreign publisher who was enthusiastic about printing and distributing them. I searched for months for an outstanding illustrator of 'international' caliber, but in vain. In short, the project was likewise shelved and is awaiting future developments.

Not too long after, my sister, who upon completing the course with me, offered to do an “anthology” of the graduate successes. I didn't think the time was ripe then. Two years later, the “seed” planted finally germinated.

I wrote the graduates to submit significant successes. I meant to complete the project in time for the annual reunion. It was not to be.

One reason is that the stories trickled in. The graduates took time in writing their sharings. Then there were others who rather verbalize than write. So articles were prepared and returned for approval and signature. Moreover, I couldn't take time off completely to concentrate fully on the project. There were seminars and workshops to be held. hence the project was merely inserted in between “freer moments.”

While working on the book, it dawned on me to compile too, my articles in the “Teach Only Love” column at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. I was receiving very encouraging and positive feedback to the writings.

Aside from the graduates who were kind and generous in expressing their appreciation, a number of readers would show up to attend the “introductory lectures” out of curiosity, to “see and hear” me. In varied places, I was also occasionally approached by readers stating that they enjoyed the column very much.

I must admit, I didn't realize that so much work was involved in putting out books. In spite of the fact that much was “ready material“ (like in Teach Only Love) there was additional editing, sorting and categorizing!

In the case of the other book, there was relatively more work since I was dealing with more than a hundred authors! When I brought the first draft of the manuscript to my friend for his foreword, the total number of pages were about 200.

Upon return, my sister, who is of considerable assistance in the project, and I re-sorted, re-compiled and reclassified the successes, and the section of the “better and better stories” alone is 260 pages. We came out with 150 big and small sharings!

The books are truly labors of love. I see to that they will be worth the while of every reader who buys them. Not only are they substantial and inspiring in content, the printing is further of quality (using bookpaper instead of newsprint) and the layout of the pages is attractive and easy to the eyes.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy and love them as much as I did in “giving birth” to them.

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