Dickie August - Baseball Player -Chapter 5 – What does She Know?

After the phone went dead, Dickie could not sleep. He unsuccessfully tried to wake Cass. Cass had the unique talent of falling asleep almost immediately and waking him proved nearly impossible.

Dickie paced the apartment and without paying much attention, ended up in the lobby of the building.

Vance, the doorman, approached Dickie. “Hello Mr. August. You are up late – is there anything I can help you with?”

“Hi Vance. No- I’m just taking a walk to clear my head. By the way, do you know who Lucy Grover is?”

“The lady on TV – Yes – I’ve seen her.”

Dickie shook his head in approval. “And have you ever seen her in this complex? Like recently?”

“In here? No – no sir. Why do you ask?”

Dickie mumbled to himself before clearly speaking. “I don’t know if you saw it, but she gave me a rough time during a press conference earlier.”

“Yeah- I caught some of it on the news. She looks like a … well, not a nice person.”

Dickie smiled at Vance’s description (almost with a swear word) of Lucy. “Right you are – I’m just wondering if she’s been around asking about me.”

“Sorry Sir – I’ve not seen her and no one has mentioned she was here.”

Dickie thanked Vance for his time and decided to head back to his apartment and try to get some sleep.

The next day had the boys at the ballpark for game two of the 4 game series with Boston. Dickie was scheduled to pitch game 3 and wanted to watch Cass hit (with the Alet).

Dickie settled in on the bench next to Cass as the game started. Kansas City scored first in the second inning and Boston tied the score, 1-1, in the top of the fifth. Cass came up to hit with one out and no one on base in the bottom of the fifth inning.

On the third pitch of the at bat, Cass smacked a line-drive homerun that just cleared the center field wall. As he chugged around the bases, Manager Barry Keeton sat down next to Dickie.

“This kid is unreal. I think I love him.” Deadpanned Keeton.

Dickie let out a thunderous laugh as he spit out his sunflower seeds.

Cass was quickly becoming a feared hitter in the league. While many folks thought him to be on steroids or human growth hormones, or some other illegal drug, no one could have suspected that the little cloth like item in his back pocket was doing the job in a big way.

Kansas City went on the win the game 5 to 3 and their playoff hopes sparked a small resurgence.

Dickie showered and dressed before chatting with Barry Keeton. “Get a good night’s sleep kid, tomorrow is your first professional start.”

With the Alet in his possession, Dickie was feeling good. “Will do skip – I’ll be ready to go.” Keeton gave Dickie a thumbs-up before he walked away. No sooner did Catcher Billy Wild pop in to view in front of Dickie’s locker. Billy tapped on his right shoulder with his left hand.

“How’s the shoulder feeling, champ?”

“Better than good – those boys are in for a long night Cap.” (Some of the players called Billy Wild Cap, short for Captain.) Billy showed a sly smile and left the clubhouse.

While the rest of players finished dressing and made their way to the exit, Dickie waited for Cass. Cass was in the shower and Dickie wanted to go home. He approached the showers and hollered in. “Hey Stumps, you ready to go home?”

There was no reply. Dickie retreated back to the clubhouse and stretched out in one of the big recliners. He was the only one remaining as he closed his eyes for a quick cat nap.

Dickie heard the door open behind him, but he did not open his eyes. “Finally, are you ready to go?”

Only silence came back.

Dickie jumped up and looked around.

Lucy Grover stood in the doorway. “Hi Dickie – are you ready for me?”

Dickie pointed to the door. “You can’t be in here – you need to go. Was that you who called me this morning?”

Lucy smirked and walked towards Dickie. “Why I don’t know what you mean. I don’t have your phone number.”

Dickie took a step back. “What do you want with me?”

“I want to spend some time with you.” Teased Lucy.

Dickie frowned. “You’re not my type.”

“Dickie, you and I have a little problem. We need to talk all this through. Will you come with me?”

“For what?” Inquired Dickie.

“I tell you what. You come with me, back to my apartment, for a 30 minute, in-depth, one on one interview. If you’re honest with me, I’ll then leave you alone.”

Lucy reached out her hand to Dickie. “Deal?”

Dickie stood as still as a statue. “What is the problem we have?”

“Come back to my apartment and find out.”

“It is almost midnight. Can we do this another time, Lucy?”

Lucy took another step closer. “Do you want this to be over?”

The door then flung open and Cass appeared in nothing but a towel. “Oh- sorry- am I interrupting something?”

Lucy moved over and playfully pushed Cass’ sizable belly. “Ever hear of a salad, kid?“

“She wants me to go back to her apartment, for an interview.” Explained Dickie.

Cass raised his voice. “Sorry lady, you already had at him. You think he’s stupid?” He then pointed to the door. “Get lost before I call security!”

Lucy just laughed at Cass. “Is that your best shot, chubby? Did you, even someone as simple as you, think you would get away with this?”

Dickie burst back in to the conversation. “Get away with what? What are you talking about? What did we get away with?”

“If you got something to say, lady, say it.” Cass followed up.

The room went quiet momentarily before Lucy again spoke. “You guys REALLY want to do this here?” Lucy waved her arms around the room. “Right here, at the stadium – are you sure?”

Dickie raised his index finger to Lucy before waving Cass over by his locker – away from Lucy. “What do you think Stumps – should we talk to her here? What does she know?”

Cass thought for a second before Dickie spoke. “Let’s see what she knows and if it is anything close to the truth, we’ll go somewhere else to talk – cool?”

Cass agreed.

The boys walked back to Lucy, who was stationed in the middle of the clubhouse.

“Ok- Lucy, go on.” Dickie blurted out.

Lucy flashed a brief smile. “Ok- fair enough. Just remember that I offered to do this somewhere else.” Lucy pulled at her ear as she searched for the words.

“Boys, the reason why I’m here and why I’m hounding you is simple. I know what you’ve done. Not only do I know what you’ve done, I know how and why you did it.”

Cass wiped the sweat off his brow and Dickie snarled.

“I was hoping that you two would go back to where you came from and drop this charade. But, you would not back off and here we are.”

Dickie looked on and still was not completely sure if Lucy was just fishing, or if she actually was on to them.

“Stop with all the sketchy talk – what – in your mind did we do?”

Lucy walked up and again, got right in Dickie’s face. “Ok- Dickie – I’ll play the game with you. I have one word for you – Martha!”

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