How Devcoin Could Create A Platform For Making Good Ideas A Reality

After writing a recent article concerning Devcoin culture 1), I got a pleasant response from a number of inviduals. Most liked the idea in some way or another.

To sum the linked article simply, I envision a world with devcoin being the currency of choice to facilitate joint projects between developers, makers, hackers, DIYers, and any creative person. Someone will have a great idea but complete only 80% of it. They could put a bounty on the other 20% and post it publicly. The posting, accepting, and sharing of work could become so productive and awesome that this platform could rival the wiki itself. Everyone can see the benefit of a platform that supports this creative process. It could attract big fish as well.

People won't use USD much for parterning up on fun projects because it feels dirty. Exchanging a coin that has values completely different than the USD could encourage people to adopt Devcoin as a useful secondary currency. The backbone of this creative culture where projects are routinely created across vast distances by a currency would be A Devcoin Collaboration Center. A massive board would be the entire website's front page, and its a listing of bounties people place on their own projects that need help to be completed. Soon, everyone will want to keep 50-200 bucks in devcoin because of how useful it is. It will help them get things done, and who doesn't want that?

You can call that platform anything you like. Bounty website, Devcoin Collaboration Center, whatever. I post it here on Devtome for all members to chew on the idea and make it their own if they can. Which gets me to the second platform I see has benefitting Devcoin in the future.

Ideators And Developers Unite At The Source

The following idea I have had cooking in my brain for a few months and the devtome team seems like the best place to share it. I would like to admit that the first platform I mentioned in the previous article, a Devcoin Collaboration Center, is more important and easier to pull off than this platform. I suspect this platform may need some reworking and possibly not be hosted on a devtome website but still use exlusively Devtome for other reasons. I still want to share the idea because the potential is there, again, to exert change on the outside world in a beneficial way.

Frankly, if you steal the idea, take it off of devtome and run with it on your own and make millions, you are a prick. But I wouldn't be completely crushed because at least this all important idea would get out into the mainstream and change the world for the better.

How Devcoin Could Facilitate The Polarities Of Creation

The act of creation typically has two sides. There is a mental component, which from the perspective of others appears like a passive quality, which involves thoughts being used in hypothetical, imaginary ways to envision a possible manifestation. There is also a physical component, which appears to have an active quality from the perspective of others, that includes the actual act of creating, be it drawing, writing, building, painting, etc.

The fact is that some people have more strengths in the process of mental creation then they do with physical creation. Some people are Ideators and they are flowing with ideas. They don't even care (to some degree) if someone else uses there ideas. Nay, they WANT people to use their ideas! That's why they are thinking of them!

Which is great because the rest of the people don't consider themselves awesome at generating novel ideas. But they are skillful at certain forms of object creation in the real world. They read magazines like Make Magazine 2) to OBTAIN ideas of what cool things they could make or do. So what we have here is a split in the population of skillsets, one mental and one physical, without a decent way to facilitate working together.

The Platform Idea

After having a number of people ask if I was a developer and if I was going to make the Bounty Website/Collaboration Center, I realized this was the perfect time and place to share this platform. Devcoin could be the group that creates a platform where people come in with ideas for projects that directly ask for someone who has the ability to make that idea a reality. One example: “There should be an App in the appstore where someone lawyers and paralegals are reading all the big name companies' end user license agreements. It's despicable how we are tied to these agreements and yet hardly anyone knows what they are signing off on! If I could just have an app where someone has done that, I can get a non-legalese, plain English worded explanation of what this agreement entails and doesn't entail, I would pay $5 bucks for that app.” Now this person spouting what sounds like a pretty great idea has no clue how to make an App. What if they could post their idea to a website where they could make a deal with someone with the resources or know how to make that project happen? Wouldn't that make all parties happy? Wouldn't that support the process of human creativity all the more better than we currently support it?

In case you have not guessed, I fall mostly on one end of the spectrum, the Ideator. I would love to have a pool of honest developers to share my ideas with. If they agree to work on my idea, I wouldn't pay them to do it. All I would ask is a small percentage of profits should the product or creation break XXXXX of total profits. The thinking being if the product being made only brings in 200 bucks in one year, the idea is barely worth paying for. Tips would be encouraged for those very low profit margins. I woud imagine the percentage paid back to Ideators being as high as 10% in the lower sales brackets and as low as 3% for the products created that generate millions of dollars.

The Tricky Parts

Now the goal of facilitating good ideas between to good developers may not be easy to do purely on devtome. I believe I am correct in saying people like their mostly anonymous presence on Devtome. A site like this requires honesty on a few levels. You can't intend to steal ideas and you can't lie about your total profits. Both of these would probably break the site so that Ideators would not feel safe sharing their idea. The way i envisioned making it safe was a website that required scanned proof of ID, real names are openly used and even all viewing history is permanently stored publicly. You cannot view the Ideators list without the system knowing that you are viewing it. In this way, if you then become famous by creating something that you clearly got from the site, you would be contractually obliged to pay the ideator for their idea.

Is this security necessary? As an ideator myself I would say I that want some sort of reassurance that my ideas aren't going to be used without my credit. Perhaps a Dev here will be able to conceive this idea in way that it can work within the system. Either way, the idea builds upon the previous notion 3) that Devcoins are ideal for supporting individuals to create things together. In the event your borrowed idea is successful for a devleoper, the payment you receive will be in Devcoin.

Should this platform (I have no name for it, feel free to generate one) become popular, it could create a constant need to buy devcoins. As soon as your project is earning money, you will be on the hook to pay in Devcoins the Ideator who fueled your project. This could be good for the growth of the coin and a stablizer over time.

More To Come Should Interest Arise

There are a number of other aspects to this thought creation that I have not fleshed out here, including how all of this should occur in real time. I would rather have an organized approach rather than a simple, one dimensional messaging system. In the software there would be…personal contracts and vow in the beginning, how the first conversation between Ideator/Developer is framed, video and group chat capabilities, Ideator Think Tanks, ombudsmen for each side, a definition of terms and Absolutes, a trial period, a contractual period, a useful review system, and a couple more. I am a very flexible person, so I would be happy for developers to morph and mold my idea in a way that makes it better.

Rather than fill up space elucidating all of the above listed, I wish to let this idea sink into the community and see if discussion begin forming around it. Perhaps then I will describe the project more. Hopefully by then the project is within the mind of twenty people and it will be on its way to success. I don't have any illusions about this project being “mine” and I encourage others with the ability to make this happen to run with this idea. Just please give me credit when the time is due!


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