Due to the fact that daily updates are not available for earnings, this page will stop updating until daily files resume.

Daily Updated Devtome Earnings

Tired of downloading the “devtome_earnings_26.csv” file every day? Then just come here and to view you earnings! Last updated 10 August 2013

Username                        Weighted Word Count                  Improvements
Alyssa85                        1-Word Count                         +1
BitcoinAlchemist	        4-Word Count                         +0
CryptoAddicto                   1-Word Count                         +1
Cryptopi	                15-Word Count                        +0
DeadSea33	                21-Word Count                        +1
Dexter	                        13-Word Count                        +1
Ecafe	                        8-Word Count                         +1
Eeharris	                69-Word Count                        +1
Emilianoz	                2-Word Count                         +0
Fheenix	                        48-Word Count                        +5
Ftgcoin	                        9-Word Count                         +0
FuzzyBear	                1-Word Count                         +0
Imatt1990	                3-Word Count                         +0
JackRussell		        5-Word Count                         +0
Kickaha4		        2-Word Count                         +0
Maitotoxin		        8-Word Count                         +0
Matt2416		        2-Word Count                         -1
Mistercoin		        3-Word Count                         +0
Nsddev		                34-Word Count                        +0
Pb321go	                   	60-Word Count                        +0
Penguinwriter         		78-Word Count                        +0
Randomcount	        	9-Word Count                         +0
Raptorak		        83-Word Count                        +13 (nice job, raptorak!)
Redmist		                1-Word Count                         +0
Smeagol		                2-Word Count                         +1
Theokep		                8-Word Count                         +0
Vehementchrome      		51-Word Count                        +0
Wed              		1-Word Count                         +0
Wiser            		18-Word Count                        +0
Wolf		                3-Word Count                         +0


Improvements will show the increase in word count on a day-by-day basis.


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