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At the time of writing this Feathercoin is the latest and greatest talked about crypto-currency on bitcointalk.org. Launched by the user bushstar of bitcointalk it is a fork of the version 0.64 Litecoin source code. Bushstar says they support litecoin and will be following their patches and releases to make further upgrades to the feathercoin source code.

Being so similar to Litecoin one may argue what is the use of such a coin? With the recent fork in the bitcoin chain caused by merchants not upgrading all their clients to handle the new database needed as network hash rate was rising caused by ASIC miners coming online, many suddenly realised the risk of 'putting all your eggs in one basket' and Litecoin saw an increase in value, network hash-rate and trading volume as people spread their risk with their digital money.

I see Feathercoin as a useful 'backup' in case such a fork or attack on the Litecoin network caused by maybe a new release update client, but also as a great experimental playground for new code to be tried on the scrypt hashing algorithm blockchains without risking loosing people lots of $ in the process. Some may even see Feathercoin in a similar light to Terracoin in this perspective.

Feathercoin Specs

FeatherCoin has a block reward of 200 coins There will be a total of 336 million coins Difficulty changes every 2016 blocks Block reward halves every 840,000 blocks

Default port is 9336 – Forwarding this port can help if you have connection problems Default RPC port is 9337 - This is the port is point your miners towards if solo mining


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