Arrested Development Episode 2 Season 1: Top Bananas


This episode gets everyone under one roof, and burns down the Family Banana-Stand.

Episode 2 Summary

Michael meets George Sr. in jail and is introduced to T-Bone, who George Sr. calls a 'flamer'.

George Michael has a crush on his cousin Maeby Funke, and his dad's choices to have her work closer with him, share a room with him, as well as his fathers choice in words, are not helping.

Tobias Funke Attempts to get an acting job in a commercial, but completely fails. His wife Lindsay Bluth gets the job instead on complete accident.

Maeby gets a job at the Family Banana-Stand in an act of teenage rebellion, so as not to be like her mother Lindsay Bluth, who does not have a job.

George Sr. Attempts to run the company from jail by hiding his crimes with arson, Thanks to T-Bone, then giving the recently released arsonist a job at the Family Banana-Stand

Gob Bluth is given ONE job, and in an act of defiance, doesn't do it.

A few times in the episode Michael Bluth goes to his father George Sr. in jail to ask for advice with the floundering company, but his father only replies: “There is always money in the Banana stand.”

Then at the end of episode 2 they burn down the Family Banana-Stand, losing $250,000 George Sr. had hidden in its walls.

Episode Quotes

“They are adults they can have fun whenever they want, we're kids, we're supposed to be working- George Michael

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