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Please add your name here if you are eligible and want to rate writers.

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Each rater will be given a page generated by rater.py, like the rating page example. Each rating line has a link to the author and to one of their articles. The rater then puts in their vote from 0 to 99, and an optional comment in brackets. An example line is:

After the rater puts in their vote and comment, it looks like:

The name of the rating page is rating, rater name, and round number. The pages filled out in round 27 were:

Pages in round 28 with many comments were:


Raters get three shares for voting and up to two extra shares for comments, for a maximum of five shares. Comments get 0.4 shares each, rounded down, to a maximum of 2 shares. For example, a rating page with only votes gets three shares, a rating page with three or four comments gets four shares, a page with five or more comments gets five shares. Assuming a typical share value of 15$, and an average of four shares, that works out to 60 $/page. Towards the end of each round. a rater will get one rating page to fill out.

Pay Rate

A rating page has up to twelve writers to rate, most of the time it will be twelve. Alyssa reported that filling out the form with a few comments took 45 minutes. The typical hourly rate is 60 $/page / 45 minutes/page * 60 minutes/hour = 80 $/hour.

The rate is very high to give the raters extra reason to reject bribes.

Because the rate is so high, rating is a perk. This perk is offered only to the people who help the community a lot, devcoin admins and open source developers.

Design Reasons

Rating systems can suffer from collusion, subjectivity, and bribery.

Who Rates the Raters?

To minimize collusion, no two raters rate each other. When the rating page is generated, only raters whose first letter is one to twelve letters below the first letter of the rater wrapped around is on the page. For example, on the rating page of Zorba the rater, only raters whose first letter starts with N through Y would be there. Writers on his page who are not raters can have any name.


To minimize subjectivity, raters are given a random choice of authors to rate. If raters could choose who to rate, they would often choose to rate someone they know and rate them depending on how they feel about the author, rather than only on the quality of their work. Sometimes a rater will rate someone they know by chance, therefore the median is taken, which is less affected by outliers than the average.


Any rater caught taking bribes will be fired. If raters were paid little, then this threat would have little effect, by paying the raters a lot, there is a greater downside to taking a bribe. Also when people are paid more, they're willing to do better work.


If a writer tips a rater, the rater must return the tip. Even though tips are usually sincere, they must be rejected because raters must be seen to be fair, "Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done."

Rating Method

The rating is for the author, not just the article. A link to a random article is provided so that the rater can quickly see an article of the author, if the article is long the rater can skim it or pick a random section. If the article is too short to judge, the rater should go to the author's user page and pick another.

Instead of reading the random article, a rater can also go the the author's page and read an article or articles from their invoice.

Raters can rate authors how they choose, this is the just one way to rate an author. Roughly half weight is given to content, and half to presentation. The number of points for each aspect for non fiction follows:

  • 30 for the content, how interesting or useful the article is.
  • 30 for links and references
  • 10 for grammar and readability
  • 10 for spelling
  • 10 for formatting
  • 9 for images, 0 for no images, 5 for one adequate image, 9 for more than one image or for one perfectly suited image

For fiction:

  • 60 for the content, how interesting or original the book is.
  • 10 for grammar and readability
  • 10 for spelling
  • 10 for formatting
  • 9 for images, 0 for no images, 5 for one adequate image, 9 for more than one image or for one perfectly suited image

Writer Rating

Each writer gets up to eight raters. The writer's rating is the median of all their ratings.

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