Dickie August-Baseball Player- Chapter 1 – Martha Returns.

Martha had rudely invaded Cass and Dickie’s baseball celebration (and sleep) and demanded answers. Cass quickly scurried along to wake Dickie. As Dickie and Cass moved through the kitchen, they found Martha already sitting at their kitchen table.

“Hello Dickie. I see you decided to share our little Secret with this dummy.” Martha pointed at Cass before she slammed her hand on the table.

The boys also sat at the table, on the other side of Martha. Dickie stuttered before he spoke. “I thought…I thought…it would…it would help me to have him here. Did I do something…I’ll have the money for you very soon.”

Martha opened her mouth to speak, but only spit dribbled out. She paused to compose herself and again went to speak. “Who told you do bring him in to this? What were you thinking?”

Martha’s eyes peered deeply into Dickie’s face. “I offered this to you! Not him! What am I supposed to tell them?”

Cass looked squarely at Martha. “Who?”

“Shut up!” Martha leaned in closer to Cass. “I’m not talking to you. I’m never going to be talking to you. You are a giant waste of my time and you should not be here.”

She turned her attention to Dickie. “Well, what do you have to say? Are you just stupid?” She waved her hands around the luxury apartment. “This can all be gone in a minute.”

“Um.” Dickie scratched his ear. “I don’t know what you want me to say. Do they want more money now by adding Cass?”

Martha shook her head from side to side. “You just don’t get it. You don’t make the rules here. I’m thinking of taking the Alet back and canceling everything.”

“No!” Cass waved his hand at Martha. “I’ll leave and go back home, but let Dickie keep it. This Alet thing is amazing and I don’t want to ruin it for him.”

Martha itched at the sizable, seemingly growing, wart on her nose.

“It’s too late now. You already know about it. The question is, what do we do about it? There are consequences when you screw up, Dickie.”

Dickie stood up. “I’m going to make some coffee while we talk about things.”

Martha put her hands on her head while she started making odd noises.

She sounded like a boiling pot that was bubbling over and hissing.

Cass, at the table, and Dickie, from the kitchen, paid close attention to her antics.

Dickie returned to the table as the coffee began to brew. “There has to be something we can do? Can we get another Alet for Cass? That way, these space people can track two humans living out our dreams.”

Cass nodded his approval.

Martha finally removed her hands from her face. “No – No – No – you think that Alets are simply in a basket to take? Idiots!”

Martha put her hands in a praying position and went quiet for a minute or so before speaking. “Just go on with what you were doing and I’ll try and smooth things over with them. Just know that you put me in a terrible situation.”

Martha then let out a loud noise from her body – the boys suspected it to be gas.

“Just one more thing.” Martha pointed at Dickie and then at Cass. “If either of you tells another soul about the Alet or about any of this, I’m going to take the Alet back and you both go back to who you really are. Which is two boring losers, if you don’t remember.” Laughed Martha.

Both Dickie and Cass quickly agreed.

Martha raised and walked to the door.

“One question Martha – before you go.” Dickie offered as he stood.

Martha turned around.

“You told me there were 3 conditions in exchange for the Alet. One million dollars each year and these futuristic people may want me to visit them sometime.”

“Yes – that is right.” Martha conceded.

“But, you never told me what the third condition was.”

Martha smiled and turned her back to Dickie as she reached for the door knob. “You see Dickie.” Martha opened the door and then looked at Dickie. “I’m not at liberty to tell you that one.”

Dickie walked to Martha. “What? I’m going to give you the Alet back right now if you don’t tell me. I’m dead serious! How can you expect me…”

Martha laughed and slowly coughed up some phlegm.

Dickie took a step back.

“My boy.” Martha removed a handkerchief from her purse and wiped her mouth. “I’m just kidding around with you. Take a joke, will ya. The third condition was to never speak about the Alet with anyone.”

Dickie ran his hand through his hair. “Oh – I see.” He then looked back at Cass.

“You’ve already messed up that condition – which is why I need to speak with Hunop about it. Some of this mess is my fault for not explaining the third condition. Hunop may well want to discipline me.”

“Hunop?” Quizzed Dickie.

Martha made her way out of the apartment door as she yelled back at the boys. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll try and make everything right. If I can’t…”

The door closed and Dickie heard no more.

Dickie looked at Cass. “If she can’t…then what? What?”

Cass jokingly banged his head on the table. “What the hell just happened? Don’t you feel like we just sold her our souls? I don’t know Dickie, who the heck are these people and what was the name she said? Huney?”

“Hunop.” Corrected Dickie. “Don’t worry about it. If she wanted to take the Alet back, she would have.”

Dickie walked in the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee. “I think we are good. If not, she’ll let us know. In the meantime, let’s have some fun.”

The boys sat in their chairs watching television and one question jumped in to Dickie’s head. “How many games are we out of the playoff picture?”

“Are you serious? You’re thinking about making the playoffs?” Joked Cass.

“Yeah. Why not? Can you imagine what we are capable of and what we can do for this team?

Cass looked down to the floor for a few seconds. “But there are only two of us – and we can’t even play at the same time. I just don’t see us making that much of a difference.”

Dickie sipped his coffee. “We can make a huge difference. Think about this – you getting clutch hit after clutch hit and me getting key out after key out. If we pick our spots, we can make the difference.”

Dickie raised his coffee cup in the air. “Cass my boy, we are going to make the playoffs and put this team and this city on the map! Cheers.”

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