Excitebike (NES)


Excitebike, a classic NES game. Despite being very simple, Excitebike is regarded as one of the best NES games to date. This is very understandable. It was released on October 18, 1985 as a launch title.


You are a motor racer and race against other players (npc's) or go solo on a track. When you race against NPC's, they are just there for show (and for you to push of the track), because you race against a time limit. The goal of the game is to finish 3rd place or higher, so you qualify for the Excitebike championship. You can move around four lanes, so you can avoid obstacles or go over a speed boost. Accelerating is done by pressing the A or B button. A will accelerate normally, while B will accelerate faster, but it will also fill your temperature bar faster. If your temperature bar is full, your bike will be overheat and you will have to wait for it to cool down. Other ways to fill your temperature bar is by going over hills and switching lanes.


Design mode

The best part about Excitebike is the possibility to create your own track, on which you can later race. It is easy to do, you just select a letter from the bottom of the screen, and an obstacle will appear. Do this as much as you want till your track is finished.

Dinkleberg's experience

Like I said, it is regarded as one of the best NES games, and it is also one of my favorite NES games. It is very simple, but still a lot of fun today. Not just because of nostalgia, but the game is just well-made. It is insanely fun when you build a track for a friend, and let him ride on it. You can make stupid tracks with ramps after ramps, and then followed by dirt tracks to slow you down. Your friend will hate you for it, which makes it even better.

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