Ephemeral Suicide (Poem)

FOR now I must leave you. For now and now on.
For now is far too late; for now I am gone.
Present in body. Absent in Mind
My very existence I cannot find.
Evidence of this, you said, was aplenty
“Don’t go!” you would shout; a spleen worthlessly vented
Until such a time as was my time to leave.
To leave you, leave life – each minute does my being grieve.

For I am all out of living. I have lost too much time
I have seen myself spun in a thunder-silent mime.
There is not but a morsel of the great former self
Who occupied once this impoverished body.

Rich I may be in comparison to some
All spent at a bench with my best friend “Rum”,
Atop the cliff top – Ah! What such a view! – 
My time has come!
And ‘tis now, that I shall be
departing you.

Literature Poetry

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