The Fantasy Baseball Project – Draft Day

So March 8th was finally here and it was time for our league’s fantasy baseball draft. The draft started at 10:00 pm and I logged in to our online draft room at around 9:00 pm to take one last look at things.

This is an American League Only Draft.

I normally try not to follow any one player at any one time. My only focus is who is next on the rating’s list. If you chase a specific player, and select him in a round that he might not deserve, you can hurt your team. I might have done this with one player-you’ll read about later.

When I review my team today, I really like my offense. My pitching is not where it needs to be. But, read on and you’ll see how we ended up where we did.

My draft position was number 2 (out of 10), so that was a pretty good start. I quickly narrowed my first selection to either Mike Trout, who was ranked first, or Miguel Cabrera, whoever the team picking first did not take.

The draft began and the first pick was third basemen Miguel Cabrera, thus, I then took Mike Trout. I would have preferred Cabrera, only because he is a third basemen and Trout is an outfielder and there are more outfielders in the draft and it is an easier position to fill. Nonetheless, I am glad to have Trout because he can do it all. He can hit for average, power and can steal bases.

My second pick was third basemen Adrian Beltre. He is a player who can hit for power and average. I took a quick look at the third base position and noticed that the position was not deep, therefore I went with Beltre. Beltre was the second ranked third basemen, after Cabrera. I was happy to get Beltre on my team.

In the third round I selected second basemen Ian Kinsler. Here I think I made a mistake. Not that I don’t like Kinsler, I do. He can hit for power and steal some bases. But, looking back I think I should have gone with an established starting pitcher. Second base looked to be deeper than third base. I’m not sure how to rate this selection, other than to say time will tell. It might end up working out for me.

In the fourth round I chose starting pitcher Jon Lester. I expect him to pitch well this year and hope him to be the anchor of my staff.

The fifth round brought catcher Brian McCann. I think I went too early on this pick. I noticed A.J. Pierzynski was selected much later and it would have server me better to have picked a starting pitcher. I normally side with a hitting catcher, because they are few and far between, but this move was questionable. C.C. Sabathia went 3 picks after me and I probably would have been better off taking him in this round.

The sixth round was outfield Will Myers. He is a good young player and I was glad to get him.

Round seven netted outfielder Josh Hamilton. He had an off year last year, but I’m betting he bounces back with big numbers. He is certainly capable of producing in a big way.

When Round eight came in I selected Shane Victorino. I wanted to go with pitching in this spot, but Victorino was a highly rated player and fit right in to my utility spot. He brings a good batting average and some speed. Also, he gives me some flexibility at the utility spot. Should one of my other outfielders get hurt or are ineffective, I can move Victorino over to the Outfield and pick-up any player for the utility position.

I went back to pitching in Round 9 – and selected starter Ivan Nova. I’m really banking on Nova and Lester to be solid for our team.

I think I’d like to have this pick back.

In Round Ten I picked Nick Swisher, first basemen. This was another questionable selection. Swisher is limited- hits with some power- but he doesn’t hit for average or run. I think I’d like to have this pick back.

I took Derek Jeter in Round Eleven. This is another questionable pick. I think I should have picked Michael Pineda, who I was also considering at the time, and he ended up going 2 picks later. I really like Derek Jeter and enjoyed his career a lot and wanted to have him on my team in his last season. Yet, as I previously mentioned, you can’t do what I did here. You can’t let your emotions effect any selections. It will usually come back and haunt you. I’m just hoping the captain has one more big year left before he retires and he bails me out on this pick. Jeter, when healthy, is a well-balanced offensive player. He can hit for average and steal some bases – but he is almost 40 years old now and is obviously not the same player.

I decided to pick a closer in Round 12, going with Neftali Feliz. He is coming back from an injury, so only time will tell if this was a good pick or not.

Round thirteen brought another closer, Casey Janssen. He had a good year last year and we are counting on him to successfully close out games again this season.

In the 14th round I selected Starting Pitcher Tyler Skaggs. He was mostly in the minor leagues last year, but is fighting for a spot in the rotation this year.

The remaining rounds brought in a lot of prospects and injured players.

I won’t go in to the remaining selections. I did pick relief pitcher Jesse Crain, who might have a good chance to close and give me some insurance should either of my other two closers not work out.

So, as you can see – I did make some mistakes. It does happen in the heat of the draft. On balance I think my team is pretty good. If my closers pitch well, and my offense does what I think it will, we should be fine.

The starting pitching is shaky at best. I’m going to work and try and find some starting pitching help. I don’t think I’ll look to trade for help because I don’t want to part with any of my offense.

Yet, there will be players that make their mark during the season and step up. Those are the players that I will need to be the first owner to pick them up. Remember, this league is a daily league and I can make daily transactions. Thus, you need to pay attention and stay involved to get those players.

In addition, there is still about 2 weeks left of spring training and some additional players will emerge. I’m going to pay close attention to the next 2 weeks and see if I can scoop up a starting pitcher or 2 that can help my team. My starting pitching rotation will need some assistance during this season.

Well, there you have it. I hoped you enjoyed seeing how our draft went. You can make some mistakes, as I did, but you need to correct them during the season with fast and effective player acquisitions.

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