Dickie August Baseball Player -Chapter 11- What Happened to Cass?

Dickie had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach that if he left these two alone, they would somehow escape. But, this was Cass – his best friend. He knew that he had to try.

Dickie ventured in to the hall way to sneak a quick look around – still with one eye back in the apartment.

“Where are you, Stumps!” Dickie said out loud. “Stumps!” Dickie checked the elevator and the staircase. “Stumps!” There was no response.

A loud noise then erupted from the apartment. Dickie dashed back in to see that Lucy was gone. Mozz was still there, free from his restraints and slumped in a ball on the floor.

“What the hell!” Yelled Dickie.

Dickie searched the apartment, but there was no sign of Lucy.

He then moved Mozz to the couch and tried to revive him. He appeared to be dead, but how could he really tell?

Dickie wasn’t sure what a dead alien would actually look like. Maybe he was just sleeping or hibernating, or doing something that aliens do. He reached for his cell phone and dialed Martha as fast as he could. Martha’s voicemail answered the call and Dickie just hung up. “She’s never around when I need her.”

Dickie went through Mozz’s pockets, hoping for some sort of clue. Nothing was found, except his cell phone. Dickie scrolled through his phone contacts until he landed on Lucy – he dialed the number.

“Hi Dickie.” Answered Lucy. “I wondered how long it would take you to notice his phone.” Lucy laughed in Dickie’s ear. “I feel bad for sacrificing good old Mozz, but I needed to free myself. He died doing what he loved, helping me. Time for me to get another body guard.”

“Where’s Cass? What did you do?” Insisted Dickie.

“What did I do? Understand Dickie, I have many friends that help me. Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that your chubby friend ran in to one of my friends and…oh – I don’t know – maybe he had some trouble.”

Dickie grit his teeth. “What sort of trouble?”

“But, my boy, your friend would never be in serious trouble until I came upon him. Once that happened…”

Dickie raised his voice. “Get back here now and let’s settle this.”

“Not today boy- I’m going to regroup and I’ll take care of you later. Cheers!” Lucy hung up.

Dickie thumbed through more of the contacts on Mozz’s phone, but none of the names meant anything to him. “Could all of the names in here be aliens?” He could deal with them later.

Dickie needed to find Cass. He raced down to the lobby of the apartment. Vance, the doorman, was watching television and filling out some forms as Dickie approached.

“There you are, Vance.”

“Yes, hello Mr. August.”

“Where were you? I called down here earlier. Where’s Cass?”

“Oh- Mr. Willis, I don’t know – I’ve not seen him. Should I have seen him?”

“Did anyone come through the lobby in the past 30 minutes or so?”

“No one – it has been very quiet. I’m just catching up on some television and updating some apartment data.”

Dickie scratched his head as he tried to make sense of things. At that moment, something Martha said jumped in to his thought. Lucy’s aliens only have 4 toes – what about Vance?

Dickie moved in closer to Vance and noticed he was wearing black socks and brown dress shoes. “Hey Vance, feel like doing me a favor?”

“Yes, sir. Just name it.”

“Would you sit down.” Dickie pointed to a chair in the lobby. “And take off your socks and shoes?”

Vance titled his head. “What? What did you say?”

“I said – please sit down over there and remove your socks and shoes.”

Vance laughed. “Good one Mr. August. – very funny.”

Dickie moved in closer, to invade Vance’s personal space. “I’m not laughing.” Dickie motioned to the chair.

Vance slowly sat down and started to remove his shoe. Dickie hovered over him and waited. As Vance went to remove his sock, he looked up. “What, may I ask, are you looking for?”

“I think you know what. Just remain calm and keep going.”

Vance removed the sock to reveal only 3 toes. “I had a boating accident as a child and…”

“Do the other one.” Commanded Dickie.

Vance complied with Dickie’s request and showed Dickie his other foot, also with just three toes. “Now are you satisfied, sir? I need to get back to work. You, sir, have humiliated me. I hope you’re happy.”

Dickie wasn’t sure what to think. “Um, yes, go back to work. I’m sorry about that.”

Dickie thought. “She did say 4 toes and not 3 toes. So is this guy not one of them? Could he be just a regular guy? Maybe Martha was wrong?”

Vance put on his socks and shoes and positioned himself back at the reception desk.

Dickie sat down in the same chair and tried to make some sense of things.

“Sir, why don’t you return to your apartment and try to get some sleep. It will be morning in just a couple hours. You must be overtired and upset.”

Dickie agreed and started to head to the elevator when he looked back at Vance. “So, how did you say you got that injury to your feet again?”

“Oh - um- well - I was injured in a car accident.” Stumbled Vance.

Dickie quickly noticed the change in Vance’s story. He then spoke with great force. “TIE up Vance with 5 ROPES so he CAN’T MOVE.” The Alet went to work with ropes turning and spinning all around. Ultimately, they left Vance unable to move. “Your going to tell me what you did to Cass and if you try anything, I’ll have you fed to crocodiles in a Florida swamp.”

“Ok- fine.” Yelled Vance. “But, you might not want to know the full story.”

Dickie cautioned him. “I’m listening – go on and don’t lie to me.”

“There was a struggle. I didn’t want to hurt him, but he kept asking questions – the wrong kind of questions. He pushed too far.”

“And what did you do?” Snapped Dickie.

Vance got quiet and whispered. “I gave him to Lucy – she had just arrived. I swear I wasn’t the one who did it.”

“DID WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED?” Shouted Dickie. Vance started to speak and began stuttering. “Lu – Lu - Lucy killed him.”

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