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Hey, everyone, I just want to tell you about how to promote clickbank products for free. Clickbank is a very reliable website, that pays ontime and they are very popular. You can find any product on clickbank that you can promote and earn profits from. I am going to tell you how to properly promote, clickbank products so that you can earn money within hours. If you don't know how the process works its simple, you go to clickbank and sign up as an affiliate for free. You find a product that you want to promote and click get affiliate link. You then take that link and use a free link shortener, to short that long ugly link into something easy on the eyes. Next, you start promoting that link however you can to get a lot of traffic and sales.

One thing people do is go after popular products, that everyone is already promoting. You can do that, but I wouldn't suggest it because there will be a lot of competition and it will be hard and long before you start seeing some profits. When I first got into internet marketing, I didn't know anything about digging into sub niches. Sub niches are where the money is at, because the competition is relatively low and it will be easier for you to dominate. A lot of people try to promote products in that niche, that have already been out for a long time and has a high gravity rate. When a product has a high gravity rate on clickbank, that means that the product has converter very well on the market. Don't get me wrong, but as long as it has a descent gravity, and if you visit the sales page of the product you are wanting to promote and you would buy the product you want to promote, then you should go for it.

Make sure that the product has good bonuses as well. The more bonuses the product has, the better the chances are that it will make the visitor want to buy it. Ok, now I am going to tell you how to properly promote a product, sorry for getting a little off, just wanted to make sure I explained enough for you to understand the process. What you want to do is promote products in sub niches, just for example, you don't want to promote something as broad as health, you want to dig deeper. Go to google and find out about problems people have with their health. For instance, people that have a sleeping disorder, or people that want to find out how to cure embarrassing things like excessive under arm sweating.

And when you find out what niche you want to promote in, make sure you go for the keyword “how to ______” that is a buyer keyword. You know someone looking to buy if they type in google “how to _____”. So, when you find out what sub niche you want to promote, make sure you add how to in the beginning and that will be your keyword. The hardest thing about this method, is finding sub niches to promote in. You want to go for the exact keyword match in google as well, what I mean by this make sure you put your keyword in parenthesis so google can give you the exact amount of searches it gets. For example, type in google “how to cure bad feet”, instead of just typing how to cure bad feet without parenthesis.

The best thing google had going was when they had the google keyword tool, which showed you how many people searched for a specific keyword each month, locally and globally. Now they have taken down the google keyword tool, and now they have the keyword planner. Don't get nervous, I did that when I first tried to access the google keyword tool and they said that they no longer have the tool. The keyword planner works the same way though, just type in your keyword and put in the keyword that you want to find out how many people are searching for it, make sure you check the exact match search volume as well. I like to promote keywords that at least have 2,500-5,500 exact search matches. It could be a little more as long as the competition isn't fierce. Now, once you see how many searches your desired keyword is getting and it matches the search volume above, you then go to google.

Type in your keyword in google ex. “how to cure sweaty feet”, and look through the first 2 pages. As long there is no youtube video on the first and second page, you can easily dominate this niche with your youtube video. Now, you have your keyword and there is no youtube video on the first or second page of google. Next, what I am going to tell you is a SECRET method that will help you dominate. You want to go to a website called ANIMOTO, which is a video creating website. They have a paid option, but you can create 30 second videos for free. All you have to do is create a free account, and click on the type of video style that will fit your niche. You can go to any website that gives free stock images, download them and put them in your video. The images must be relevant to your targeted niche, and make sure you type about the problems that people have in your niche. You don't have to get in the video or anything, all you are doing is putting free images in your video and text. Include your affiliate link in your video at least twice so that you can drive traffic to your sales page you are promoting. Use the shortened affiliate link that you created with the link shortener, not the long ugly one.

Now once you finish creating your video, in the title this is VERY important, make sure you put you keyword in the title before you save. That is another secret that people don't know about, youtube gives a video more weight if it is saved as your targeted keyword. Also, youtube loves ANIMOTO, the videos you create with animoto are clean and professional looking. Another thing I like about animoto, is that when you save your video, animoto will upload it to youtube for you which is awesome. I did this method myself and know for a fact that it works. Within 4 hours of me finding the right sub niches and products and making numerous videos, I made a sale with one of the clickbank products I was promoting. Don't underestimate how simple this method is, because it works and you will make profits if you go after the right niche. Be creative, try to find out about all the different problems people have and go after that problem with your solution, which is the clickbank product.


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