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Don't Play With Ghosts And Don't Become One When You Die

Written by Devtome wiki contributor: Bomac

The ghosts and spirits in every photo in this article, and in fact, almost every ghost/spirit/orb/ectoplasm photo in existence, were not viewed by anyone when the pictures were being snapped. It always makes quite the surprise when the photo gets viewed.


Lest anyone come away from this article thinking that the writer is suggesting that all ghosts are malevolent, nothing of the kind if being said. Many ghosts are sweet and gentle beings who are especially deserving of our prayers, that they may leave this plane and move on to the realm of spirit where loved ones, Light Beings and loving, spiritual guidance await.

Ghost Hunting & Whispering - It's All The Rage

There are a number of reality shows on the topic of ghost hunting, that have recently been aired, or are still producing new content for American cable television. Three of which are pictured below, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab and Most Haunted. That's a pretty good indication that there's a significant audience for these shows.

Even more demonstrative of the popularity of this topic, two fictionalized shows centering around mediums who could communicate with earthbound spirits ran concurrently for several years on two major American television networks, and a third fiction show dealing with ghost hunters ran on a two smaller networks is still in production, currently in its ninth season. All 3 of the fictitious shows began in 2005.

Medium, starring Patricia Arquette ran on NBC from 2005 to 2009. When it was cancelled, CBS picked it for two more years, giving them two shows in 2010, centering around mediums, since they also had The Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, which ran from 2005 to 2010. Supernatural, started on the WB in 2005, and stayed on when that network was bought out by the CW, where it's still in production.


Ghost Safety

In this article we will discuss ghosts and spirits, and provide some pointers regarding safety. Many people claim there are no risks associated with ghosts. Of this group, there are two camps. One believes in ghosts and the other doesn't.

Furthermore, people who believe in ghosts could also be divided into the same two camps. We've already established that some believers don't believe they can harm humans, but there is no shortage of ghost true believers who are adamant that ghosts can and do harm people.

This writer is in that latter of those camps. Yet, that doesn't mean that you are going to be harmed any time you come in contact with a ghost. It's simply a recognition that ghosts share a lot in common with people.


Ghost Photo Bomb - (Buttis Face Apparition Dude, Above, Getting A Bit Too Close For Comfort With His Etheric Fingertips.)

People Can Hurt You And So Can Ghosts

People absolutely can hurt you. It's foolish to believe otherwise. Yet, most people you happen to cross paths with, do not hurt you. If you choose to focus your attention solely on people who hurt other people vary badly, you could easily conjure up a lot of immobilizing fear and end up not being in a good space to live an effective life.

You may develop phobias pertaining to being around others, and consequently end up living a hermit's life, even though your natural personality type may be one that thrives on social connections. The fear of being harmed by people could certainly cause you to not be successful in business or it could prevent you from living up to your life's potential in general.

Indeed, a fear of being hurt by other people could cause your body to malfunction, due to the mind body connection. Stress is a major reason for the immune system to break down, causing people to be susceptible to illnesses they otherwise would not have a problem with.

So, while it's important to understand that ghosts, like people, can hurt you, it is not in your best interest to worry about them.

The Fear Of Ghosts Is Usually Worse Than The Harm They Actually Do To You

There is no reason to develop an unnatural fear of harm from spirits and ghosts. You can drive yourself insane with self induced paranoia of malevolent energy forms.

Unlike hiding from the world of people, where you can lock yourself into a secure building, and usually be protected, ghosts aren't impressed with door and window locks, iron gates and security alarms. So, if you are in an exaggerated state of fear of ghosts, you would feel like you have nowhere to run or hide, and no way to even try to protect yourself.

That is why you need to put things in perspective whether you are considering potential harm from people or from ghosts. Most people are not going to harm you. Most ghosts are not going to harm you. Don't make yourself crazy.

It would be like never getting into a car because there are a lot of people who die in car crashes. It's not a good way to go through life with that level of fear.

The fact is, spirits and ghosts are quite common in our environment. We hardly ever even notice them. If we knew just how common they are around us, we'd realize how silly it is to go through life in fear of them.

A guy snapped a photo of his grandmother (below) not knowing that his departed grandfather was standing right behind her. He was, in all likelihood, a visiting spirit, rather than an earthbound ghost entity.


The Difference Between Ghosts And Spirits

Depending on the school of thought, the terms ghost and spirit can mean different things. Many people use them interchangeably. The distinction I tend to use is as follows:

Generally, when I refer to a spirit – (unless I say, a demonic, extra-dimensional or other-worldy spirit) – it indicates someone who has lived on earth as a human. Technically, all humans are spirits that currently are housed in their bodies. Upon death, the spirit leaves the body.

If the spirit becomes earthbound, they are, in my parlance, ghosts (or earthbound spirits.) If they cross over, as they are supposed to, that is, they go through the tunnel, into the light where loved ones await, as well as spiritual Beings of Light, they are not ghosts. I simply refer to them as spirits.

When they come back to this plane to check on surviving loved ones, I called them, visiting spirits. Visiting spirits and earthbound spirits are known to be caught on camera. It seems to many people that they wish to be seen in the photos.

Unless someone has been gifted with and/or developed sensitivity to the subtle energies, visiting spirits are usually unable to get a message through to their survivors, short of showing up in pictures that happen to be taken while they are visiting. Ghosts may also have a vested in interest in providing photographic evidence of their presence.


Pictured above: The girl is thought to be a ghost rather than a visiting spirit friend

This photo is of a building that is on fire. There was a girl that died in a nearby fire, many years before this. A lot of people believe that is her. She is drawn to the fire.

Ghosts are all over the place, as well as spirits. The difference is, the spirits come and go. The ghosts are stuck here, until they get passed whatever issue is keeping them here. Many ghosts don't realize they have died. Others understand, but they are attached to things on this plane.

They may be addicted to cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs, and do not want to give them up. They can still experience them somewhat by attaching themselves to people who are addicted to them and who never go without them.

If these people try to quit, the ghosts (earthbound spirits) exert mental influence to try to get them to relapse. If the person does not relapse, they will detach themselves and find another addict to attach to.

So, it's true that ghosts could be negatively influencing your life. Yet it's also true, some of your friends are just as guilty. In either case, living in fear of their negative influences does not serve you.

Not Believing Doesn't Offer Protection

People who don't believe in ghosts can just as easily be negatively affected by them. Ghosts do not need you to believe in them to attach to you or to put urges into your mind to indulge in the addictions they share with you.

A way to break free from the negative influence of ghosts, as well as the wrong type of friends, is to work on yourself. Deal with the purpose of your life, Contemplate why you are here and what you are supposed to be doing.

What areas of your life are you indulging in things that are not serving you? What things have you wanted to do, but have never gotten around to doing them? Be willing to make changes. See your life as having a purpose, other than merely surviving, providing for your creature comforts, or for partying.

Strive to be of service to others. You don't have to become Mother Teresa, but start doing things that are helpful to others.Make sure that when it is your time to die, there are people who will miss you because you made things better around them.

1963 photo by Reverend K. F. Lord in Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England


It's Probably Best Not To Go Out Of Your Way Looking For Haunted Places To Visit

Even though I said that it's best to put things in perspective and not be fearful of ghosts, that doesn't mean you should become obsessed with being around places that are thought to be haunted. There are ghosts all over the place. The thing about most genuinely haunted places that makes them different from everywhere else ghosts hang out, is those ghosts tend to be especially aggressive. They are trouble makers.

You know and I know that are parts of cities where a lot of bad guys hang out. Most people are not welcome there. There are people there that enjoy hurting other people. That's not even to say that everybody in those places is going to jump you. It does mean that there are people in those places that would not think twice about hurting you.

Generally, they aren't going to show up where you live, so it does not serve you to go home and sit in fear of them. However, it serves you even less to go into their home turf, where you aren't wanted.

Well, the same is true for ghosts. There are some areas you shouldn't be around. The ghosts are special cases. They tend to enjoy affecting people in a negative manner. Many of them can hurt you in various ways. It really isn't smart to play with them. It can lead to obsession. If you visit enough of them, chances are good one of them is going to target you and make you wish you had never crossed their path.

Contrary to popular belief, they are usually not stuck at the place of the haunting. They can follow you. They can affect your thoughts, show up in your dreams and manifest themselves in various ways. Some may be able to physically affect you or move things around you or throw objects at you.

Others may simply scare you so badly, you hurt yourself, trying to run away from them. People have died, tripping down a flight of stairs, trying to get away from ghosts. Other people have been driven to drugs, illicit or psychiatrist supplied, and have never gotten off them or gotten back to being the person they used to be.

Watching ghost hunting TV shows or reading books about them is generally safe activity. Getting into the habit of going to cemeteries and haunted to locations is inviting unseen forces into your life. It's not a good idea.

1966 National Maritime Museum in England


Could You Become A Ghost?

There is no doubt that many people think it is crazy talk to consider the possibility of ever becoming a ghost. These are primarily composed of people who don't believe in ghosts in the first place, though, so it makes sense that they'd find it outlandish. To those who know that reality isn't entirely physical, but that the physical realm is created from the etheric realm, it's not a silly question. If there are lots of ghosts stuck on the earth plane who were once people, just like you and I are, it stands to reason that this phenomena isn't strictly a thing of the past.

People continue to die who stay in this realm, attracted to things here, and not wanting to let them go. It's safe to say this is happening on a daily level. If it's happening to other people, who is to say it could not happen to you or me?

Don't Become A Ghost

Before we discuss what can be done to ensure we do not share that fate, let's first deal with the fact that it's not a good existence. Being stuck here, without a body, isn't what was ever intended for anybody.

Energy sensitives (psychics) who work with earthbound spirits almost always report sad, depressed and negative emotional states of the ghosts. They are not happy at all. They may have not lived up to their potential in their physical lifetime, but hanging around here, can not help them, one bit. More times than not, they are obsessed with something here, like an addiction, and they are refusing to move on. They may be unwilling to leave because the person they love is still alive, or maybe their partner also died, but went to the light, which they fear to do themselves, so they just stay here and wish things were different.

Many times, they were people who enjoyed intimidating other people. They see the option of sticking around as a perfect way to intimidate people here, without ever having to learn their life lessons. But even if they seem to enjoy being a negative influence on others, it really isn't a happy existence. It's an obsessive compulsion lifestyle that never leaves them satisfied.

Pictured Below: 1975 Worstead Church Norfolk, England - That's a human in the first row, but the being behind her is a spirit or ghost, who was visible only in the photos (which is true of almost all spirit/ghost photos. Rarely do witnesses get photos of ghosts they are able to see. In fact, it's quite rare to see a ghost. They are usually heard, felt, or even smelled, more so than seen.)


How To Prevent Yourself From Becoming A Ghost

Generally speaking, the same instructions that were listed earlier to help shield you from ghostly influences, can be used now, before you die, as you live out the rest of your life here, to help ensure that you do not take that route at the time of your death.

You should be developing the spiritual side of yourself. You are physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. You should not concentrate on some or one of these areas to the exclusion of the other(s).

You don't have to belong to a religion to foment the spiritual aspect of yourself. The truth is, religion often has a way of getting in the way of spiritual development. That's not always the case, but it is for many people.

Atheists May Be More Likely To Become A Ghost

In one of the never ending ironies of life, if you are a hardened atheist, you may actually be much more likely to become a ghost, than the median individual. Some people might find humor in the situation.

The people who are adamant in their belief that ghosts don't exist are exhibiting the very attitude that could increase their likelihood of becoming a ghost. It it weren't so potentially sad, I guess it would be laughable. If you have rejected spirituality and identifying with the world of spirit and energy altogether, you may be so freaked out when you die, (by the fact that you are still conscious), that you are scared to leave the world you are familiar with. Thus, instead of crossing over, you may choose to be earthbound.


World War 1 plane mechanic shows up in photo behind fighter pilot, after having died two days before

Expand Your Horizons And Start Contemplating The Spiritual Realm


2008 Decebel Hotel (Under Construction), Romania

It's a good idea to read about people who have had near death experiences. Read many different testimonies and discovery what they have in common. Marvel at how so many people are saying the same things.

They talk about being more alive, more aware, more focused when they were clinically dead, than at any time before or since. A lot of times that first stay in this realm for a while, and they are able to visit different people they know, just by thinking about them.

The people are unable to see them, but the person recalls what they were saying, where they were at, who they were with, etc., Later on, when the near death experience is over, at some point, they contact the people they tried to talk with, and every little detail they remember gets confirmed by the person.

Then they usually go through the tunnel, into the light. They often see loved ones who had died before them, there to greet them. They speak about an indescribable feeling of sheer love that is nothing like they have ever experienced.

A Being of Light appears, often answering any questions they have. They often are shown their life, but they get to experience it from the point of view of the people around them. They emotionally experience the emotions that people felt as a result of their interactions with them.

Many people have said that they felt such remorse and shame at all the mistakes they made, they are ready to send themselves to hell. They talk about looking over to the Light Being to see their reaction, expecting it to be quite harsh, but being shocked to feel a flow of love and forgiveness that is too strong to put into words.

They are told not to be harsh on themselves, but to forgive themselves, and to learn the lessons from those experiences. Then they are told it is not yet their time to be there, and they must go back.

1991 Illinois - Bachelor's Grove Cemetery


Changed Outcomes

Once they are back, their lives tend to change. They become more loving and more willing to be of service to others. They are better parents, better spouses, better business partners, better people. Stress is greatly reduced. They have no qualms about death, and indeed, look forward to it, when the time is right.

The purpose of reading these types of stories, is to get you in the frame of mind where you are thinking about the spiritual realm, from which this world is created. You should never forget about that aspect of your life, and work, in your day to day activities, to honor that aspect of reality. Think about how you affect other people. What is your life review going to be like? You can't change the negative parts of your past where you have hurt others, but knowing what you know, you can certainly take action to be helpful to others, rather than hurtful, from this point on.

Prayer And Meditation

It's helpful to spend some time, every day, in prayer and meditation. It is said that prayer is speaking to God, and meditation is listening to God. If you have an issue with the God concept, realize it doesn't mean what others tell you God is.

Substitute other words, in place of God, if it's really getting in the way of your development of this aspect of your life. Say you are listening to the Universe, or to your Higher Power, etc. You don't have to spend a lot of time meditating or know some special technique that only Tibet monks are privy to. You can do an online search for, “breath focused meditation,” and then apply those simple directions for a few minutes a day.

You can count to 4 as you inhale slowly and then to 4 again as you exhale slowly. All you think about is your breathing, and the 4 count. When other thoughts come in, that's fine. Just set them aside and go back to breathing and counting.

If it seems like you can't stop thinking of other things, don't worry about it. Just consciously focus on your breath and the 4 count. If other thoughts always seem present, that's nothing to worry about.

In other words, if you have a business meeting on your mind while you are meditating, don't try to not think about the business meeting. Don't sub vocalize, “I have to stop thinking about the meeting,” etc., because that is just thinking more about it.

Instead, you can internally smile at the thought's persistence, but let it go by refocusing on your breath and the counting. Even if the entire time you do this, for several times, you don't ever get a single second when other thoughts are not there, just smile to yourself and know that it's all good.

As time goes on, you'll be able to get seconds and later, minutes, where your mind is clear. You can even stop counting at some point and just focus on your breathing. You can chant repetitive mantras (sounds, words or phrases) instead of counting. “Ohm” is a powerful meditation mantra.


The Brown Lady is one of the most famous ghost photographs there is; taken in 1936 in Raynham Hall in England, the shot appears to show a figure in a long gown or cloak. Some think the figure is Dorothy Townshend, a mistress of the hall in the 1700s who died tragically from spousal abuse.

You're Giving Your Ego A Break

What that does, is gives your ego a break. The ego is the conscious mind which is typically always running the show. It's like a person at a dinner party who is constantly hogging the attention and the conversation.

Just as that guest may be a valuable part of the group when she is operating at the level that is best for her and the group, your ego plays an important part in your life. You are not shutting your ego down or threatening its existence in your life.

How Does This Prevent You From Becoming An Earthbound Spirit When You Die?

The more you meditate, the more you incorporate service to others into your life, and the more you contemplate the spiritual realm and connect with spiritual guides who are always watching over you, whether you realize it or not, the more balance and satisfying your life becomes. You'll be living up to your potential.

That has an affect on your happiness, here and now, in the physical realm. It helps you to get in touch with the life lessons you came here to learn. As you learn these lessons and go through your life, being a positive influence on the world around you, there comes a point where you could not possibly become a ghost when you die.

You will have no inclination to be stuck on this plane. You will have worked through any addictions and obsessive compulsiveness you needed to work through. You will have no desire to hurt or scare people as a ghost. You will not be confused about the fact that you graduated (died), and you will be eager to take the tunnel, into the light and experience what your Higher Power has in store for you next.


This picture was taken in the library of Combermere Abbey in 1891, and appears to show a man sitting in the armchair at left. Family members identified the figure as Lord Combermere, whose funeral was taking place miles away at the time the picture was taken.


If you ever wondered where The Adam's Family writers got the idea for Thing, it might have been from this photo taken in the early 1900s showing a hand, all by its lonesome... But then again, who's to say it wasn't inspired by the biblical account of the hand, writing on the wall?

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