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Devtome Statistics

Devcoin generates 50,000 coins per block. 90% of the coins are sent to those who contribute to open source projects, are on the Bitcoin or Devcoin share list, have Devtome earnings, marketing earnings, or are Administrators. 10% remains with the miners. Devcoin is merge mined with Bitcoin.

Each round developers get 180,000,000 Devcoins. The number of shares is divided into 180,000,000 to come up with the value per share. This fluctuates depending upon how much work is generated by contributors. Devcoin is gaining popularity as individuals learn they can earn currency through work. This makes Devcoin the first cryptocurrency that is expressly made to compensate people for their open source and creative commons work.

Receiver files are used to load the addresses for payment into the mining operation. This is the first use of receiver files in cryptocurrency, and is a primary Devcoin innovation.

Round Earnings and Payouts

The earnings are calculated at increments of 4000 blocks, minus lead time of 2700 blocks. The payout blocks start at rounds in increments of 4,000.

Round 25 goes from block 93,300 to 97,300, and starts paying out at block 100,000.

Round 26 goes from block 97,300 to 101,300, and starts paying out at block 104,000.

Round 27 goes from block 101,300 to 105,300, and starts paying out at block 108,000.

Round 28 goes from block 105,300 to 109,300, and starts paying out at block 112,000.

Round 29 goes from block 109,300 to 113,300, and starts paying out at block 116,000.

Round 30 goes from block 97,300 to 101,300, and starts paying out at block 120,000.

Weighted Word Count per Round

Weighted word count starting with Round 22. This will be updated as each round ends.

As of end of Round 24 below: (Round 25 being updated)


Share Distribution by Round

This will chart the share distribution based on type of earnings per round.

Summary of Round 25

  • Being updated

Summary of Round 24

Total Number of shares = 1278. Each share = 140,845.1 Devcoins.


Summary of Round 23

Total Number of shares = 502. Each share = 358,565.6 Devcoins.


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