Do Not Resuscitate Season 2 Episode 2

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Do Not Resuscitate is the second episode of The Sopranos' second season. The episode is concerned with Tony Soprano's visits to Uncle Junior both in and out of prison, Janice's visits to Livia in the hospital and a feud involving Massarone Brothers Construction, as well as new revelations about Pussy, who is working for the government.

Episode Recap


Uncle Junior's Imprisonment

Tony visits Uncle Tony in jail and expresses his frustration that he has not been allowed to do so for three weeks. Uncle Junior reveals that the reason for this is the fear of what Tony might say in conversation, as everything that the inmates and their visitors say is being recorded. Later, at a meeting with Junior's right-hand man Bobby, Tony says that he is taking over Junior's company, though Junior will retain the status of figurehead. The two men argue before Tony leaves, and the issue remains unresolved. Soon after this, Uncle Junior's lawyer appeals to the judge to let Junior out on parole due to a heart condition that will make it dangerous for him in prison. The judge accepts this request, insisting upon his wearing a motion detector and only leaving the house for a limited number of reasons, including doctors' appointments and family events.

Livia's Hospitalization

Early in the episode, Tony has a conversation with Junior about Tony's mother Livia, with whom he is very upset. Junior tries to tell Tony that Livia had nothing to do with the recent shooting that has shaken Tony up, but he finds that hard to believe and continues to contemplate the possibility of matricide. Meanwhile, Tony's sister Janice is at the hospital with Livia keeping her company. This turns out to be a difficult task, as Livia is initially hostile and combative. However, Janice finds out that she is fond of show tunes and opera, and she decides to bring some music in to calm her. Livia reacts strongly to this, seemingly very moved by the music, and the visit begins to go much better. However, the doctor pulls Janice aside to discuss the possibility of a DNR - a do not resuscitate order. While Janice contemplates whether this would be a good idea, Tony's son A.J., who is also visiting Livia and overheard the conversation about the DNR, asks his grandma what the letters stand for. She is horrified by the thought that her own daughter could be plotting against her and blows up at Janice.

Tony and the Reverend

Tony helps to end a dispute started by the workers at Massarone Brothers Construction, which is in trouble because none of its employees are black. Tony calls in some of his thugs to break up the union protest. Later, he has a conversation with Reverend James, Jr., who reveals that the two of them had plotted this all along. Even though Reverend James is an activist for the workers, he only staged the protest so that Tony could violently break it up and get paid off not to bother the workers again. He and Tony then split the profits from this venture.

Special Occurrences

Freddie Capuano, the man who is in charge of the Green Grove Retirement Community, turns up murdered after Tony learns from Junior that Freddie has been sharing secrets of the Soprano family. While it's not clear who is directly responsible, it is clear that Tony ordered the murder. Junior gets out of prison thanks to his highly competent lawyer, and Livia remains in the hospital. Reverend Herman James, Sr. dies of old age at the age of 83, and this is the first episode to feature his son, Reverend Herman James, Jr. Other characters introduced in this episode include “Black” Jack Massarone, the owner of Massarone Brothers Construction; Bobby “Bacala” Bacalieri, Junior's assistant; and Agent Skip Lipari. The episode includes references to the cooking show “Emeril Live” and a Richard Widmark film; while the movie is not named, it is thought to be either “Kiss of Death” or “Coma.”


This episode includes three different songs at various points. The end credits music is Ella Fitzgerald's “Goodnight, My Love,” while Luciano Pavarotti's “Non ti scordar di me” plays over a scene in which Janice returns to Livia's room to see her mother and makes up with her. Meanwhile, the scene in which Janice smokes marijuana and has several strange visions is accompanied by Paul Simon's “Mother and Child Reunion,” a particularly fitting song for an episode that deals so heavily with a mother-child relationship.


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