How to Post Images on Devtome

Uploading images

You can post photos to your own sub folder which you create as you are editing a page. This is very easy to do

When you are editing your page, you will see “Media Files” at the upper left corner of your edit box. You can click on this to upload images as you are working.

The Media Manager should default to the [root] directory (visible by a bold colon :) at the top of the “Media Files” page, where you can then create your own subfolder. If you're not sure, first select [root] on the left-side of the page then continue.

Browse to your image (on your desktop or where ever) and select it. Note the second box, here is where you create your new sub folder with your own images. Enter the name of the folder you wish to create with a colon after it, and the name of the image.

i.e. I'm uploading an image called test.jpg. I want to call my folder fheenix (my user name) but I could just as well call it anything subject related. In the first box I browse to my image. I type into the second box- fheenix:test.jpg This creates a sub folder called fheenix where test.jpg will reside once I click UPLOAD.

Please try to create your own sub folders - it will increase your speed looking for your images

External image linking

For an external webpage you can use something like this, adapted to your webpage name and image name.

 [[http://your folder your images are in/your image.jpg|{{http://your folder your images are in/your image.jpg}}]] 
In this example we shall use

Example below.


Internal Linking

  [[|{{:fheenix:test.jpg}}]] is written below to bring up the test image

Show me the Devcoin

You can click "edit page" to see how it's done, no big secret

 Real size:    [[|{{:fheenix:test.jpg}}]]

Show me the Devcoin

 Resize to given width:      [[|{{:fheenix:test.jpg?200}}]]  Numbers refer to pixels. i.e.- 200 will give you an image 200 pixels wide
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 Resize to given width and height:  [[|{{:fheenix:test.jpg?600x100}}]]

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 Resized external image:      [[{{}}]]
 By using left or right whitespaces you can choose the alignment. 

 [[|{{ :fheenix:test.jpg?200}}]]

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Show me the Devcoin

 [[|{{:fheenix:test.jpg?200 }}]]

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Tips for image resizing

Reduce your images size please

Faststone photo resizer is free to download, and you can change your images size, do images in batches, and add borders, text, drop shadows, rename your images, etc. Check it out, it's very cool and easy to use!

For web display photography forums usually do not allow images over 800 pixels wide. Please resize your images to bring them under 800 pixels wide. This allows your page to load quicker and reduced file size eases Devtomes server load.

For those of you who have noticed, the test image should have been size reduced - my bad.

Only upload images you own

Photographers and artists can get VERY UPSET over seeing their work elsewhere (even if it's from Flickr or Facebook) and there are search engines that check the web for copies of their images. The wrong one will track you down and drag your name through forums forever. You have been warned!


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