Devcoin Will Prevail – Believe It

With so many alternatives to Bitcoin out there, what reassurances do we have that Devcoin may actually out-perform these other currencies? To answer that question it would be reasonable to look at the competence and enthusiasm of its developers. It also must be verified that the coin itself provides an adequate but not excessive monetary base. Then an exploration of what makes Devcoin different from other Cryptocurrencies, is warranted. What sets Devcoin (DVC) apart from other Cryptos is quite significant and will be covered in-depth. Finally, this article will conclude with an analysis explaining what DVC's currently affordable rates could mean to investors.

The Developer's Coin – Developer Competence and Enthusiasm

No math-based product can succeed if its creators and maintainers do not have a keen skill-set and a passion for the work they are doing. The founders set this coin up in a way that allows them to offer bounties to developers from all over the Crypto community to innovate and resolve any issues which may arise. The following few points can be made about the technical details of this coin.

Based on Proven Technology

Devcoin uses the same algorithm as Bitcoin. Bitcoin has, so far, shown to be quite viable from a technical standpoint. Nobody and nothing has been able to undermine this type of software to date. Another added benefit is that Devcoin can be merge-minded with Bitcoin, which is to say that it can be maintained and created without distracting serious miners from their Bitcoin hashing ambitions.

ASIC Consideration

ASIC gear was specifically designed for hashing the Bitcoin algorithm. It is so highly specialized it may be good for exactly nothing else. Eventually the only reward for Bitcoin miners will be in collecting fees. This suggests that most of the ASIC equipment may become little more than glorified paper-weights when Bitcoin blocks near the maximum limit of reward. With Devcoin, there is no hard limit and the reward does not decrease. This may be a huge boon to ASIC owners as mining Bitcoin becomes potentially less profitable.

A Passion for Open-Source

Devcoin was created specifically with providing incentive for and supporting Open-Source in mind. With bounties offered up for any seemly worthy project, DVC attracts developers with strong Open-Source values and ideals. Devcoin's official website even promises that, once Devcoin reaches adequate market capitalization, a bounty will be offered to create an Open-Source space craft. Ambitious indeed.

Solid Economic Philosophy

For a currency to have longevity it must be based around sound economic principles. These principles are partially what may determine how a monetary unit will perform in the short, medium, and long term. It can also effect confidence in a medium of exchange.

Scarcity Vs. Availability

One potential problem with Bitcoin is that it could become less viable in the future because it may become so scarce that it will not be widely available to use as a currency. Very few are minted and there is a relatively low upper limit on total coins which will ever be produced.

This may not seem like an issue to many until one figures out how easy it is to essentially destroy Cryptos. Hard drive crashes, accidental transactions to no longer valid addresses, intentionally sending units to seemingly valid but unavailable addresses, and deaths of people who have memorized keys are just a few of the ways Cryptocoins can become lost permanently.

Devcoin doesn't have an upper limit and it produces much more units per block than Bitcoin. Block reward is not set to decrease over time either. It seems unlikely that Devcoins will ever become so scarce as to be unavailable for wide-spread use.

Conversely, Devcoin does not, and will never, produce nearly as many units as fiat currencies so hyperinflation is a non-issue. Currently, it may seem like too many are being produced but the real question may be whether or not there are enough of them being produced. However, if Devcoin ever becomes too scarce for everyday transactions it may still be a viable store of value.

Checks on Potential Corruption

In order for Devcoin to reward non-miners directly, it seems that the founders placed quite a bit of control in their hands of how this currency is distributed. This makes Devcoin an organization rather than just a network although it is that as well. The Bitcoin Wiki notes that, “in the long term, most organizations become corrupt, regardless of the intentions of the founders.” They go on to say that, “However, developers are welcome to fork it…[creating competition]… [which] will tend to rein in the corruption of the devcoin.]” And also states, “all meetings and votes will be public, because sunshine is the best disinfectant.”

The Bitcoin Wiki goes into much more detail about the coin and the ways potential corruption can be kept under control. The rest of their article can be found here: . If this almost sounds like a sort of high-tech Constitution-style checks-and-balances system, and one begins to see stars and stripes or other meaningless patriotic drivel dance in front of one's eyes, concern may be minimal. A little optimism and idealism is probably not particularly harmful.

Fully Integrated Value-System

Probably the most interesting aspect of Devcoin is the way it is built around the Open-Source ideal. Though most Cryptos could be thought of as supporting the values of Open-Source, insofar as they are Open-Source projects, DVC goes much further by attempting to promote Open-Source projects outside the coin itself. The Wiki this article was written for is testament to that fact. In the next section we will explore this concept in greater detail as well as some of the possible imports.

The Ethical Currency – How Devcoin is Different

As has already been touched on, what sets Devcoin apart from other Cryptocurrency, is the way the coins are distributed upon creation. The distribution of the units to Open-Source contributors can be thought of as being an integral part of their creation. This concept may be the true strength other Cryptos are lacking.

Supports Contributors Directly

The first Devcoin bounties have been for establishing the Devtome wiki where just about anything that can be written may be uploaded. Many different forms of writing can and are being uploaded to the wiki. Writers are paid based on their productivity and popularity. The incentive this creates has already attracted numerous writers and promoted the creation of many new original works.

Devcoin continues to provide bounties for programmers and Devtome also includes categories for musicians, painters, graphic designers, hardware engineers, and filmmakers. With the writing aspect picking up at an extraordinary rate, these other categories have even more room for expansion and integration which will, of course, mean more bounties for programmers and administrators.

There is also a place for marketers and advertisers as well. The expansion in this area will doubtless fuel extraordinary growth of Devcoin market capitalization. These two categories are so vital that multiple separate articles covering each of these two categories is doubtlessly advisable.

Devtome Contributors – Vested Interest

Because contributors to Devtome are paid directly in Devcoin only, they have a huge personal stake in the valuation of the currency. The more favorable the exchange rate, the more their compensation is worth. This is probably clear but why is this important to the Open-Source ideal?

Most creators of Open-Source products get paid little if anything at all for their work. These are individuals who create because they love to create rather than as a means to achieve material ends. As a result, such producers will typically have to devote much of their time and resources to support themselves and their families in other ways. With their attention divided, there are limits on the amount of time and energy they can devote to their Open-Source projects.

Devcoin has been ground-breaking in creating a way for Open-Source producers to be able to get some compensation for doing what they love. Though Devcoin does not guarantee it is worth anything in particular, according to, it is currently accepted as a method of payment by over a dozen merchants. Also, it is currently exchangeable for Bitcoin and other Cryptos.

The reality that contributors have a vested interest in the success of Devcoin has been established. Why is this important? Who cares if a bunch of writers and other misfits are interested in Devcoin's success? What significance does this have in regard to Devcoin's potential? It turns out that we are talking about a true force to be reckoned with.

Contributors as Wizards and Sorceresses of the Highest Order

Though perhaps not the absolutely most important members of society, a distinction which may belong to the likes of farmers and such, creative producers such as writers, musicians, artists, programmers, mathematicians, and many others do tend to define the reality in which we live. With some of these Magicians casting spells of deceptive illusion, there are others who work over-time to break these sorts of spells. In addition, still other individuals of talent and skill enchant us with beauty, inspiration, and even enlighten us to wisdom and virtue.

One has only to read their favorite book, listen to their favorite album, watch their favorite movie, or run their favorite computer program to be dumbfounded with the undeniable truth of this. The very nature of our existence is often defined and characterized by the subtle charms of human creativity. If creative individuals are not magicians then there is no such thing as magic.

If there is no such thing as magic or wizardry, then why do we exchange practically worthless pieces of paper for real services and tangible goods? Surly it takes a powerful spell to believe that money is even a valid notion at all. Money, even resource-based money, is only worth what we believe it's worth. If this phenomenon isn't magic, or some sort of collective delusion inspired by illusionists, then what is it?

Creative persons are truly a force to be reckoned with. What other Cryptos may be wanting of, which Devcoin seems to be attracting in abundance, are self-promoters. How many writers, artists, musicians, and software engineers have found that they have to self-promote to insure their creative ambitions are brought to the public to be appreciated?

Producers of Open-Source projects cannot be stopped. They will reach for great heights, spitting in the very eye of adversity to make their dreams a reality. The fire that burns in the gut of the creative ones cannot be dosed. Their's is an unquenchable and indomitable will.

How did the founders of other Cryptos miss this? The promise of payment, however small, and however non-guaranteed the value of the payment might be, is like a beacon from a lighthouse to the ships of creative endeavor. These are people who create just to create without any guarantee of donation or regular compensation. These are people who will sink their own money and resources into projects, not because of their material need, but because they have a vision to make material.

Devtome is not even in its infancy. Devtome is a little fetus thrashing around in the Internet's womb. There is no limit to what the contributors to the wiki can do and there is no stopping them from growing out of their shell. It's only a matter of time before Devtome contributors mobilize to seize the day. With so many enthusiastic beings coming together the world will be taken by storm.

Devcoin to the Moon – Affordable for Now

Devcoin is ridiculously cheap right now. Its a mirthful and amusing thing to behold. Once one sees DVC for what it really is and what it represents, it is shocking to realize so few have beheld the truth of it. Devtome is an open field where builders and artesians are gathering together and just starting to build the most majestic of temples. It's so obvious yet so few seem to see it.

Once the tower of Devtome is built, stretching up into the heavens, yea, even to the clouds and beyond, Devcoins aren't going to be so laughably affordable to purchase anymore. They will still be a bargin for it may be a long time before DVC's value will compare to Bitcoin but if the value goes up, even to an insignificant fraction of that, anyone holding onto Devcoin will be shocked at their good fortune and forward-thinking brilliance.

To understand this we can look at what happened to Bitcoin since its early days. How many people have thought, “I wish I would have bought at $0.30, or $3, $130 or even $330?” How many, one wonders? This is all the more amusing when one realizes that pricing these coins in the archaic Dollar is pretty silly to begin with.

If you invested $1000 into Bitcoin (BTC) when it was at $330, even after the downturn proceeding this posting, at a rate of $730 per BTC you would have over $2200 worth of BTC today. If you bought $1000 worth of BTC when it was $130 (which was less than a year ago, by the way) today you would have over $5600 worth. At $3 you would have over $240,000. At $0.30, over $2,400,000!!!

It has happened before. We have reason to believe that it will happen again. Us here at Devtome, believe it will happen with DVC. We believe this because we believe in ourselves!

However, this author isn't interested in having people invest because they may very possibly become ridiculously wealthy. This writer doesn't want the investor to be impressed by the potentials to saticefy greed. The important reason to buy and hold Devcoin is because it promotes and empowers creativity. It supports writers and other creators and that is something the investor wants to put their money into. The investor wants to invest in the future, not just of a wiki, but the possible future of humanity where Open-Source with all of its ethical potentialities are realized.

A Personal Message

Dear investor, if you are reading this, I want you to imagine a world were our children or grand-children can visit the stars. I want you, for just a moment, to imagine that all the worlds grand-children are your children and that they will be able to travel across the planet in minutes without even leaving the ground. I would like you to, just for a split-second, to picture cities floating on the ocean and on the bottom of the sea. Picture tranquility and abundance and all of these things.

I tell you these things for I have looked into the bottomless well of wishes which is the Open-Source concept. I have seen the treasures of dreams to be brought forth. I have seen the bucket & rope which is DVC & Devtome and any other coin not yet conceived which may have the mighty brass-balls to try to compete with Dev. Open-Source is the Genie of Wishes and you, dear investor, are the one with the courage to rub that lamp.

It wont cost you much either, would it? What is $100 for millions of DVC? $1000 is chump change to you; admit it. You wouldn't roll out of bed for less than $10,000 so make that your investment. Years from now you may find yourself sitting on a goldmine or, worst case scenario, you will know that you helped creative spirits contribute their unique special somethings to a world who is badly in need of such blessings.

Traded on Three Major Exchanges

Specifically, DVC is traded on the following three exchanges:




As you can see, Devcoin hasn't even reached the bottom of the “S-curve” yet. There is still time to capitalize. The sooner you act the more likely you will find yourself amongst the early adopters. There is no rush but there is no reason to wait either. Let's send this rocket-ship to the moon!

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