Dinkleberg's Adventures - Part 1

Welcome to the journey

My name is Dinkleberg, I'm a young Khajit who just woke up as a captive. That's all I can remember. I've been told that I am going to be executed, well that's a good start to my story… However, the great gods seemed to be in a good mood, just as I was about to get executed a miracle happened. A true miracle. A dragon showed up out of nowhere, and starting raining fire on the city of Helgen! I could escape! Well it wasn't much of an escape, as everybody was running for their lives, nobody was paying attention to the prisoners. So as I was running to freedom, I ran with an Imperial knight, Hadvar, and we ran into some Stormcloaks on our way out, nothing we couldn't handle though.

After I got myself some gear, we left Helgen and both went out separate ways. Hadvar told me to meet his uncle Alvor in Riverwood, and so I went to meet him.

On my way to Riverwood

A lot happened in the last hour, so I took my time to enjoy the view. Finally some silence as I waked through the woods. It was beautiful, the trees, the air, the bandits. Wait what? Bandits?! Shit! I took out my axe and engaged the fight, luckily for me the two bandits couldn't handle one very well, and it seemed like I had a talent for it. They were down quick enough, but just then I saw an arrow fly past me. Shit! There's another bandit, an archer! I looked around and saw the Orc with his bow and arrow. I ran towards him and took him out with one hit. Now it was time for my first loot, I took the bow and some gold, and when searching the Orc's pocket I found a note. It is a treasure map! It might be unclear, but after some thinking I figured it out. It is left above Riverwood, just where I was heading!

Well, time to return the walk. I felt way more comfortable with a bow and arrow, I felt like I was more of a sneaking kind of Khajit than a barbarian. This gave me the idea that I needed a knife! A knife! Maybe the Blacksmith in Riverwood could make me one! On my way to Riverwood!

“Just follow the river” is what the Hunter just told me. So I did! However, the hunter seemed to forget to tell me that I would walk by the three legendary guardian stones! The stones of god! I felt a strong power coming from the Thief Stone, so I prayed and felt the gods power upon me. I was stronger than ever, and thus I returned my quest towards Riverwood, not just to talk to Alvor, but also to find the treasure that the bandits were searching.


It wasn't a long hike, and I reached Riverwood a couple of hours before sundown, when I entered town I immediately saw Hadvar talking to the blacksmith, his uncle. I walked up to them and they greeted me. We went in Alvor's house to talk, he was a good man. He offered me goods , as much as I needed. For the first time in my life, I felt at home! His wife cooked us some dinner, and we discussed why we were there, and what was going to happen next. Alvor asked me for one favor, in return of all the goods, to tell the Jarl of Whiterun that there is a dragon on the loose. That was the least I could do after what he did for me already! I had no problems with the long walk to Whiterun, what else was I going to do? I had no family I know of, no friends I know of, and no goal I know of. Right now, I felt like I had all three of these things!

However, before I went on my journey to Whiterun, I wanted to take a look at that treasure that the bandits were searching. A Khajit has his priorities. So I went to the big bridge of Riverwood, to start my journey to the treasure.

Treasure Hunt

The map clearly shows the treasure left of the big bridge, somewhere in the mountains. It isn't very detailed, so I would use the same strategy I used to get to Riverwood. Follow the river. I walked over the bridge and hold left to follow the river. It was a long hike, but after a while I found a huge trunk. The treasure map shows a trunk! The treasure must be in there! And sure it was! A big treasure chest, all for me! When I opened it I got a nice loot, the bandits rewarded me with an amethyst, a petty soul gem, a copper and onyx circler, corundum ingot and 18 gold pieces, this is just what I needed for the long journey to Whiterun.

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