Devtome Writing Share Distribution

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This page aims to show the distribution of shares between all devtome writers. As of now, only the Round 25 graph has been published, but the Round 26 graph will be published soon.

Round 25

Round 25, which has just begun paying out, started at block 93,300 and ended at block 97,300. Payouts first began at block 100,000. There were 671 shares in round 25. Each round's share value can be determined by dividing the number of shares by 180,000,000. 180,000,000/671=268,256.334. Since payouts occur usually in increments of 45,000, you will most likely receive 270,000 DVC per share. (6 payouts * 45,000 DVC each)

Round 26

Round 26, which is close to finish, started at block 97,300 and will end at block 101,300. At the time of this writing, we are at block 100,296. Round 26 starts paying out at block 104,000.

To find the start point and end point of the next round, as well as the start of the payout period, just add 4,000 to the block numbers above.

The distribution of shares among writers can be found at the bottom of the page. The image is large to be able to show the “1-Word Count” writers against the “80-Word Count” writers.

Share Distribution Images

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