Open source developers get devcoins for their project, the option of rating writers, and the option of marketing income. Besides getting devcoins for their own project, developers can get bounties for developing projects that other people want.


If a developer actively develops open source of any kind, they can apply to get a share of devcoin generation by messaging Picaflor Azul through the bitcoin forum.

If the developer is working for one of the projects already on the bitcoin share list or devcoin share list, and the founder of that project agrees, the developer goes on. If the developer's project is in a major Linux distribution, or their project has an active thread with at least 10 posts a month from users, the developer goes on.

If the project gets a few posts per month from users, or the developer works on it for a month or two, then leaves for a while, or the developer hasn't posted in a long time, then it's a judgement call. In any case, the developer can always port their documentation to devtome and get devcoins that way.

Devcoins are granted only for good accomplishments, not for lines of code. They are not granted for malware, weapons, or nuclear technology.

In general an active developer is expected to create good accomplishments that would take an average developer at least ten hours per week to accomplish. This amount of time is typical for an active developer who does not get paid to work on open source and can only develop in their spare time.



The developer gets one generation share a round, as long as they keep developing.


The developer can rate writers, which pays roughly 60$ for 45 minutes of work, which works out to 80 $/hour. This high paying job is only available to open source developers and devcoin admins.


Developers earn devcoins by marketing at double the normal rate.


A developer can message Unthinkingbit through the bitcoin forum to be a devcoin administrator. The posts of the developer will be reviewed and if the developer is polite and helpful they'll be offered the next open administrator position, and get one to eight generation shares for administrative work.

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