Arrested Development Episode one Season one: Pilot


This episode introduces you to the family:


Episode 1 Summary

Michael is expecting to become the new president of the company, and they are on a company yacht when the SEC comes to arrest George Sr. (after he announces his wife (Michaels mother) as president of the company) for embezzling from his own company… Which is really the whole families fault.

Lindsay Funke (Sister of Michael Bluth) is introduced in the first episode being made fun of by her mother (Lucille Bluth), then shows why she is married to Tobias Funke (Teenage rebellion). This episode is supposedly the first time Michael and Lindsay have spoken in years.

Buster is introduced as educated in worthless fields, and prone to panic attacks.

Gob is brother of Michael Bluth This character is a satire for Jeb Bush Gob is introduced as a magician, and a member of The Magicians Alliance

Lucille is introduced as a conceded bitch who pokes jokes at her family, doing nothing but drinking and spending money all day.

George Michael is introduced as a child (the son of Michael Bluth) who looks up to his father, but also doesn't understand anything at all. He is also introduced as an employee of the Family Banana-Stand

Tobias is introduced as Lindsay Bluths childhood mistake. She married him in an act of teenage rebellion, and now she is stuck with him. The first episode hints that he is oblivious to anything gay he participates in, even when he is participating in it.

Maybe Funke is introduced as the daugher of Lindsay Bluth and Tobias Funke, as well as estranged cousin of George Michael, estranged because their parents no longer speak to each other. But now, they have properly met and are going to start spending more time together.

Father of Michael Bluth, and one of the main characters of television series Arrested Development. This character is a satire for George Bush Sr.

He is arrested in the first episode and put in jail indefinitely.

It is not until the end of the episode that Michael learns his father gave the company to his mother, due to bad advice given to him by their lawyer, Barry Zuckerkorn

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