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 ===Official Devcoin Block Explorer==== ===Official Devcoin Block Explorer====
-[http://explorer.devcoin.info http://explorer.devcoin.info]+[https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dvc/ https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dvc/] 
 +[https://​node1.devcoin.cloud https://​node1.devcoin.cloud]
 ==Network information and statistics== ==Network information and statistics==
 Below is a list of different websites providing devcoin network information:​ Below is a list of different websites providing devcoin network information:​
-*[http://www.coinwarz.com/difficulty-charts/devcoin-difficulty-chart Coinwarz] Devcoin difficulty,​ +*[https://www.altilly.com/market/DVC_LTC Altilly'​s] Devcoin exchange rate, 
-*[http://​www.coinwarz.com/​exchange-charts/​devcoin-exchange-rate-chart Coinwarz] Devcoin exchange rate, +*[https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dvc/ cryptoID'​s] list of Devcoin blocks, ​difficulty 
-*[http://explorer.devcoin.info explorer.Devcoin.info] list of Devcoin blocks, +*[[Where to Spend your Devcoins | Official ​list of Devcoin trading markets]]
-*[http://​www.cryptocoincharts.info/​coins/​show/​dvc CryptoCoin Charts] ​list of Devcoin trading markets, +*[https://​coinmarketcap.com/​currencies/​devcoin/​ CoinMarketCap'sDevcoin market ​cap. & price in BTC, 
-*[http://​coinmarketcap.com/​currencies/​devcoin/​ CoinMarketCap] ​Market ​cap. & price in BTC, +*[https://​www.coingecko.com/​en/​coins/​devcoin CoinGecko'​s] Devcoin stats

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