Did Sony Make A Mistake By Not Releasing The Interview?

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Well, it's only been a few days since I published this on the Devtome wiki, and frankly, I don't know what to say. Who would have guessed that my words and Devtome could be so powerful?

As of Christmas Eve, 2014, The Interview is available for online streaming, plus starting on Christmas day, about 300 independent movie theaters will be playing the film. I am flabbergasted that I could have had such an impact, and I'm really honored.

I would have never guessed that 24 clicks on my story could prove to have brought about such changes. All I can say is those must have been 24 movers and shakers who visited my page. And now, back to the original story I published a few days ago.

Original Story

You're probably heard that the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy, The Interview will not be distributed for movie goers to enjoy due to the hacking and terror threat from North Korea. It is this Devtome wiki contributor's opinion, that is a bad-precedent-setting, major mistake, even if there may have been only a relative handful of cinemas with the juevos to run it.

Of course, I don't know if Sony was strongly advised by any US government agencies to take such action, but assuming that is not the case, I will tell you why I'm of this mindset. (And now that I think of it, I might still feel the same way, even if the Department of Homeland Security or some other alphabet soup agency had suggested to do it.)

Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees


What kind of precedent is being set here? Some foreign country hacks into a movie studio's computer network, put up some threats referencing 911, and all of a sudden they completely pull the release of a major motion picture? Really? That's all it takes? Who'da guessed?

Is that how we're all supposed to live now? Someone makes a threat and we're supposed to be afraid to go to the movies, everywhere in the entire country, every day the movie would be showing? No me. No thank you.

I don't know that I wouldn't have waited until The Interview made it to Netflix if this hadn't have happened, but I was making it a point to go to the nearest cinema showing the film when it opened, the very first night in my part of the country.

I'm pretty sure a viral campaign would have been going strong, expressing that very sentiment. In fact, director Judd Apatow twieeted that the other day. Sony could have used it as a marketing tool, but really, I don't think they would have needed to do anything. I think it would have happened organically.

Not The First Surprise Decision

While the decision was surprising, to be sure, it was not the first surprising choice about this film. I have to admit when I heard it was in production and they were actually using the name of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un in a story about the US government recruiting a couple of amateurs to assassinate him, I felt uneasy.

It seemed to be breaking movie protocol. Normally, you would make up a fictitious name about a leader of country. Sometimes, you would even make a name of a country. To not only use a real country but the real dictator's name, it did come across as brazen to me.

Didn't Predict The Reaction Though

I'm not trying to claim that I saw this coming. I was a little uneasy when I heard about it. I kind of snickered about it though and then didn't think too much of it. I do like Rogen a lot so I would have jumped on it at Netflix and possibly Redbox, but since I'm in a monetary conservation mode, as the financial collapse seems fairly imminent, I haven't been going to movies for some time.

Mike Adams Brought Up A Good Point


The editor of the Natural News, Mike Adams did a story, reminding us of the history of Japan and North Korea.1) Keep in mind, Sony is a Japanese company. It's funny. When they were exclusively into manufacturing electronic products, it seemed like we understood that, but when they became entertainment content creators, it seems like a lot of us forgot.

Japan invaded and occupied North Korea in World War 2. Soldiers raped and killed civilians, wantonly and with impunity.2) Even half, or more than half of the 911 commissioners said they were not allowed to get to the bottom of it and the investigation was highly flawed.3) Even if you believe the government's account of 911, almost all the alleged hijackers and master minds were from Saudi Arabia, not Iran and not Afghanistan.)) Needless to say, there is a lot of bad blood for Japan in that North Korea, no matter how long ago it was. It must have been driven Kim Jong-Un even more insane than he already was, when he got word that this Japanese corporation was making a movie about killing him.

Would I Feel The Same If I Didn't Understand Spiritual Realities?


When you realize that nobody ever dies and that we live lot of lives here on this planet, continuing to come back to learn the lessons of UE, the University of Earth, thoughts like being blown up watching a movie don't mean nearly as much to you as they mean to a lot of other people. I recall a time when I was at a McDonald's after they had closed, waiting for some friends I used to work there with. We were going to go out when they were done working.

Three men with handguns got in and had us lie face down on the floor. They kept putting the barrel against the back of my head. Unlike so many TV shows and movies where the robbers say, “Don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine. I don't want to hurt you,” these duded were all screaming, “I'll kill you. I WILL kill you.” One of them punch one of my friends in the nose causing a massive nose bleed.

I really thought there was a good chance I was going to die. As one might imagine I was bummed out at the thought of dying so young. I knew I was getting very close to being hired by a TV producer I had been giving spec scripts to for a couple years,4) Then it dawned on me, that there was going to be no point in my life that I didn't have goals and aspirations. I knew I wasn't one to retire and just watch TV, so that meant that no matter when I died, I would have goals I had not attained. Once I grokked5) that, I was good with the thought of dying right then and there.

In fact, I literally thought the following words: “This is going to be good!” That's because I had already, in my early 20s, read a ton of books about near death experiences and other metaphysical subjects.6) I was ready to float out of my body and see it lying, lifeless, on the floor and yet having no worries about it or attachment to it.

I knew I might think about loved ones I was leaving (for the time being, that is), and by thinking of them, I might go to them and see what they were doing, as a way of saying goodbye. I understood I would fairly soon find myself in a tunnel and accelerate toward a white light and enter a realm where the feeling of love is so profound, there is no comparison to the most extreme feelings of love here on earth. So, yeah, I wasn't concerned about the threat attached to that movie. I also realized that I had a greater chance of dying in traffic, on the way to from a movie, than of actually dying due to the terrorist threat.7)

Sony Felt They Almost Had No Choice

Sony did not originally plan to pull The Interview. They stated that any cinema chains that chose not to run the film would not have a problem with Sony. One chain upon another started declining to run the planned Christmas day release, until Sony realized it would only be shown in a tiny percentage of venues.

At that point, the attitude was, “ Let's call the whole thing off.”8) Still, I wish they would have allowed whatever theaters were willing to run it, to do so. I bet they would have been packed. They may have broken records in terms of money per screen.9)

May Never See The Light Of Day

Crave Online has reported that Sony has no plans to release The Interview on any streaming platform or DVD. There doesn't seem to be corporation willing to take the chance of the hacking that would surely come with being associated with the project. Perhaps another company would be interested in buying it, but don't hold your breath.

Even though it's just a movie, it's a sad day for personal freedom when hackers, regardless of where they are from, can decide what we won't be doing on Christmas day, 2014.

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It's not a lot unlike how the allies treated German civilians in the aftermath of the war. Our own US soldiers were raping school girls for the fun of it. Of course, the US pulled out, leaving the Soviets who not only enjoyed their raping, but they butchered civilians, at will. That's why when fake conservatives (neo cons) and fake liberals (authoritarians) start talking about war, we should all recoil, instead of get out the poms poms and the yellow ribbons. We like to think we are victims of Islamic hatred, but the truth is, we have butchered, raped and tortured a lot of completely innocent people in wars we had no business fighting. 911 is no excuse since it was obviously an inside job.((http://devtome.com/doku.php?id=why_do_so_many_otherwise_intelligent_people_shut_down_their_brains_when_it_comes_to_911
Spec scripts, or speculation scripts, are written by aspiring writers in hopes of either selling outright, or getting hired as a writer. They are not commissioned. They almost never sell, In fact, they are almost never read. I chose a producer who was an exception, as he would actually take a look at unsolicited manuscripts, contrary to the policies of the industry.
Grokked is from the book, Stranger In A Strange Land. It means to fully comprehend something.
Look, if you are going to say that just because there are books written about these topics, it doesn't mean they are real, you can save your conversation. I'm not going on faith. The evidence that death is merely a transition is overwhelming, but that is a discussion for other conversations.
A side note to that McDonald's story: I was sitting at one of the tables when I looked up and saw a black guy with a stocking over his head, pointing a gun at me. The manager, John, was black and he was about the same height and weight. I knew I was young and silly, so all I thought was that John, also young, must have been silly too. I loved that he would dress up like that and point a fake gun at me, when he should have been in the back, doing his closing paper work. I mean, I liked the dude before, but now, I was a major fan. So before the guy had a chance to say anything, I just burst out laughing. The shock he expressed was so dramatic, I realized it wasn't John. John would have been laughing with me. Immediately, I put up my hands and said, “I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't know. I didn't realize.” Then he took me to the back of the kitchen along with the employees and his two accomplices. In between the promises to kill me, he had a few, “What the fuck is wrong with you laughing at me with a gun in your face?” I never did get the chance to fully explain my mistake. In the end, I was just another oblivious white guy who couldn't tell the difference between black faces… at least when there was a stocking involved.
Of course, I'm famous among my personal social circle for making wouldda-couldda predictions about things that didn't happen. For instance, when Ryan Tannehil came to the Miami Dolphins the first year, I felt psychically assured that had Matt Moore continued to be their starting quarterback, they would have made the playoffs that year. Go ahead, and try to prove me wrong.

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