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-Below is a list of devcoin block explorers.+==Devcoin Block Explorers== 
 +Below is a list of devcoin block explorers:
-Unfortunately,​ sometimes all block explorers are down, in that case you can at least see the [[devcoin]] network statistics at [https://vps.vircurex.com/welcome/index?base=dvc&​alt=btc Vircurex].+===Official Devcoin Block Explorer==== 
 +[https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dvc/ https://​chainz.cryptoid.info/dvc/]
-==Devcoin Block Explorers== +[https://node1.devcoin.cloud https://node1.devcoin.cloud]
-===Icoin=== +
-[http://glari.ch:2750/chain/Devcoin http://​glari.ch:​2750/​chain/​Devcoin]+
-===K1773R=== +==Network information and statistics== 
-[http://​darkgamex.ch:​2751/​chain/​DevCoin http://​darkgamex.ch:2751/​chain/​DevCoin]+Below is a list of different websites providing devcoin network information:
-==Network Statistics== +*[https://www.altilly.com/market/​DVC_LTC Altilly'​s] Devcoin exchange rate, 
-[https://vps.vircurex.com/welcome/index?base=dvc&​alt=btc Vircurexlists the block number, difficulty ​and network hash rate for many block chain currencies.+*[https://​chainz.cryptoid.info/dvc/ cryptoID'​slist of Devcoin blocks, difficulty 
 +*[[Where to Spend your Devcoins | Official list of Devcoin trading markets]],​ 
 +*[https://​coinmarketcap.com/​currencies/devcoin/ CoinMarketCap'​s] Devcoin market cap& price in BTC, 
 +*[https://​www.coingecko.com/​en/​coins/​devcoin CoinGecko'​s] Devcoin stats

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