The biggest mistake many people make is giving up on their personal power, believing they don’t possess any. A strong character is not hereditary and genes have nothing to do with how tough you appear to other people. Everyone you meet has the potential to be the best at something and when you feel weak or depressed, that is only a sign that you have strayed from the path to your goals. Unless you are very assertive, getting back on the right track might seem difficult and hard. The only thing to remember during an electric climate is that deep inside every one of us there is the same massive amount of energy. That energy can be used either for grumbling and whining, or achieving and empowering others and yourself. Empowerment, as a methodology has many different definitions and can be used in several contexts. Hopefully, in this article you will find the one that will help you build the self-sufficiency skills.


From the very start, the only one who can breathe empowering feeling to yourself is you. No matter how many articles and self-help books you read, at the end it’s your brain that will actually have to put the theory into practice. There is no one on earth that can stop you when you have the right attitude, and at the same time, no one can help you if you have the wrong attitude. The only walls you have to climb are the ones you build yourself, so instead of using the bricks to build walls, use them to build bridges. One bridge to help your friends and loved ones enter your life, another for material abundance and build a few smaller ones in case the first two get crowded. The only reason we build walls is because we’ve been hurt, abandoned and let down, but that shouldn’t give you a reason to shut yourself from the world. Shutting yourself means ending up alone, and even if you are on the top of the world, being alone gets boring after a while. There are four main levels of personal empowerment and the balance between them will result in happiness and a reserved personal spot on the seventh heaven.

Physical Empowerment

Most of us feel uncomfortable about some aspect of our physical appearance. We’ve either lost too much hair too young, don’t like the shape of our legs or feel too fat to be socially accepted. You will have to remember that there isn’t a perfect man or woman on the planet. Everyone has flaws and the sooner you learn to live with your weaknesses, the better you’ll feel about your role in the world. Be gentle about yourself and embrace your imperfections. Those are the things that make you unique and different from everyone else. You have probably met a lot of bald people and people much heavier than you who seemed like they have it all. Their secret is in honoring their bodies, their best and worst assets. There are many ways to raise your own value and the worse you can do is waiting for someone else to do that for you. We live in a world where everyone would rather put you down than say a nice word, so don’t hold your fire when it comes to self-love. Instead of thinking about your flaws, start admiring your qualities. Don’t be shy and don’t hold yourself back. If you have perky lips, make sure the world sees them. Maybe your hands are very feminine or your curves are every woman’s and man’s dream. Whichever your best asset is, appreciate it and replace it with the old disapproving mindset. If you decide to lose weight, honor your effort and thought from the beginning. Find the sport that is most suitable for your weight, age and stamina. If you are typically lazy, rough training might make you give up before you even start. Make small objectives and award yourself every time you realize them.

Emotional Empowerment

Our emotional state is a complex mix of our thoughts and feelings. When we feel downhearted, that feeling is always a result from something that happened a day or a week ago. No one is ever sad or depressed all their life. If you try to think of the way your life was last year or three years ago, you will probably feel much better. When you feel sad, the trick is to acknowledge the fact that every bad feeling you have will eventually fade away. You can’t let emotions rule over your life because they can easily become overwhelming. We sometimes tend to block uncomfortable feelings, but those feelings always come back. Maybe not the same day or week, but eventually they will. Eventually is the worst timing because it’s not an exact timing. And just when you have your next angry outburst, all your buried feelings might come back and make the situation even more complicated. Under muddled skies it’s only logical to let the situation throw you out of balance. Therefore, take those dark clouds one by one out of the blue sky, sort them out and let the sun shine. No one is saying you will be feeling great all the time, but even when you do feel unhappy, hug your feelings and let them go. You have to be aware of what you feel all the time, even if those feelings are not the ones you desire. And once you accept them, you’ll be ready to move on to the next, more cheerful state of mind.

Mental Empowerment

Every time we are emotionally imbalanced, we tend to behave and act as if the world is falling apart. The world is not really falling apart, it’s the inner conflict that is making your life unbearable. While waiting for the good things to happen or the solution to appear, try to not make everything worse. Avoid negative and judgmental people. Not everyone who smiles at you is truly your friend, so share your emotional wounds only with the people who really love you. Our feelings, behavior and understanding of the world are the result of a chain of thoughts. How we think, we behave, our behavior causes actions, and our actions eventually frame the puzzle of our entire life. It’s your attitude that makes the situation trivial or important, and only you can control the outcome of most events in your life. Most of the time we forget how we actually influence the course of our lives. If you go back and examine your steps you will realize that you brought your own bliss and woes to yourself.

Spiritual Empowerment

Spirituality is not the same as religion. You won’t find your spirituality in a church, in the bible, or on a pilgrimage. Some find it easier to achieve a state of spiritual empowerment because it involves all the other levels of empowerment we’ve discussed. Others might have a difficult time connecting with something that is not tangible. You might define yourself through your job, your family, your race or your social status, but being spiritual is being defined trough something largely bigger than everything you’ve ever had or experienced. And yet you will be defined through your own self, which is the most powerful feeling. Spiritual empowerment is about being aware of your own abilities, what you can and can’t do, and build yourself from that knowledge. Once you know where you stand you can easily determine where you’re headed to. Spiritually endowed individuals know their purpose in life, because they know that there is an interconnection between them, the people they know and everything else in the universe.

Empowering Others

Once you feel that you are standing firmly on the ground, it’s time to teach others how to stand on their own feet too. The best thing about empowering others is that you can empower yourself by guiding them at the same time. Ask questions and try to help people. Maybe you don’t remember what someone bought you for your birthday, but you will never forget a wonderful word they said. That’s the thing about using your words. They can either break or make someone’s day and life. You can never know how close someone else is to a nervous or emotional breakdown, so do your best to encourage others. Share what you’ve learned and stop acting selfish. If everyone you know is sharing everything they know, we will live in the garden of Eden again. We wouldn’t need the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, because you can already know everything you need from the people around you.


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