Dinkleberg's Adventures - Part 2

To the Jarl and beyond!

With my newly acquired gold from the treasure, I could make my journey to the Jarl. A quest given by my friend Alvor. I went back to the main road, and got on my way to Whiterun. It was a calm trip, besides a few wolves no real problems showed up. It was a full day of walking, but I knew I was close, I could see the big castle from far away. I decided to take a shortcut and go through the farmers lands. I walked on Pelagia Farm and saw some warriors fighting a giant! I was shocked, but it looked like the warriors needed help. I took out my bow and started shooting at the giant. It took a lot of effort, but with some teamwork we took the giant down.

The groups leader, Aela the Huntress, immediately asked me to join the Companions, she wanted me to become a Shield Brother, they solve problems if the pay is good. I was interested, but I had to talk to their leader in Whiterun. I am keeping this quest for later, I first have to get things going for myself, get a name around here, and if I'm still interested after that.

I moved on to Whiterun, and when I arrived at the gate I wasn't allowed in. The news about the dragons caused Whiterun to close, and me being a Khajit didn't help the cause. I persuaded the guards by saying that I had news from Helgen. The guards let me in, but were keeping a close eye on me.

The city was beautiful, joyful people, big houses, it is so alive here! I enjoyed it, but then I remembered I had to go to the Jarl. Every second counted, because the dragon could attack Riverwood every minute! I sprinted towards Dragonsreach, the Jarl's humongous castle. When I entered, I didn't even pay attention to anything around me. The Jarl was right in front of me, and I ran towards him. When I got near him, I got stopped by the Jarl's guardian, Irileth. She asked me what I was doing, and when I said the word Dragon, she let me talk to the Jarl. I explained everything, and he immediately decided to send extra troops to Riverwood. Success! He gave me Imperial armor as a token of appreciation, as well as giving me another quest. We went to the court wizard, Farengar, who was doing research on dragons. Farengar went straight to the point, he ordered me to 'fetch' a Dragonstone from a ruin. And by 'fetch' he means go into a dangerous ruin and find the Dragonstone, and I was prepared to do this.

The Ruins

After a long walk I found the ruins, and strangely enough there were some bandits waiting near the entrance. I took them out with ease, and then took a deep breath and entered the ruins. I saw the bodies of more bandits, and when I looked further I saw two fighters talking. I sneaked upon them, took out my bow and took them out quickly. They can't bother me anymore. I walked through the ruins, and entered a room. It was some sort of puzzle. There were three pillars on the left with three icons on them, a bird, a snake and a dolphin. I could turn them around, There were also three pillars on top, from which one fell down. The order from left to right was: Snake, Snake, Dolphin. It took me some time to figure out, but I was sure the icons on the left had to correspond with the ones on the top. I did this, and pulled the lever and surely enough the gate opened! Well that was easy, a little too easy! I walked past the opened gate, and went down a staircase. I entered a room filled with spider webs, and in the depth I saw a man, covered in spider webs! I had to save the poor soul! When I walked up to him, a huge spider fell from the ceiling. Shit! I had to act quick, I took out my dagger and started cutting in the spider. However, it didn't seem to do damage. The spider bit me, and I was hurt badly. I ran back and took out my bow. I could only take the spider if I had the advantage of distance! I shot arrow after arrow, and slowly damaged the spider. It took a long time but surely enough the spider collapsed.

I ran to the poor soul and cut him down. He stood up, looked me right in the eye and said: “You fool, you think I'm going to share this treasure with anybody?”, and he took off. Luckily for me, I had my bow in my hand, took an arrow and shot. Bullseye! I had him floored, and looted his items. There was a golden claw with it, that could be worth something! However, moving on might not have been the best idea. I walked past a crypt full of cadavers, but they weren't dead. Well, they were, but arised again, as Draugr. There were at least ten of them, and they all started to attack me! I'm happy that they weren't strong, a few arrows takes them out. As I kept on walking, Draugr kept on waking up. It was a long and tiring walk, but surely enough I saw the end, a big door, guarded by the biggest Draugr I saw so far. I slowly sneaked onto him and took him down by surprise. Those attacks are the strongest, so no matter his size, he didn't stood a chance.

I opened the door and nothing changed. There was more halls and more Draugr. I kept on walking, I kept on killing Draugr. It took a while, but I found another door, this one led to a long hallway, with a big door at the end. The door had a big lock on it, and three symbols of animals. Another puzzle, except this was a hard one. How will I open this door? Find out next episode!

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