Dinkleberg's Adventures - Part 3

The puzzle locked door

It has been hours and I still didn't figure out how to open the door. I must've tried every combination there is, but the button can't be pressed. I needed a break, I sat down and took out a book, it was Arvel's journey. Mhh, interesting he talks about the golden claw. “The solution is in the palm of your hands.” Palm of my hands.. Wait a minute! The claw! The claw is the key to unlock the door! That's what the icons on the claw are for, they represent the order! Bear, fly, owl. Let's try it! I switched the door to this order and put in the claw. Yes! It works! The door slowly opens!

There was a big staircase, and when I went up I saw a big room. There was a big wall with some foreign words on it, I walked towards it and felt a great power in me. It was something I never felt, never. A word on the wall started glowing and I just read it. I don't know how, but I just did it. It said “Unrelenting Force”. I didn't know what it meant, but before I could figure I heard a grumbling noise behind me. I looked what it was, and a lord of all Draugr arised from his coffin. He wasn't an ordinary fighter, he used his voice to blow me away. Such power from a voice. When I was knocked down, he charged at me and started swinging his battle axe. I could roll away just in time, but I got hit by another voice attack. This time he didn't charge at me, but kept shouting his voice attacks. He was playing with me! I ran away and finally got a hold of my bow. This could be my only chance, I took an arrow and shot at him. Right in his face! That must slow him down!

It didn't. Instead, he took the arrow and pulled it right out of his face. Shit! It didn't even hurt him! I shot another arrow but missed. All out of focus! I need another plan, because this isn't going to do it! I looked around if there was another option, but I didn't see anything. Shit, shit shit. What am I going to do… I decided to take a run from it and return later. I ran around the corner and saw two scrolls. Just something for a Khajit, decide to read just before you die. I opened the scrolls and they were similar, it was a spell! Magic! If I'm lucky magic might just be a Draugr's weakness! I read the spell on the scroll and a fireball started glowing in my hand. A fireball spell! I ran back from the corner and the Draugr was looking for me. I shouted and he looked at me angrily, and then decided to charge right at me! Perfect in line for my fireball! I shot the fireball at him and he collapsed. Fire magic is a Draugr's weakness! Wait, he is getting up! Damn! I need to use the other scroll. I read the spell and immediately shot the fireball at the Draugr. No way he is going to survive that! I wasn't going to take chances, so I walked up to his coffin, and surely enough the Dragonstone was there! I grabbed it and immediately took an exit, before the Draugr could arise again. Time to go back to Farengar.

"A dragon has been sighted!"

I went straight to Farengar, he was talking with a woman who introduced herself as Delphine. I greeted them and gave the Dragonstone. Farengar didn't show any emotion, and all he said was that I should get my reward from the Jarl himself, and that's when Delphine started talking to me. She appreciated my hard work, but before we could talk about anything else the Jarl's guardian, Irileth, ran in. “A dragon has been sighted!”. I couldn't believe it. Another dragon! The Jarl came down and asked me to go with Irileth to take the dragon down. I wasn't too happy that I had to risk my life, but when a Jarl asks you something you can't say no. So Irileth and me went to the see the dragon. I was excited, but scared at the same time. I don't think humans can possibly take on a dragon.

We approached the watchtower where the dragon was seen, and it was all on fire. The rumor must be true, the dragon was here! There was a wounded knight on the ground, and he told me about the dragon attack. However, there was no dragon right now, he must've took off. Irileth ordered the other knights to check out the watchtower but just before they entered a screech surrounded the eerie scenery. We looked up but didn't saw anything. Another screech, and then he appeared. Another dragon! The second dragon that is attacking Skyrim!

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