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As someone who has won multiple fantasy baseball championships, I do enjoy the challenge. I'm not necessarily completely sure of what makes fantasy baseball so interesting to many of us. For me, as a young boy growing up, I dreamt of being a baseball player. When I was younger a good portion of my life was built around baseball. However, at some point you come to the realization that you are not going to be a major league baseball player. For me that happened when I played in the Babe Ruth league in my city. There were several pitchers that I simply could not hit. I came to understand that I could not hit a truly fast fastball or a sharp curveball. As disappointing as that was, I knew that professional baseball would not be in my future.


Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the game. I used to collect baseball cards and also attended many professional baseball games. One of the neat things that came along over the years was called the “Hot Stove League”. I'm not sure who coined that phrase, but what it means is talking baseball in the wintertime, or in the offseason. That could be discussing a certain player’s contract status, maybe a trade to another team, or even a star Japanese baseball player coming to play in America. Whatever the case may be, talking baseball outside of baseball season was pretty cool.

As you got older, as a fan, and you realize that you’re not going to be a professional baseball player, but what about a general manager? A general manager puts together the team for the field manager. The general manager is responsible for acquiring players, trading players, releasing players and player’s individual contracts. Of course the general manager works with the ownership team to determine how much money they want to offer each player. Since it is not the general manager's money, ownership needs to be involved in any major money decision.

But how cool would it be to be a general manager of a professional baseball team. I think it would be very cool. Now in my estimation, that is what fantasy baseball brings to the average fan, the opportunity to be a general manager. So how does fantasy baseball translate into the fantasy of being a general manager? Well, all of the decisions that are made with your fantasy baseball team are yours. Considering the baseball season is a very long season, you will be required to make many baseball decisions for your team. And that is fun!

So at the end of the day, you are now the general manager of your fantasy baseball team. You made it to the big time. Okay so I'm just kidding. But, you get the point. Fantasy baseball gives the fan more of an interactive connection to baseball than they would otherwise have. And once you do when a championship you actually do feel a sense of accomplishment. I normally play in the CBS Sports Online Fantasy League. There is an investment or team entrance fee that you have to pay for some leagues. Once you do pay this fee, you are also eligible to win money prizes. There are other league options out there, choose the best for you.

The goal here in the fantasy baseball project is to take you through an entire baseball season with my team. You will see updates, hopefully on a weekly basis. That is the plan. I'm going to start with scouting. This means I will find the league to join and I will take you through each step of the process. So our preparation for the draft will be transparent for you. You will also see the team that I draft and the transactions that I make throughout the season. Ultimately, the goal is to win another championship. My hope is that you will see how fantasy baseball works and the inner intricacies that are involved during the season. If you are a fantasy baseball participant then you will pick up some of my moves and strategies throughout the year. If you are new to the fantasy baseball world, you can certainly follow along and get a good feeling for how it all works.

In addition, in my weekly updates, you will see my roster and get my reasoning for any changes that I make. If this project proves successful, we may expand into other sports. You will also be able to comment on my posts and give your opinion. One of the strategies you want to adhere to before the draft is to not let the other fantasy team owners know who your favorite actual professional baseball team is. The reason for this is because if somebody knows that your fan of a particular team or a particular player, they can use it against you. For example, if your favorite team is the New York Yankees, in most cases you may want some of those players on your fantasy team. It really only makes sense because if you follow the New York Yankees more than you follow the other teams, having three or four of the players on your fantasy team is more fun.

Yet, during the draft you want to make sure you select the best available player whatever team he's on. If you just looking for ball players from your favorite team, you may not get the most value at that time in a certain round. Moreover, if one of the other owners knows that you have an attraction for players on a certain team, they are going to try and trade you some of those players during the season, but at a heavy price. They will do this because they know that you really really want that player. So don't fall into that trap and don't name your fantasy team with any part of your favorite real team’s name.


In our next update we will begin to scout each position and see who we might be interested in. I will also attempt to join a specific league so that I can convey the league rules to you. There are different league formats and rules depending on which league you join. Some of the leagues cover all of Major League Baseball, including all the players. Other leagues only concern themselves with the American League or the National League. So, I'll take a look at it and see what we want to do.

Until then… Stay tuned

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